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ital. nonetto, from lat. nonus – ninth; German nonett, eng. nonet

1) Composition for 9 instruments. The term can also mean a composition for 9 chants. voices (with or without accompaniment), however wok samples. N. did not receive fame. Typically, instr. N. is a multi-part chamber work in the form of sonatas and symphonies. cycle. The basis of instr. N.’s composition usually forms strings. quartet or quintet, joined by dec. wooden spirit. instruments, horn (occasionally, and other instruments). The mixed composition of N. brings it closer to the characteristic of the 18th century. genre instr. serenades. N. appeared only in the 19th century; one of the earliest examples is L. Spohr’s work in this genre (op. 31, 1813). Among the authors are N. – F. Lachner (without opus, 1875), J. Reinberger (op. 139, 1885), C. Stanford, A. Bax (without opus, 1931, with harp), A. Haba (op. 40/41, 1931, and op. 82, 1953).

2) Ensemble of 9 soloists-instrumentalists, intended for the performance of production. in the genre of N. (in the meaning of 1). Since this genre is not widespread, N. as stable groups of performers are rare; usually the initiative to execute c.-l. N. comes from an ensemble of quartetists, which invite performers on other necessary instruments.

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