Music Terms – F
Music Terms

Music Terms – F

F (German, English ef) – 1) letter designation. sound fa; 2) bass key, fa key
Fa (it., fr., eng. fa) – sound fa
Faburden (eng. fabeedn) – eng. a kind of foburdon (starin, polyphony)
Faces d’un accord (French fas d’en akor) – inversions of the
Facetamente chord (it. fachetamente), Faceto (facheto), con facezia (con fachecia) – fun, playfully
Facezia (fachecia) – joke
Facile (it. facile, fr. faile, eng. facile) – easy
Facilità (it. facilita), Facilité (fr. fasilite), Facility (eng. feiliti) – lightness
Fackeltanz(German fakeltanz) – torch dance, procession with torches
Facture (French invoices, English fekche), Faktur (German textures) – 1) texture, writing, style; 2) the production of musical instruments
Fado (Portuguese fado) – popular Portuguese songs of the early 19th century.
Fagott (German bassoon), Fagotto (It. bassoon) – bassoon
Faites vibrer (French fat vibre) – vibrate (take the pedal)
Fa-la (Italian f-la) – in the 16-17th centuries. small polyphonic vocal works with onomatopoeic refrains
Falls unmöglich (German false unmöglich) – if it is impossible [to perform]
Falsa musica(lat. false music) – fake music; by Wed-age. terminology, music with alterations not provided for by the rules; the same as musica falsa, musica ficta
Falsch (German false), False (English fole), Falso (Italian false) – false
Falsett (German falseet), Falsetto (it falseetto, English foleetou) – falsetto
Falso bordone (it. falso bordone) – fobourdon (kind of old polyphony)
Fanatico (it. fanatico) – fanatically
Fancy (eng. Fancy) – 1) fantasy, whim, whim; 2) in the 16-17 centuries. instrumental piece – imitation of the warehouse
Fandango (Spanish fandango) – Spanish dance
Fanfara(Italian fanfare), Fanfare (French fanfare, English fanfare), Fanfare (German fanfare) – 1) fanfare; 2) copper wind instrument; 3) in France and Italy also a brass band.
Fantaisie (French fantasy), Fantasia (Italian fantasy, English fantasy) – fantasy (musical work)
Fantastic (English fantasy), Fantastico (Italian fantasy), Fantastique (French fiction) – fantastic, whimsical
Farandole ( fr. farandole) – farandole (Provence dance)
Farce (fr. farce, English faas), Farsa (it. farce) – farce
Farciture(French farsitur) – the inclusion of extra-cultural elements in church music (a term of the 16th century)
Fascia (it. Fasha) – the shell of stringed instruments
Fast (German fast) – almost, barely
Fast (English fast) – strongly, quickly, soon
Fasten (eng. fastn) – attach
Fasten mute (fast mute) – put on a mute
Fastosamente (it. fastozamente), Fastoso (fastoso) – great, magnificent
Fattura (it. fattura) – texture, letter, style
Fausse, faux (fr phos, fo) – fake, fake
Faussement (fr. fosman) – fake
Fausse note (fr. phos note) – fake note
Fausse quinte(French fos kent) – reduced fifth (according to Rameau’s terminology)
Fausser (fr. fosse) – fake
Fausse relation (fr. fos relyason) –
Fausset list (fr. fosse) – falsetto
Fauxbourdon (fr. faux bourdon) – fobourdon ( kind of old polyphony)
Favori (fr. favori), Favorito (it. favorito) – beloved, beloved
Feast (eng. fist) – festival
Febbrilmente (it. febbrilmente) – lively, excited
Feerie (fr. faeri) – extravaganza
Feerique (faerik ) – enchanting
Feierlich (German Feierlich) – solemnly, festively
Feldpfeife(German feldpfayfe) – starn, a type of small flute
Fender bass (eng. fende bass) – Fender bass guitar, jazz orchestra
instrument Fermamente (it. fermamente), con fermezza (con farmezza), fermo (fermo) – hard , firmly, confidently
Fermata (it. fermata), Fermate (German fermate) – fermata
Ferme (fr. farm) – firmly, firmly, confidently
Fermé (fr. ferme) – closed [sound]
Fern (German fern) – far
Feme (fairne) – distance; aus der Feme (aye der ferne) – from a distance
Feroce (it. feroche) – ferociously, violently, wildly
Fervidamente(It. Fairvidamente), Fervido (Fervido) – hot, fiery
Fervore (It. Fairvore) – heat; con fervore (kon fairvore) – with heat, feeling
Fest (German fest) – strong, hard
