About guitar capos

About guitar capos

Translated from Italian, the name of the devices means “upper threshold”. A capo for a guitar is an accessory in the form of a clamp that is attached to the fingerboard and changes the key of the fret to a higher or lower one. Simply put, the device imitates barre. It is used primarily for classical or acoustic instruments.

The clothespin for the guitar clamps all the strings at once or each one individually.

About guitar capos

What is it needed for

The guitar clamp is used in the following cases:

  1. Changing the key of the entire instrument.
  2. Changing the sound of individual strings: one, two or three.
  3. Clamping complex chords without using barre.

In concert conditions, a guitarist cannot constantly rebuild the instrument to perform different compositions. Carrying several guitars with you is also not an option. And with a capo, you can quickly and easily change the system, making it easier for yourself to perform compositions that accompany vocals as well .

About guitar capos

When is a capo used?

A clothespin is needed when:

  1. You need to re-tune the instrument for vocals.
  2. It is necessary to change not the whole system, but the sound of individual strings.
  3. It is difficult to perform the entire composition on the barre.

In addition, the musician can experiment with the sound of the guitar, develop his own style of performance, and find the most convenient way to play.

Types of clips for guitar strings

The most common types of capos are:

  1. Elastic (soft) – the most affordable products, suitable for most classical or acoustic guitars. They are cheap, easy to fasten, adjust the desired tension, do not leave marks on the neck . Among the shortcomings – the impossibility of a quick change of order on performances and rapid wear. Therefore, a soft capo is recommended for beginners.
  2. Snap -on – are developed from durable and lightweight plastic, so they weigh little, clamp the strings securely – you can adjust the tension force with cloves. The price of these capos is affordable; They are suitable for acoustic and electric guitars.
  3. Spring – made of steel, so they are considered the highest quality. Metal capos do not scratch the neck thanks to several soft pads. They are recommended for use in concerts, as spring-loaded products are quick to install.
  4. The Spider Capo is rare because it is expensive and needs less use than other capos. Products are installed separately on each string, so they do not change the entire system at once, but individually. For experimenters, this is a good option.

What does our store offer – which capo is better to buy?

We buy capos NS Capo Lite PW-CP-0725 . Made of durable and temperature resistant ABS plastic, this set includes 25 pieces. They are installed with one hand. Planet Waves products are designed for electric and acoustic six-string guitars with radial necks.

Cast capos are equipped with a micrometric adjustment mechanism, thanks to which the performer fixes the necessary pressure on the strings, based on the characteristics of the instrument and the position during playing.

Answers on questions

1. Clamp for guitar – what is the correct name?Capo
2. Capo for guitar – what is it?This is an accessory for changing the tuning of the guitar by pressing the strings to a certain fret .
3. What types of guitars use a capo?The most common are 6-string classical and acoustic instruments, but capos for electric guitars and other types of plucked instruments can also be found.
4. When is a capo needed?If you need to tune the guitar to the vocals; quickly change the system to perform the composition; experiment with the sound of the instrument.
5. Which capo is suitable for a beginner?Elastic or soft.
6. Is it possible to make a capo for a guitar with your own hands?Yes, just a pencil and an eraser. The first one presses the strings to the fret , and the second one regulates the tension force.
7. Is it possible to change the key of one string with a capo?Yes.
8. What capos are used in concerts?With spring or snap mechanism . They are quickly put on and taken off.


A guitar string clip is an accessory that will make playing easier by eliminating the need to play music on the barre and change the sound of the instrument. A capo can be advised to novice musicians: it can be difficult for them to clamp the barre, and for a start you can use this product. It is difficult for an experienced performer to do without a clothespin at a concert: it is enough to purchase capos of the required parameters in our store in order to quickly change the key during a performance.

About guitar capos

Thanks to the clips, the guitar is quickly tuned for the musical accompaniment of vocals or the performance of a specific composition. There are several types of capo, which differ in price, ease of use and the principle of operation of the clamping mechanism . The clamp can be made with your own hands from improvised means. Performing with such a device will not work, but for home use it is suitable. Modern capos do not scratch the neck or damage the strings or frets , provided they are used correctly and at the optimum tension.

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