What is the difference between a synthesizer and a digital piano

What is the difference between a synthesizer and a digital piano

Not everyone is suitable for an ordinary piano. Transportation is difficult, takes up a lot of space. This forces you to look towards the electronic instrument.

What to buy – a synthesizer or a digital piano ?

Piano or synthesizer – which is better

If you want to personally program the compositions, combine them with each other, a synthesizer is taken . The piano simply does not have such functionality. In addition , the synthesizer is equipped with a function for arranging melodies. The systems have control displays, so it is easier to master electronic devices.

What is the difference between a synthesizer and a digital piano

Even many experienced musicians argue, can a synthesizer replace real instruments? But hardly. After all, artificial melodies do not convey the charm of the sound of real music. An electronic piano, of course, is not “real” either, but with practice, skills are obtained that make it easier to switch to “live” pianos.

So, if you plan to use real instruments in the future, and consider electronic only as training, your choice is the piano.


What is the difference between a synthesizer and a digital pianoCommon to both:

  • keys – the sound is obtained when you press them;
  • the possibility of contact with the speaker system, the corresponding objects – speakers, mobile or computer, amplifier, headphones;
  • to learn, there are enough courses on the Internet for two instruments.

Further, there is a significant difference.

The weightApproximately five to ten kilogramsRarely less than ten kilograms, up to several tens
Keyboard keysUsually abbreviated: 6.5 octaves or lessFull 89: seven full octaves and three subcontract octaves
Keys nick mechanicElectric buttons, not too real in feelMaximum match to real pianos
Compatible devices (some examples)Amplifier, headphones; can be combined with a laptop or desktop computer via USB or MIDI connectorAmplifier, headphones; Can be connected to a computer or Android/iOS device via MIDI-USB or USB type A to B


Tool Differences

The answer to the question of how a synthesizer differs from a digital piano lies in the functional task.

When there is a desire to buy a piano in the future, it is better to practice on a digital piano, because it copes with imitation much better. The synthesizer is good for professional sound processing. This is the difference between a synthesizer instrument and a piano.

CharacteristicSynthesizerDigital piano
the main objectiveSynthesizer , according to the name, is made to create (synthesize) sound. The main task is to better embody sounds. Devices help to record, listen, and sometimes correct personal compositions.The digital piano was created as an alternative to ordinary ones. Clearly tries to imitate mechanical characteristics.
KeyboardLooks a bit like a regular piano keyboard, but has a lot of differencesThe keys are of the usual size, there are certainly pedals.
Is it possible to learn to play with it on a regular pianoYou should not practice the technique of playing the piano with a synthesizer : you will learn how to play on a synthesizer .Of course, a perfect match is hardly achievable, but compared to synthesizers , the difference with an ordinary piano is much smaller, and it is possible to learn how to play it through a digital one.

Additional features

Studying how a digital piano differs from a synthesizer , one cannot fail to mention special features. Although the synthesizer is less like a classical piano, it can produce the sounds of an entire orchestra – from electric to regular guitars, from brass to drums. It doesn’t work that way with an electric piano.

But almost all electric pianos have pedals similar in action to those of an acoustic piano. So those who want to play classical music smartly are recommended to carefully study electric pianos.

What is the difference between a synthesizer and a digital piano


  • What is definitely better – a piano or a synthesizer ?
  • There can be no definitive answer to such a question, it depends on the needs of the person, but a detailed analysis is in the next section.
  • How to set up a piano synthesizer ?
  • Good question! Proceed as follows: activate the synthesizer , press Tone, select the instrument whose voice the device will speak (in our case, the piano), and play. The instruction is attached.
  • What is important to remember before buying?
  • Ask for a certificate of quality when you take the goods, otherwise your music lessons run the risk of being unexpectedly interrupted at the most inopportune time and not the fact that you will be able to get your money back.


The answer to the question of how a synthesizer differs from another instrument – an electronic piano – should already be quite clear. But what to choose?

It is determined by wishes, musical preferences, planned goals (education, entertainment).

Whatever you prefer, it is better for a beginner to choose a compact, light weight option. And it will not be justified to take “advanced” and expensive models, because it is not yet clear why they are needed. Most of the functionality will be redundant.

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