Festes Zeitmaß (fastes tseitmas) – exactly at the pace
Fest (German fest) – festival
Festante (it. fastante), Festivo (festivo) , Festosamente (fastozamente), Festoso (festoso), con festività (con festivita) – festive, joyful
Festivita (festivita) – festival
Festival (Italian, French festival, English festival) – festival
Festlich(German fastlich) – festive, solemn
Fête (fr. fat) – festival
Feuer (German feuer) – fire, ardor, ardor; mit Feuer (mit feuer), Feurig (feurich) – hot, with fire
Feuille d’album (French fay d’album) – a leaf from the album
Fiaccamente (it. fyakkamente), con fiacchezza (con fyakketsza) – weakly, tired
Fiasco (it. fiasco) – fiasco, failure, failure [of a play, artist]
Fiata (it. fiata) – times, for example, una fiata (una fiata) – 1 time
Fiato (it. fiato) – breath; strumento da fiato (strumento da fiato) – Fiati wind instrument (fiati) – wind instruments
Fiddle (eng. fidl), Fidel, Fiedel (German fidel), Fidula (lat. fidula) – fidel (ancient bowed instrument)
Fiducia (it. fiducha) – confidence; con fiducia – confidently
Fier (French fier), Fierement (fierman), Fieramente (it. fieramente), Fiero (fiero), con fierezza (con fierezza) – proudly, proudly
Fiévreux (fr. fievre) – feverishly, excitedly
Fife ( English fife), Fifre (fr. fifr) – a small flute (used in a military band)
Fifth(English fifts) – fifth; literally, 5th [sound]
Figur (German figures), Figura (Italian figure), Figure (French figures, English fige) – figure [melodic, rhythmic]
Figuralmusik (German figural music) – a type of polyphonic music
Figura obliqua (lat. figure of appearance) – in mensural notation, a feature that unites several. notes
Figuration (French figuration, English figuration), Figuration (German figuration), Figurazione (it. figuratione) – figuration
Figured bass (eng. figed bass) – digital bass
Filando (it. filando), Filato (filato), Filare(filare), Filer le son (fr. filet le son) – withstand sound, milling
Filarmonica (it. philharmonic) – philharmonic
Filarmonico (philharmonico) – 1) philharmonic; 2) music lover
Filé (French fillet) – milled [sound]
Filet (French fillet), Filetto (Italian filetto) – mustache of bowed instruments
Fill in (English fillet) – improvise in jazz music during a pause ( instructions for drums); literally fill out
Fill out (English phil out) – in jazz music – precisely emphasize the rhythmic pattern of the melody (instruction to the drums)
Fin (French Feng), Fine (Italian fine) – the end; Al Fine(al fine) – until the end
Fini (French Fini), Finito (Italian Finito) – finished
Finir (French Finir), Finire (Italian Finire) – finish
Final (French final), Finale (Italian final, English finals), Finale (German final) – final
Finalis (lat. finalis) – the final tone in Gregorian chant
Finezza (it. finezza) – subtlety, refinement; con Finezza (con finezza) –
subtly Fingerboard (English finge bood) – neck of stringed instruments; at the fingerboard (et de finge bood) – [play] at the fingerboard on bowed instruments
Fingerfertigkeit(German fingerfartichkait) – fluency of fingers
Fingering (English fingering) – 1) playing a musical instrument; 2)
Fingersatz fingering (German fingerzatz) –
Fino fingering, fin * (It. Fino, Fin) – do (preposition)
Finto (It. Finto) – false, imaginary, artificial
Fiocheto (It. Fyoketo), Fioco (Fioko) , con fiochezza (kon fioketstsa) – hoarse, hoarse
Fioreggiando (it. fiorejando) – decorating singing with melismas
Fioretti (it. fioretti) – decorations, coloratura
Fiorito (it. fiorito) – decorated
Fioritura (fioritura), Fioriture(French fiorityur) –
Firstnight decoration (English fastnight) – premiere
Fischio (Italian fiskio) – I) whistle; 2) whistle; 3) pipe
Fistel (German fistel) – falsetto
Fistula (lat. fistula) – pipe, flute
Fla (French flute) – blow with two sticks on the drum
Flagello (it. flagello) – scourge (percussion instrument); the same as frusta
Flageolet (French flageolet, English flageolet), Flageolett (German flageolet), Flagioletto (Italian flagioletto) – 1) flageolet on bowed instruments and harp; 2) type of ancient flute; 3) flute; 4) one of the registers of the organ
