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Preduvanie – a method of extracting sounds of various heights on wind muses. instruments without the aid of playing holes, valves or vents. At copper mouthpiece tools P. – osn. the principle of sound extraction, for wooden ones – is used when extracting sounds in the 2nd and 3rd octaves of their range. With P., the musician, without changing the position of the fingers, sharply increases the force of exhalation and the tension of the lips, as a result of which the column of air enclosed in the barrel channel is divided into independent ones. parts that sound higher than the main. the tones of the instrument, corresponding to the steps of the natural scale: a column of air, divided into 2 halves, gives the 2nd natural sound (an octave from the main tone); 3 thirds – 3rd natural sound (an octave plus a fifth from the main tone); on the 4th quarter – the 4th natural sound (2 octaves from the main tone). Further division of the air column in woodwinds is used extremely rarely, in brass with the help of P. they reach the 16th natural sound. When P. on the clarinet, due to the peculiarities of its design (cylindrical channel), not the 2nd, but the 3rd natural sound arises, that is, not an octave, but a duodecime (the so-called fifth P.). On oboes, clarinets, bassoons, there are special. The “octave” valves facilitating P.

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