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French ritournelle, ital. ritornello, from ritorno – return

1) An instrumental theme that serves as an introduction to a song or aria (in the Italian opera of the 17th century, in the passions of J. S. Bach, etc.). R. can also be carried out between sections of an aria or couplets of a song, as well as complete a work.

2) Main a theme in the fast parts of an old concerto (A. Vivaldi, J. S. Bach), performed by the full orchestra (tutti) and replaced by episodes, in which a soloist or a group of instruments dominates (in concerto grosso). P. is carried out several times. times and completes part of the concerto. Similar in meaning to a refrain.

3) A section of a mobile character, opposed to more melodic music as a kind of motor addition (F. Chopin, 7th waltz, second theme).

4) In dance. music will enter. wagering, which can be repeated at the end.

V. P. Bobrovsky

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