How much does the piano weigh

How much does the piano weigh

How much does the piano weigh

Ah, nice music and sounds… How many people love to play the piano, loud or quiet… To listen or perform…

But has every person thought about how much a piano weighs and what it depends on? The issue deserves some careful consideration. After all, this is your furniture, which may have to be transported to another place!

Learn more about piano weight

When asked about the weight of a piano, it usually refers to a specific instrument, but not everyone specifies this in their question. But okay , how can you still find out the weight and how is it determined? In Soviet times, devices manufactured in factories and factories had GOST. Such GOST was , among other things, for the piano (piano). That is why, although these instruments were often made in different cities or even different republics, they were almost the same. In the USSR, in general, there were many common standards. The differences were in appearance, but insignificant – the shape of the leg was slightly different, the image on the frame on top, etc.

The weight of the piano also did not differ much. In principle, the piano can still be classified according to GOSTs and, accordingly, find out the approximate weight.

But it is easier to determine the weight by variety – read the corresponding section. And below are examples of the weight of specific individual, the most common models of these musical instruments.

How much does the piano weigh

How much does the piano weighBelow is a list of some specific piano models.

Red October

Up to 360 kilograms.


From 250 kilograms to 260.

Elegy (issued by Ural)

From 360 kilograms to 370.


His standard weight is 200 kilograms.


The same 200 kilograms.


350 kilograms.

red dawn

From 340 to 350 kilograms.


piano modelDevice weight
Martin240 kilograms
Kubanfrom 150 to 370 kilograms
Gum240 kilograms
Nikolai Rubinstein210 kilograms
Petrov330 kilograms
becker340-350 kilograms
Ukraine250-260 kilograms
Kama90 kilograms
motherland300 kilograms
Prelude230 kilograms
Bartolomeo Cristofori350 kilograms
Nocturne250 kilograms
Conventional electric piano100 kilograms

What does weight depend on?

From variety.

The weight of the piano, the weight of the grand piano differ significantly (the piano is essentially a kind of piano, but much larger and has more octaves).

The first version of the piano is home . Its mass is 350 kg. Height – 1 meter 30 centimeters.

The second one is a cabinet piano . Weight 250 kg. Height – 1 meter 25 centimeters.

How much does the piano weigh

cabinet grand piano

The third is a salon piano . Weight 330 kg. Height – 1 meter 30 centimeters.

How much does the piano weigh

salon grand piano

How much does the piano weigh

concert grand piano

Well, the fourth one is huge concert grand pianos . They can weigh almost 500 kg! In length, height to be much more than a meter.

In general, pianos are heavy for the following reasons:

  • their basis is a solid cast iron frame with strings, there is no such thing as light;
  • the back of the piano frame is made either of wood (then it weighs less) or MDF boards (heavier), the wooden shield in front adds a lot of weight;
  • 230 strings, pedal, percussion-keyboard mechanisms and parts of the body also do not consist of air at all.

Proper instrument transport

How much does the piano weighHaving learned how much the piano weighs, it’s a good idea to understand the nuances of its transportation. Depends on where, how they will be transported. But usually you will need several people. It is important that movers stand on either side of the piano, are experienced in handling and handling, and wear suitable gloves.

It is better to cover the corners of the piano from damage with plastic. Cover it itself and carefully tie it with a thick cloth. Parts of the piano that are at risk of being opened are strongly recommended to be blocked during transport. In order not to lose the settings, when transporting the piano, you need to put it on special wheels.

Loaders should be asked to drag the tool without any tilt at all, but if this is not possible, with a minimum angle.

If transportation takes place in a difficult situation, then the piano should be held by the handle. The handle is located on the back of the piano.

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