Mistakes when buying a synthesizer
How to Choose

Mistakes when buying a synthesizer

To choose the right synthesizer that will please you with reliability, good sound, convenience, set of functions and features, do not make the most common mistakes:

  • Before going to the store, decide on the purpose of the purchase. Will it be a toy, a tool for making money or for learning. And also decide whether you will connect it to a computer to create electronic compositions.
  •  Do not forget to include in the planned expenses the cost of not only the synthesizer itself , but also additional equipment for it. After all , a microphone , a power supply, headphones, a special table, and also in some cases a foot pedal are most often not included in the kit, but are bought separately.yamaha psr453
  •  Prepare to buy slowly by reading additional information and reviews. A synthesizer is an expensive item that, with the right choice, will last for many years. You can make a quick purchase only on the advice of a professional who is well versed in equipment and knows the pros and cons of each model.
  • Choosing a place to buy. It is simply unacceptable to buy such an expensive thing in the market or in the supermarket. It is better to do this in a specialized music store (for example, ours ).
  • Do not trust the comments of the sales assistant. While they can often be good, remember that this person needs to sell their product before they can help you buy the real thing.
  • Buying blind. You should not focus only on the functionality and list of features of the tool. Be sure to play it in person. So you yourself can evaluate the quality of its sound.
  • Don’t buy the first synthesizer you like . Of course, this will bring you joy and save you from tedious searches. So you will save yourself from overpayment and disappointment after several months of use. It happens that the sound and equipment of a model of a competing company is much better, although the instrument costs several thousand less.                                                                                                                              learning to play the synthesizer


  • Of course, more expensive models suggest excellent design and quality, the presence of additional parts and devices in the kit, but if you do not have enough money, then, as a temporary option, instead of a tool for 25,000, buy for 10,000, and then eventually change it to more expensive. If you take a synthesizer for training, give preference to the simplest model without unnecessary features. Over time, when you get the necessary playing skills and want something more from the instrument, you can buy another one.
  • Vertical comparison. Do not limit yourself to comparing models of only one brand, even if it is your favorite and you intend to buy it. This makes it much easier to choose a model with better sound quality and lower cost.
  • Also pay attention to the quality of the keyboard and the reliability of the instrument, the ability to edit factory presets. If you plan to use the synthesizer not only at home, consider its weight. Consider all possible models when choosing a tool. Then the purchased item will serve you for a long time and will contribute to inspiration and further creative success.

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