Chorus effects. Comparison of popular chorus effects

Chorus effects. Comparison of popular chorus effects

The chorus, next to the reverb, is one of the most important and most frequently used types of guitar effects. And each producer who wants to count on the music market must have this kind of effect in their offer.

The Fender brand does not need to be introduced to the guitarist. Their guitars were the main tools of the rock revolution of the 50s and beyond. The Fender Stratocaster is still a dream of many guitarists and a synonym for the perfect electric guitar. The brand can boast of high-quality guitars, but also peripheral equipment such as guitar effects. The Fender Bubbler Chorus is a classic chorus with a hint of modernity, which thanks to its analog layout will take you to the times of classic rock or blues. Thanks to two independent settings that you can change with a footswitch, the sound of your songs will take a new dimension. Six knobs are used to adjust the sound: two separate potentiometers depth and rate and a common level and sensivity. Additionally, with a toggle switch you can change the shape of the chorus wave from sharp to more gentle. The effect is equipped with two outputs, which further enhances its sound creation possibilities. On the back we find a power socket and a switch to turn on the front panel backlight. Fender Bubbler – YouTube

Another interesting proposition of the chorus type effect is offered by the NUX company. The NUX CH-3 model is a classic chorus effect, based on the legendary designs of this type. Thanks to the analog circuit, you will feel like guitarists of the 60s and 70s. It is distinguished by a very simple structure and on board there are three depth, speed and blend knobs, which will allow you to quickly choose the right sound for each. The number of combinations themselves is huge – from slow, deep modulations to fast, aggressive chorusing. The whole thing is closed in a durable, metal housing. A very big advantage of this effect is its relatively low price. NUX CH-3 – YouTube

The guitarist brand JHS also does not need to be introduced in more detail, because it is undoubtedly one of the most famous brands dealing in the production of guitar effects. JHS Chorus 3 Series is, as the name suggests, a Chorus effect with three knobs: Volume, Rate and Depth. There is also a Vibe switch on board, which turns our Chorus into a Vibe effect. The Rate and Depth knobs work together to give the user the freedom to manipulate the amount of the effect applied. The Vibe switch removes the clean signal so you get a simple, real vibrato effect, with no sound untainted by the effect. JHS Chorus 3 Series – YouTube


And finally, among such interesting choruses, it is worth taking a closer look at the XVive Chorus Vibrato cube. The XVive brand is relatively young, but has already established itself as a serious player on the music market, which offers very high-quality guitar accessories, including effects. XVive Chorus Vibrato is an analog effect combining two cubes – chorus and vibrato. Thanks to the Blend knob, we can combine them as we wish and create our own, unique sounds. We also have potentiometers that are responsible for the correction of the sound depth and speed. As with most devices of this type, I have a 9V power supply and a reliable true bypass at my disposal. XVive V8 Chorus Vibrato Guitar Effect – YouTube

JHS Chorus 3 Series

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The choice in this type of equipment is huge, and the price range is just as large. Therefore, it is best to personally test individual effects from different manufacturers. Each of the presented models has its own characteristic nuances, which are so important in music.

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