Flageolettöne (German flageolettene), Flageolet-tones(English flagelet tones) – flag sounds
Flamenco (Spanish flamenco) – Andalusian style. nar. songs and dances
Flaschen (German flushen) – bottles (percussion instrument)
Flat (English flat) – flat
Flatté (French flate), Flattement (flatman) – a kind of old, melisma
Flatted fifth (English flatid fifts) – lowering V stupas, in jazz music
Flatterzunge (German flutterzunge) – a technique for playing a wind instrument without a reed (a type of tremolo)
Flautando (it. Flautando), Flautato (flautato) – 1) play with a bow close to the neck (imitating a flute); 2) sometimes the designation of the flageolet on bowed instruments
Flautino(it. fluutino) – small. flute, flageolet (instrument)
Flauto (it. flauto) – flute: 1) woodwind instrument
Flauto a becco (flauto a backco) – type of longitudinal flute
Flauto alto (flauto alto) – alto flute
Flauto basso (basso flute) – bass flute (albiziphone)
Flauto d’amore (flauto d’amore ) – view of the old flute
Flauto di Pane (flauto di Pane) – Pan flute
Flauto diritto (flauto diritto) – longitudinal flute
Flauto piccolo (flauto piccolo) – small flute
Flauto traverso (flauto traverso) – transverse flute
Flauto verticale(flauto verticale) – longitudinal flute; 2) one of the registers of the organ
Flebile (it. flebile) – plaintively, sadly
Flessatone (it. flessatone), Flexaton (German flexatone), Flex-á-tone (French flexatone), Flex-a-tone (English flex -a-tone) – flexatone (percussion instrument)
Flessiibile (it. flessibile) – flexibly, softly
Fleurettes (fr fleurette) – notes of short duration in counterpoint; Literally flowers
Flicorno (it. flicorno) – byugelhorn (family of brass instruments)
Flicorno contralto (flicorno contralto) –
altohorn Flicorno tenore (flicorno tenore) – tenorhorn
Fließend(German fleesend) – smoothly, movably
Flödel (German fledel) – mustaches at bowed instruments
Floridus (lat. floridus), Florido (it. florido) – flowery, decorated
Floscio (it. flosho) – soft, sluggish
Flöte (German . flute) – flute: 1) woodwind instrument; 2) one of the registers of the
Flötenwerk organ (German fletenwerk) – a small organ with labial voices
Flot lumineux (French flo lumineux) – a luminous wave, a stream [Scriabin. “Prometheus”]
Flott (German fleet) – agile, lively
Flottant (French flotan), Hotter (flrte) – smoothly, swaying
Flourish (English flarish) – fanfare
Flourish of trumpets (flourish ov trumpets) – carcass, solemn ceremony
Flowing (English flowing) – flowing, smoothly; with flowing bow (Uyz flowing bow) – smoothly lead with a bow
Flüchtig (German fluhtich) – fluently, fleetingly
Flue-pipes (English flu-pipes), Flue- work (fluowok) – labial pipes of the organ
Flügel (German flugel) – 1) piano; 2) the old name for keyboard-string instruments
Flügelharfe (German flugelharfe) – arpanetta
Flügelhorn (German flugelhorn) – flugelhorn (brass instrument)
Fluide (French fluid) – fluid, smoothly
Fluidezza (it. Fluidezza) – smoothness;con fluidezza (con fluidetstsa) – fluid, smoothly
Flüsternd (German flusternd) – in a whisper
Flute (English flute) – flute: 1) woodwind instrument; 2) one of the organ registers
Flute (French flute) – flute: 1) woodwind instrument
Flûte à bec (flute a back) – a type of longitudinal flute
Flûte à coulisse (French flute a scene) – jazz, flute
Flûte allemande (flute almand) – it. flute (as the transverse flute was called in the 18th century)
Flûte alto (flute alto) – alto flute
Flûte basse (flute bass) – bass flute (albiziphone)
Flûte d’amour (flute d’amour) – a type of ancient flute
Flûte de Pan(flute de Pan) – Pan flute
Flûte douce (flute douce), Flute droite (flute druat) – longitudinal flute
Flûte traversière (flute traversière) – transverse flute
Flûte traversière à bec (flute traversier a back) – a type of transverse flute; 2) one of the registers of the organ
Flutter tonguing (English flate tongin) – the technique of playing a wind instrument without a cane (a type of tremolo)
