Evgeny Grigoryevich Brusilovsky (Brusilovsky, Evgeny) |

Evgeny Grigoryevich Brusilovsky (Brusilovsky, Evgeny) |

Brusilovsky, Evgeny

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Evgeny Grigoryevich Brusilovsky (Brusilovsky, Evgeny) |

Born in 1905 in Rostov-on-Don. In 1931 he graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory in the composition class of M. O. Steinberg. In 1933, the composer moved to Alma-Ata and began to study the musical folklore of the Kazakh people.

Brusilovsky is the author of a number of operas included in the repertoire of the Kazakh musical theater. He wrote operas: “Kyz-Zhibek” (1934), “Zhalbyr” (1935), “Er-Targyn” (1936), “Aiman-Sholpan” (1938), “Golden Grain” (1940), “Guard, Forward !” (1942), “Amangeldy” (1945, written jointly with M. Tulebaev), “Dudaray” (1953), as well as the Uzbek ballet “Guland” (1939).

In addition, the composer is the author of a number of choral and orchestral works. He wrote seven symphonies, including the “Kazakh Symphony” (“Steppe” – 1944), the cantata “Soviet Kazakhstan” (1947), the cantata “Glory to Stalin” (1949) and other works.

For the cantata “Soviet Kazakhstan” Brusilovsky was awarded the Stalin Prize.


operas – Kyz-Zhibek (1934, Kazakh opera and ballet; all the premieres of Brusilovsky’s operas took place in this theater), Zhalbyr (1935), Yer-Targyn (1936), Ayman-Sholpan (1938), Altynastyk (Golden zerno, 1940), Advance Guard! (Guards, forward!, 1942), Amangeldy (cov. with M. Tulebaev, 1945), Dudaray (1953), Descendants (1964) and others; ballets – Gulyand (1940, Uzbek Opera and Ballet Theater), Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan-Slu (1966); cantata Soviet Kazakhstan (1947; State Prospect of the USSR 1948); for orchestra – 7 symphonies (1931, 1933, 1944, 1957, 1965, 1966, 1969), symphony. Poem – Zhalgyz kaiyn (Lonely birch, 1942), overtures; concertos for instrument and orchestra – for fp. (1947), for trumpet (1965), for volch. (1969); chamber-instrumental works – 2 string quartets (1946, 1951); prod. for Kazakh orchestra. nar. instr.; works for piano: romances and songs, including on the next. Dzhambula, N. Mukhamedova, A. Tazhibaeva and others; arr. nar. songs (more than 100), music for films.

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