Temple block: description of the instrument, sound, use

Temple block: description of the instrument, sound, use

Temple block, also temple block (from the English “temple block” – literally a temple block) – a kind of special percussion instrument, originally intended for religious purposes (for example, serving as an accompaniment for reading Buddhist mantras).

By the nature of its sound, the temple block belongs to a subspecies of slit drums, common in Asia, Africa, South America, and Oceania. Such musical instruments are able to make sound with their own body without stretching or compressing, so the name “idiophone” has stuck to the whole group.

Temple block: description of the instrument, sound, use

Slotted drums are usually played with special beater sticks, alternately tapping on different ends or separate parts mounted on a common frame.

In addition to accompanying various ceremonies, a similar percussion instrument from ancient times served as a postal service in those places where it was necessary to transmit messages over a considerable distance. Its timbre could even imitate the sound of a tone language.

Also, Korean bells (another name for the temple block) are used from time to time by performers when recording parts in the genres of electronic and rock music. Possessing a pleasant dull timbre, Korean bells give the work a national flavor.

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