Where can I find the strength to continue my music studies?

Where can I find the strength to continue my music studies?

Where can I find the strength to continue my music studies?Dear friend! More than once in your life there will come a time when you want to give up everything and retreat. One day this will happen with the desire to continue studying music. What can be done in such a situation?

Why does the initial enthusiasm disappear?

There was a time when you looked forward to the opportunity to pick up an instrument and flew to lessons as if on wings, rejoicing at your success. And suddenly something changed, what was once so easy became a routine, and the need to allocate time for additional classes became an unpleasant chore that you wanted to get rid of.

Remember that you are not alone in your feelings. Even great musicians have gone through this. And most importantly, be honest with yourself. Answer for yourself: is the problem with the music? Or the teacher? In the vast majority of cases this is not the case. The point is that you want to play more with friends and have fun, and you don’t want to work. And playing music significantly cuts down on your free time.

It is possible to overcome apathy!

In this situation, you can get help from at least three sources: do something yourself, ask your parents for help, and talk to your teacher.

If, after analyzing your situation, you realized that, in fact, your main enemy is boredom, deal with it with the help of your imagination! Tired of hitting the keys? Turn them into a complex spaceship control panel. And let every mistake be tantamount to a collision with a small asteroid. Or set yourself imaginary levels, like in your favorite game. The flight of your imagination is unlimited here.

And one more little tip. Don’t put off studying until the last minute. Experiment: try for a week to first do the necessary things (lessons, music lessons), and only then reward yourself by watching an interesting movie or a long-awaited game. Surely you are no longer enthusiastic about this idea. However, it really works! You will notice that with this kind of planning you will have more time for personal matters.

Make parents allies

You shouldn’t fight with your parents for free time. Better play with them on the same team! Share your feelings with them openly. Perhaps they will help you plan your day better or free you from some household responsibilities for a while. Even just reminders from them about your goals can do a good job. This will help you keep yourself within established limits.

Change the way you look at your teacher

Instead of viewing your music teacher as a bore who constantly demands something from you, look at him as an experienced coach who can lead you to victory. And this is no longer just your fantasy, but the real state of affairs.

What is he leading you to? First of all, to victory over yourself. You learn to be strong and not give up in the face of obstacles. Already now you are achieving something that most of your peers have not yet experienced. You learn to be the master of your life. And it’s worth it to push your own laziness a little.

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