Location of notes on the fretboard of a guitar

Location of notes on the fretboard of a guitar

Notes and a table of their location on the guitar

“Tutorial” Guitar Lesson No. 6

Location of notes on the fretboard of a guitar The frets on the guitar neck are indicated by Roman numerals. As you can see, the name of the open strings is separated by a bolder line for greater convenience. The first string is the thinnest. For initial training, knowing the first four frets of the guitar neck is enough to already play simple pieces and chords on the guitar. Note that the notes of the fifth and sixth strings are written on additional rulers below the stave. So, when you see the notes on the additional rulers, immediately note to yourself – this is the fifth or sixth string. Learning the location of the notes on the guitar neck is not so difficult, but the effect of your movement forward in learning will be very tangible. In the process of learning, notes and their location on the stave and fretboard are memorized without much difficulty. This is not a foreign language, where you need to learn a lot of words and rules to start speaking, and a lot more words to start understanding what they say to you.


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