Flux en grelle (French flu en grelle) – the technique of playing the harp (glissando with a fingernail at the soundboard)
Foco (it fóko) – fire; con foco (con foco), Focoso (focoso) – with fire, ardor
Foglietto(it. foletto) – 1) orc. part of the 1st violin, where the parts of the other instruments are inscribed (replaces the score); 2) a replica of the 1st violin, inscribed in small notes in the parts of other instruments with a long pause; literally a sheet of
Foglio (it. folio) – sheet, page
Foglio verso (foglio verso) – on the back of the sheet
Fois (fr. foie) – times; deux fois (de fois) – 2 times
Folâtre (French folatr) – briskly, playfully
Folgt ohne Pause (German foil pause) – [next] without interruption
Folia (Portuguese folia) – old, Portuguese dance song
Folle (it. Folle), Follement (French Folman) – insanely
Fond(French background), Fondo (It. Fundo) – the lower deck of string instruments
Fondamento (It. Fondamento) – bass part in polyphony
Fond d’orgue (French background d’org) – the main [open] labial voice in the organ
Fondu (fr. fondue) – fading, melting [Ravel]
Force (fr. force, eng. foos) – strength; à toute force (fr. and here force) – with all the force; with force (English uyz foos) – strongly, with the meaning of
Fork (English fok) – a tuning fork; literally fork
Forlana (it. forlana), furlana (furlana) – old Italian. dance
Form (German forms), Form (English Foom), Forma(it. form), Forme (fr. forms) – form
Formenlehre (German formenlere) – the doctrine of music. forms
Fort (fr. fort), Forte (it. forte) – strongly
Forte possibile (forte poseybile) – as strong as possible
Fortepiano (it. pianoforte) – piano; literally loudly – quietly
Fortissimo (fortissimo) – very strongly
Fortsetzend (German fortzetzend) – continuing
Fortspinnung (German fortspinnung) – the development of a melody from the primary thematic. element (“grain”)
Forza (it. forza) – strength; con forza (confort) – strongly; con tutta Forza(con tutta forza) – as loudly as possible, with full force
Forzando (it. forzando), Forzare (forzare), Forzato (forzato) – accentuate the sound; the same as sforzando
Foudroyant (French Foudroyant) – like thunder [Scriabin. Sonata No. 7]
Fouet (French fue) – scourge [percussion instrument]
Fougueux (French fugue) – violently, impetuously
Fourchette tonique (French buffet tonic) – tuning fork
Fourniture (French accessories) – potion (mixed, organ register) ; the same as plein jeu
Fours (English fóos) – fours, alternation of soloists in 4 measures (in jazz)
Fourth (English fóots) – quart; literally, 4th [sound]
Four-three chord (English fotsrikood) – terzkvartakkord
Foxtrot (English foxtrot) – foxtrot (dance)
Fragile (French fragile) – fragile
Fragment (French fragman), Frammento (Italian frammento) – excerpt
Francaise (French francaise ) – the name of the country dance in Germany
Francamente (it. francamente), Franco (franco), con franchezza (con francetsza) – boldly, freely, confidently
Frappé (fr. frappe) – 1) lowering the conductor’s baton for decree. strong beat of the measure; 2) accented
Frappez les accords sans lourdeur (French frape lez akor san lurder) – play chords without excessive heaviness [Debussy]
Frase (it. phrase) – phrase
Fraseggiando (it. phrasedzhando) – distinctly phrasing
Frauenchor (German frauenkor) – female choir
Frech (German frech) – boldly, defiantly
Freddamente (it. freddamente), Freddo (freddo), con Freddezza (con freddetsza) – cold, indifferent
Fredon (fr. fredon) – 1) chorus; 2) trill
Fredonner (fredone) – sing
Free (English free), Freely (Freely), Frei (German fry) – freely, naturally
Free in time (English free in time), Frei im Takt (German fry im measure) – rhythmically free
Freier Satz (German Fryer Zatz) – free style
Frémissant (Fr. Fremisan) – reverently
French horn (English French hóon) – 1) French horn; 2) hunting horn
Frenetico (it. frenetiko) – frantically, frantically
Frescamente (it. fraskamente), Fresco (fresco), con freschezza (con frasketstsa) – fresh
