Phachich: instrument composition, playing technique, use

Phachich: instrument composition, playing technique, use

Rhythmic Adyghe, Kabardian folk dances are accompanied by the sound of an old percussion musical instrument. Pkhachich sets the rhythm of the composition and the movements of the dancer. It sounds reminiscent of the clatter of a horse’s hooves, without which it is impossible to imagine dashing adgs.

The design is simple and uncomplicated, but its manufacture requires skill, knowledge, in Adygea they are passed from fathers to sons. Consists of several dried wooden plates. They are strung on a strap-loop, for which the performer holds the ratchet, winding it around his palm.

Phachich: instrument composition, playing technique, use

The elements can be of different thickness, the thinner they are, the brighter, more distinct the sound. Usually their number varies from 3 to 7. The length of the wooden elements is not more than 16 centimeters, the width is 5 cm.

By shaking the instrument, the musician sets a rhythmic pattern, highlighting certain parts, placing accents. At the same time, it regulates the tension of the belt and the distance between the plates, the size of which determines the sound.

Interestingly, only men have the right to make pkhachich. On holidays, festivities, he accompanies the sound of shichepshin, kamyl, and other representatives of the Adyghe national musical group. It is also brought as a souvenir by tourists from trips to the republic.

Игра на пхачиче (Полная Ж...изнь #8)

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