Guitar reverb effects

Guitar reverb effects

Guitar reverb effectsAs the name suggests, reverb effects and devices of this type are designed to obtain the appropriate reverb for the sound of our guitar. Among these types of effects, we can find the simpler and the more complex, which are real combines in this area. These types of effects are designed not only to give a characteristic depth of the reverb, but also we can find various types of echoes and reflections here. Of course, amplifiers are also equipped with this kind of effects, but if we want to expand our sonic possibilities, it is worth paying attention to additional foot effects specially dedicated in this direction. Thanks to this solution, we can have this effect under constant control by switching it off or on. We will conduct our review on three devices from different manufacturers.


MOOER A7 Ambient Reverb is a real combine placed in a mini housing. Mooer sounds are based on a unique algorithm, and the effect itself provides seven different reverb sounds: plate, hall, warp, shake, crush, shimmer, dream. A multitude of settings, built-in memory and a USB connector make it an extremely universal device. The parameters are regulated by 5 miniature potentiometers on the panel supplemented with the SAVE button with a built-in, two-color LED. The footswitch can operate in true bypass and buffered bypass modes, the input and output sockets are located on the sides on opposite sides, and the 9V DC / 200 mA power supply on the upper front panel. Mooer A7 – YouTube



Another reverb effect worth considering is the NUX NDD6 Dual Time Delay. There are 5 delay simulations on board: analog, mod, digi, mod, reverb delay and looper. Four potentiometers are responsible for setting the sound: level – volume, parameter – depending on the simulation mode, it has different functions, time, i.e. the time between bounces and repeat, i.e. the number of repetitions. The effect also has a second delay chain, thanks to which we can add a double delay effect with different times and number of repetitions to our sound. An additional option is a looper, thanks to which we can loop the phrase being played and add new layers of our music to it or just practice it. On board we also find true bypass, full stereo, tap tempo. Only powered by the AC adapter.

The analog delay (40 ms ~ 402 ms) is based on the Bucket-Brigade Device (BBD), a discrete analog delay. PARAMETER adjusts the modulation depth.

Tape Echo (55ms ~ 552ms) is based on RE-201 Tape Echo algorithm with NUX Core Image technology. Use the PARAMETER knob to adjust the saturation and feel the distortion of the delayed audio.

Digi Delay (80ms ~ 1000ms) is based on a modern digital algorithm with magic compression and filter.

MOD delay (20ms ~ 1499ms) is based on Ibanez DML algorithm; a strange and wonderful modulated delay.

VERB Delay (80ms ~ 1000ms) is a way to make a delay sound three-dimensional.

NUX NDD6 Dual Time Delay

There is no doubt that there is something to work on and it is a great proposition for guitarists looking for very deep, even unearthly sounds. NUX NDD6 Dual Time Delay – YouTube


The JHS 3 Series Delay is a simple Echo effect with three knobs: Mix, Time and Repeats. There is also a Type switch on board that changes the digital nature of pure reflections to more analog, warmer and dirtier. This effect allows you to balance between rich and warm or clean and flawless echoes. This model provides a delay time of 80 ms to 800 ms. The effects have 3 control knobs and one switch, giving you complete control over their sound. JHS 3 Series Delay – YouTube

JHS 3 Series Delay

Reverb is an effect that is well known to most guitarists. There is a very large selection of such reverb guitar effects on the market. They are also one of the most frequently chosen and used effects. To be able to make the best choice, it takes a lot of time. Here, first of all, it is necessary to test and compare between individual models and brands. It is worth comparing the effects from the same group, in a similar price range of different manufacturers. When testing individual effects, try to do it on well-known licks, solos or favorite phrases that are easy to play.

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