Nudi: what is it, instrument composition, sound, use

Nudi: what is it, instrument composition, sound, use

Nudi is a Mordovian folk musical instrument belonging to the group of wind instruments.

It is a double clarinet, formed by two reed playing pipes 170-200 mm long (sometimes the length may vary), fastened together. On one side of each tube, an incision is made – the so-called “tongue”, which is a vibrator, or sound source. The other side of the tube was inserted into a cow horn, which was sometimes wrapped with birch bark, or into a cone made of birch bark. One tube has three playing holes, and the other has six.

Nudi: what is it, instrument composition, sound, use

Each of the pipes has its own role in the performance – on one they perform the main melody, or the upper voice (“moramo vaigel”, “mora vaigal”, “vyari vaigel”), and on the second – the lower accompanying it (“alu vaigal”). Nudey was present at any celebration and important event – holidays, weddings and Sabantuy. Nudi is also a favorite instrument of shepherds.

The instrument has a traditional Mordovian three-voice polyphony, very developed tunes and beautiful overflows. It is also combined with other folk instruments, such as puvama, fam, veshkema, in an ensemble with which it creates unique melodies, so beloved by the Mordovians.

Currently, the nude is of great cultural and historical value, and specialists who own this instrument are involved in work in Mordovian music schools to instill in children a love for their native culture.

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