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Chord inversion – modification of a chord by moving sounds, with Krom its third, fifth or seventh becomes the lower tone. The triad has two appeals; 1st, sixth chord, is formed from the transfer of the main. tones (prima) an octave up; 2nd, quartz-sextakkord – from the transfer of prima and thirds an octave up. (A sixth chord can be formed by moving the third of a triad an octave down, a quarter-sext chord by moving a fifth by an octave down.) lower sound (fifth) and displaced prima and thirds. The seventh chord has three inversions: 1st – quintsextachord, 2nd – third quarter chord, 3rd – second chord. The lower tones of the inversions of the seventh chord are successively thirds, fifths and sevenths.

Chord inversion |

Triad inversions

Chord inversion |

Seventh chord inversions

The names of the inversions of the seventh chord come from the intervals that arise between their lower sound, on the one hand, and the base (prima) and top (seventh) of the seventh chord, on the other. In the abbreviated notation of chord inversions, their most important intervals are transmitted using numbers (for example, T6 is the sixth chord of the tonic, V65 is the fifth sixth chord of the dominant, etc.). Diff. the types of inversions of nonchord and undecimaccord are independent. do not have names. See Accord.

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