Acoustic systems

Acoustic systems

In our age of high technology, all items related to electronics are being improved every day, therefore, older models are becoming cheaper, which cannot but please consumers. Therefore, now you can buy a fairly high-quality product for a relatively low price.

Of course, all this can be attributed to acoustic systems. The market for sound and audio equipment in Russia is much less developed than in the West, but recently there has been significant progress, gaining momentum every day. But still, for the best acoustic systems, you  will have to pay a considerable amount.

What are speaker systems?

Acoustic systems (or speakers) have long been an integral part of all events (even those held outdoors). They are acoustic design, and speakers built into this design. The design is currently represented by various types of shapes and sizes. Our store provides you with a wide range of products, including both expensive acoustic systems of different brands and sizes, as well as cheap ones.

Speaker Selection

To understand what kind of acoustic system you should buy, you need to decide for what purposes you are going to use it, as well as what financial possibilities you have. There are several criteria to consider when choosing a speaker system. Our  online store of acoustic systems  and other musical, acoustic and sound equipment will help you deal with these criteria.

Acoustic systems

Types of acoustic systems

There are passive and active speakers. A passive system is convenient to use in one place, while an active system is convenient to use, so to speak, on the road, because in active systems the power amplifier is already built into the speakers. Many musicians take active speakers on tour, as they are more compact and easy to transport.

Passive systems also have their advantages, for example, they require less electricity for the same sound level. The number of bands is also important: for example, each band most clearly reproduces a certain frequency range. The more bands, the higher the quality and purity of the reproduced sound.

Also, acoustic systems can be classified:

– by resistance (4 ohms, 8 ohms, less often – 16 and 32 ohms);

– at the location (mounted and floor);

– at the place of use (home, studio, concert);

– by power and other features (nonlinear distortion factor, frequency, etc.).

Acoustic system manufacturers

There are several dozen manufacturers of acoustic systems, the price of which ranges from 4 thousand rubles for 125 watts , although it can reach up to 100 thousand rubles. The most budgetary can be considered FREE SOUND from EUROSOUND. Such systems are a good solution for those who do not have a lot of money or a large room. Consumers of this option are usually budgetary institutions.

Our store is pleased to present you the products of such well-known manufacturers of musical equipment (acoustic systems in particular) as Peavey, JBL, Yamaha, Mackie, Fender and others. You can find acoustics from monitors to portals, from single speakers to entire sets and portable systems.

Acoustic systems Alto

Of the available products, Alto are the most inexpensive speaker systems, which does not prevent them from being in great demand among famous professional musicians (bass guitarist of Nickelback). The company itself has been operating in the musical equipment market since the 60s of the last century and is famous for high-quality amplifiers and speaker systems.

Yamaha  speakers

The popular concern Yamaha has been carrying out its versatile activities since the 19th century. And in the past century, he began to produce acoustic equipment with the high quality inherent in the Japanese concern. However, they are not as popular as, for example, Yamaha synthesizers or pianos.

Acoustic systems  Mackie

More expensive, but also better sound equipment is offered by Mackie. The real choice of professionals with a thick wallet. The manufacturer constantly releases new and improved models, thanks to which, along with JBL, it is one of the quality leaders among audio equipment. Acoustics  Mackie includes a complete set of speakers: passive and active, professional tour sets and single speakers (just heaven for lovers of good sound).

Online store Pupil

The advantage of the online store is that there is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the entire wide range of modern acoustic systems presented. And also place an order and delivery (or get it for free – information on the site ). Happy sound!

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