Freschezza (frasketstsa) – freshness
Fresh (English fresh), Freshly (freshly ) – fresh
Frets (eng. frets) – frets on stringed plucked instruments
Fretta (it. fretta) – haste, haste; con fretta (con fretta), in fretta(in fretta), Frettoloso (frettolóso) – hastily, hastily
Frettando (frettando) – accelerating
Freudig (German Freudich) – joyfully, cheerfully
Fricassée (French fricase) – 1) the old name for comic potpourri; 2) drum roll, which serves as a signal for collecting
Friction drum (English friction drum) – a percussion instrument (sound is extracted by lightly rubbing a wet finger on the membrane)
Frisen (German Frisch) – fresh, cheerful
Friska (Hungarian Frisch) – 2- I, the fast part of the
chardash Frivolo (it. frivolo) – frivolously, frivolously
Frog (English frog) – bow block; with the frog(uize de frog) – [play] at the
Froh block (German fro); Fröhlich (frelich) – fun, joyful
Froh und heiter, etwas lebhaft (German fro und heiter, etwas lebhaft) – joyful, fun, rather lively [Beethoven. “Satisfaction with life”]
Froidement (French fruademan) – cold, indifferent
Frolicsome finale (English fróliksem finali) – playful (frisky) finale [Britten. Simple symphony]
Frosch (German frosh) – bow block; am Frosch (am frosh) – [play] at the
block Frotter avec le pouce (French frote avec le pus) – rub with your thumb (reception of playing the tambourine) [Stravinsky. “Parsley”]
Frottez(French frote) – a way to extract sound by rubbing one plate against another.
Frottola (it. frbttola) – a polyphonic song of the 15th-16th centuries.
Früher (German Frewer) – before, earlier
Früheres Zeitmaß (Fryueres Zeitmas) – the same pace; wie früher (wie fruer) – as before
Frullato (it. frullato) – the technique of playing a wind instrument without a cane (a type of tremolo)
Frusta (it. frusta) – a scourge (percussion instrument); the same as flageilo
Fuga (lat., It. fugue), Fuge (German fugue), Fugue (French fug, English fug) – fugue
Fuga doppia (It. fugue doppia) – double fugue
Fuga libera (liber fugue ),Fuga sciolta (fugue scholta) – free fugue
Fuga obbligata (fugue obbligata) – strict fugue
Fugara (it. fugara) – one of the organ registers
Fugato (it. fugato) – 1) fugue; 2) an episode in the form of a fugue
Fugenthema (German fugentema) – the theme of the fugue
Fughetta (Italian fughetta) – a small fugue
Fugué (French fuge) – fugue
Führer (German Fuhrer) – the theme of the fugue; 2) the initial voice in the canon; 3) a guide to concerts and operas
Fulgurant (fr. fulguran) – sparkling [Scriabin. “Prometheus”]
Full (English full) – full
Full bow (full bow) – (play) full bow
Full organ(English full ogen) – the sound of a “full organ” (organ tutti)
Fundamentalbaß (German fundamental bass) – the main bass
Funebre (Italian funebre), Funebre (French funebr) – mourning, funeral; marche funebre (fr. march funebr), marcia funebre (it. march funebre) – funeral march
Funérailles (fr. funerai) – funeral procession
Funeral (eng. funerel) – funeral, funeral service
Funerale (it. funerale), Funereal (engl . funieriel) – funeral, mourning
Funesto (it. funesto) – gloomy, mournful
Fünfliniensystem (German funfliniensistem) – 5-line staff
Funfstufige Tonleiter(German funfshtufige tonleiter) – pentatonic scale, 5-step fret
Funky (English funky) – a large deviation from temperament. building in some styles of jazz music
Funzioni (it. funtioni) – spiritual concerts, oratorios
Fuoco (it. fuoko) – fire; con fuòco (con fuoco) – with heat, fiery, passionately
Für (German Fur) – for, on, for
Fureur (French Führer), Furia (It. Furia) – rage; con furia (con furia), Furioso (furioso), Furieux (French furier), Furious (English furies) – furiously, furiously
Furiant (Czech furiant) – Czech. nar. dance
furore(it. furore) – 1) rage, rabies; 2) Furor
Fusa (Latin Fuza) – 7th longest duration of the mensural notation
Fusée (French Fuze) – fast passage
Fuyant (French Fuyang) – slipping, slipping [Debussy]

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