Nina Lvovna Dorliak |

Nina Lvovna Dorliak |

Nina Dorliak

Date of birth
Date of death
singer, teacher
Voice type
the USSR

Soviet singer (soprano) and teacher. People’s Artist of the USSR. Daughter of K. N. Dorliak. In 1932 she graduated from the Moscow Conservatory in her class, in 1935 under her leadership she completed postgraduate studies. In 1933-35 she sang at the Opera Studio of the Moscow Conservatory as Mimi (Puccini’s La bohème), Suzanne and Cherubino (Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro). Since 1935, she has been performing concert and performing activities, including in an ensemble with her husband, pianist S. T. Richter.

High vocal technique, subtle musicality, simplicity and nobility are the hallmarks of her performance. Dorliac’s concert repertoire included romances and forgotten opera arias by Russian and Western European composers, vocal lyrics by Soviet authors (often she was the first performer).

She toured abroad with great success – Czechoslovakia, China, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania. Since 1935 she has been teaching, since 1947 she has been a professor at the Moscow Conservatory. Among her students are T. F. Tugarinova, G. A. Pisarenko, A. E. Ilyina.

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