The secret of Zhenya Otradnaya’s success

The secret of Zhenya Otradnaya’s success

Almost all vocalists dream of winning a big competition. For this chance, they spend hours learning songs, rehearsing movements, creating images, but most often they do not rise above third or second place in regional or regional competitions. And even having won such a competition, they do not receive fame and glory, or at least a chance to establish themselves in the world of show business.

The secret of Zhenya Otradnayas success

If someone had told Zhenya Otradnaya that she would win the all-Russian competition, which would open the doors to fame for her, she would simply laugh. No, she loved music, sang well and, like all vocalists, strived for the golden light of the spotlight, which opened the doors to the mysterious world of show business. But large-scale competitions bring together many young, bright and talented performers, among whom it is easy to get lost, and besides, the judges’ assessments can fatally change the fate of a musician, reducing the chances of winning.

Zhenya simply went towards her chance and was able to reach the top three winners of the competition. Some people believe that this is fate, luck, but it is known that only the strong can take advantage of any chance in life, and Zhenya succeeded. What is the secret of her success and what helped her win?

Zhenya’s story is in many ways reminiscent of the beautiful story of Cinderella, only in this case the reward was not the hand of a handsome prince, but a sparkling road to the world of show business. Two years before winning the competition, she entered the 3rd year of the conducting department of the music school in Taganrog and immediately aroused the sympathy of her classmates.

The secret of Zhenya Otradnayas success

At that time, there were 7 people in the group, and the relationships between them developed differently. Zhenya immediately brought a bright note into the everyday life of the group, arousing the sympathy and affection of people new to her. Almost everyone liked the modest, friendly, sociable girl. It’s interesting that with her, quarrels and disagreements in the group always subsided, stupid jokes and conversations were stopped.

And it soon became clear that Zhenya plays and sings beautifully, but at the same time she never brags about her abilities or does anything for show. She also showed acting skills. But the only thing that some teachers had a little doubt about was Zhenya’s great talent. However, all the unpleasant conversations were interrupted by the words of an elderly but experienced teacher: “You’ll see, this girl will outshine everyone.” And he was right.

Zhenya learned about the “Secret of Success” competition from posters that were posted around the city, and without thinking twice she went to the competition in another city. Then none of the musicians attached any importance to this, since participation in competitions is a common thing for creative people who want to show themselves and find their place in the sun. And when Zhenya sang from the TV screens, many people’s eyes simply widened: she made it to the finals! After that, everyone was closely following all the episodes of the program, not only to look at the new stars, but they wanted to see Zhenya Otradnaya again. The bright, beautiful and talented performer deserved to win, but what will the judges decide? Will they cut off oxygen to new talent?

However, time after time, Zhenya’s talent was revealed, as if a bright and fresh, sparkling rose was blooming. Even Valery Meladze could not hold back his tears during her speech. And so the birth of a new beautiful star and a beautiful star took place. Not only did the girl dream of the stage, but the stage was waiting for her.

The secret of Zhenya Otradnayas success

When she returned to college to take her final exams, there was no end to enthusiastic questions. Zhenya proved that even a simple but talented girl can become a star and a winner. And dreaming about the stage, without money and influential parents, is worth it in order to grow and move on. So that the next victory in a big competition will be yours.

Many musicians are still convinced that Zhenya was just lucky and that her victory was not without acquaintances and other dubious paths to fame, but this is not so. Sometimes it is difficult for people to appreciate the magical power of charm, which can change a person’s life more than money.

In fact, the secret of Zhenya’s success lies not only in her beautiful angelic voice, but also in several factors that every vocalist should know.

  1. At any casting, performers who sing out of tune, cannot move gracefully, have an ugly timbre, or have speech impediments are immediately eliminated. It was impossible to find fault with Zhenya, as with the other participants in the competition, but this only helped her get the right to continue singing, and not become a winner. If her intonation or something else had failed her, she would not have made it to the finals.
  2. Many vocalists, in order to attract attention, begin to artificially invent images and tricks for themselves, trying to become someone else. For example, owners of a beautiful soprano dream of learning to sing low, imitating a contralto; modest girls on stage begin to put on bright makeup and behave provocatively, not feeling bold and uninhibited, but believing that this is how a star should be. This was completely out of character for my wife. She did not try to invent an image for herself, but behaved naturally and simply, as the song suggested. Which helped her leave behind everyone who acted pretentiously and unnaturally. And this is difficult for a complex person who internally does not accept himself and is afraid to be himself.

The secret of Zhenya Otradnayas success

  1. While most musicians are nervous, upset, and even fight among themselves for success in a competition, Zhenya took both victory and defeat lightly. She just used her chance without thinking about anything, although she wanted to reach the finals. She perceived the result as a fact that cannot be changed, and used her charm to win, without unnecessary strain of strength and emotion. Tension and a strong desire to become a leader, fear of defeat prevent talent from shining on stage.
  2. As can be seen from the video, Zhenya subtly captured the mood of each song and simply lived in the proposed reality “here and now.” This is difficult because even at an important performance, performers involuntarily begin to think about how they look, worry about whether the crease is visible on their tights, or whether their lipstick has worn off. Such thoughts prevent you from feeling the content of the song, immersing yourself in a different atmosphere and captivating the viewer with it. Zhenya knew the value of every moment on stage, so she simply immersed herself in the song, infecting it with the mood of the audience. And this also contributed to her victory.
  3. It’s no secret that the greatest interest is not the singer’s voice, but her inner world and personal life. Often we form an opinion about a person just by seeing him. Evgenia attracted attention with rare qualities in the modern world, such as sincere goodwill, tenderness, spontaneity and discreet modesty. For many, her image reminded them of their own dreams, forgotten heroines from their favorite films and TV series, who, contrary to modern trends, won the heart not with elaborate outfits, not with a flashy and rude manner of behavior, but with their purity, naturalness, patience and modest but charming charm. After all, producers need new stars, different from those already shining in the firmament of show business.
  4. Very often, people who have managed to preserve childhood in their souls, despite life’s trials, have great charm (charm?). Zhenya has just this type of charm: the girl captivates with her spontaneity, liveliness, naturalness and faith in her dream. In the modern world, maintaining such qualities is not easy, so Zhenya was able to prove herself, captivating the hearts of the audience not only with her gentle angelic voice, but also with her childlike naturalness, openness, dreaminess and positive energy, inspiring optimism, love and faith in her forgotten dreams. Apparently, in her soul there is still a child who looks at the world with open eyes and reacts and reacts vividly to everything that happens in it. That’s why she was able to light up the hall with her songs and charming voice, turning into a real star, bright, touching and shining, a duplicate of which cannot be found in modern show business. And, most likely, this is the main secret of Zhenya Otradnaya’s success

The secret of Zhenya Otradnayas success

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