Psychological portrait of a modern composer

In all eras, music has inspired people and revealed amazing feelings of love, hatred, despair, and joy. A melody can convey the most sublime feelings, show human mistakes, and learn about secret desires.

Thanks to modern music psychology, experts claim that they can easily tell about the listener’s temperament and even identify his psychological problems. The creators of musical elixirs are known to us as composers.

Most grateful listeners are surprised by the unusually vivid transmission of human emotions in a standard set of notes. Such a musical cocktail can indeed be created by truly unique owners of natural hearing.

In the distant past, composers were characterized as divine geniuses, and some claimed that for their gift they sold their souls to the devil himself. Only the modern world opens the veil of the true art of composition, which consists of painstaking daily work on one’s creations.

Character of a creative personality

Young people dreaming of a musical career think about the question: “Can I create real masterpieces that future generations will admire?” The answer to this coveted question has long been open: “Nothing is impossible.” Anyone can even touch the moon – just reach for the reflection in the water.

A person of such a profession as a music composer must have. The composer is always an intellectual. He is also a man of great responsibility, since the listener perceives a musical story about life in the assessment and edition of the author.

The most important communicative quality for a composer is considered to be . How do you feel about caustic remarks addressed to you? Some get angry, others give up, but criticism is an outward reflection of your hidden fears. If you are afraid of something and carefully hide it, there will definitely be a person who will “hit” where it hurts most. A true composer is open to new achievements, he listens to useful advice and is able to sift the wheat from the chaff, without giving up the search for his own path in creativity.

A once unknown student at the Institute of Civil Engineering, Valentin Vasilyevich Silvestrov, went against the wishes of his parents and today is a famous Soviet and Ukrainian composer. It was will, perseverance and self-confidence that helped him reach unprecedented heights.

Binary thinking of a modern composer

Back in the last century, the famous Czech composer Otakar Zich put forward the hypothesis that the composer, like any ordinary person, has duality of perception. In the first case, the work involves visual images on which the future melody is superimposed. In another case, only by listening to the musical works of other authors, the composer “gives birth” to his unique masterpieces.

Later, the idea of ​​right and left hemisphere types of thinking appeared.

The psychological portrait of the composer is the image of a purposeful, sociable and strong-willed person who should be open to his audience. To inspire people with his works, the composer is himself a bit of a psychologist and sensitively captures the emotions of his devoted listeners.

In the modern world, famous composers often become performers of their own creations. E.V. Vaenga, M.I Dunaevsky, G.V. Dorokhov and many other famous Russian composers are ordinary people who became popular only through a systematic pursuit of their cherished goal.

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