Headphones for running

Headphones for running

We have many types of headphones on the market, and among them there is a group of mobile headphones dedicated mainly to people who spend a large part of their day in constant motion.

Headphones for running

The producers also met the expectations of a large group of people practicing sports, e.g. running. A large part of this group like to carry out their daily workouts with background music. So what kind of headphones to choose, which will not interfere with our regular everyday running, will only make our training more enjoyable.

One of the most comfortable headphones for running are wireless in-ear headphones that connect to our player, for example, a phone via bluetooth. In-ear headphones are characterized by the fact that they fit very tightly into the middle of our ear, thanks to which they perfectly isolate us from external sounds. As a rule, they also have such jellies installed, which fit very well into the auricle. Depending on the model, but mostly such headphones are equipped with a microphone that allows us to make phone calls and even depending on the software we have installed on our phone, it allows us to control our device by issuing voice commands.

Another type of headphones often used for physical activity are headphones with a clip that is placed behind the ear. Such a handset adheres completely to our ear with the help of a headband that goes over the ear and thus sticks the loudspeaker to our hearing organ. In this type of headphones, we are not as well isolated from the environment as in the case of in-ear headphones, so we must be prepared for the fact that, in addition to music, there will also be sounds from outside reaching us.

Audio Technica ATH-E40, source: Muzyczny.pl

We also have the so-called fleas or headphones, which are an intermediate type between in-ear and clip-on headphones. Such a handset is usually mounted on a headband placed behind the ear, and the loudspeaker itself is inserted into the ear, but it does not go deep into the ear canal as is the case with earphones. The sounds from outside will also reach us in these headphones.

Of course, our headphones will be in-ear, over-ear or so-called. fleas can be attached to a headphone that wraps around our head, connecting the right and left earpieces. This type of connection gives us additional protection against accidental loss of the handset.

Each type of headphone has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important that we make the right choice. First of all, headphones must be comfortable for our hearing organs. Each of us is built differently, and the same applies to our auditory structure. Some have wider ear canals, others are narrower and there is no universal headphone model that would satisfy everyone. There are people who do not use earphones at all because they simply feel uncomfortable in them.

Without a doubt, wireless headphones are one of the most comfortable ones, because no cable gets tangled, but we also have to take into account that they can simply discharge while listening. When using them, we must remember that not only our sound source, such as the phone must be charged, but also the headphones. Headphones on the bod cable save us from worries in this respect, but this cable can sometimes disturb us.

However, the most important element is our safety, which is why headphones should also be selected under this account. If we run in a city with heavy traffic, on the street or even in the countryside, but we know that we will cross this street, we should not decide to use in-ear headphones. In a place where traffic takes place, we must have contact with the environment. We must have a chance to hear, for example, a car horn and be able to react in time to any situation. Such complete isolation is good in places where no mechanical devices threaten us. In the city, however, it is better to have some contact with the environment, so it is safer to use headphones that will allow this contact.

Headphones for running

JBL T290, source: Muzyczny.pl

We should also remember about the dangers to our health resulting from listening with headphones. We have only one hearing and we should take care of it so that it serves us as long as possible. Therefore, when using, for example, in-ear headphones, let’s do it carefully, remembering that in this type of headphones, the sound stream is directly directed at our ear and there is nowhere to dissipate this sound wave. With this type of headphones, you can not listen to music too loud because it can damage our hearing organs.


No headphones for running. When we’re jogging in the city, it’s better to have eyes and ears around your head, and headphones make it harder. When we run in nature, it is fun to hear the birds, the sound of the wind.


for running, I suggest: – behind the ear [stable, allow you to hear, movement behind your back …] – with a microphone for making calls and changing the volume [on cold days, we do not struggle with the phone hidden under the windbreaker] – a clip to attach the cable is necessary [a loose cable can finally, remove the earpiece from the ear – especially when we are already sweaty / if there is no factory one, I recommend the smallest clip for closing food products] – – good plastic in part. in the ear – salt from sweat can dissolve factory-glued elements and after a few months the headphones fall apart [this is not easy to assess, but if part of it is the earbud is made of connected elements, so you can carefully see if glued, welded, or fifth – salt can dissolve glued joints very quickly. ] – such headphones cost around PLN 80-120 – a few people had bad experiences with expensive and dedicated – J abra – frequent failures, e.g. one of the headphones becomes deaf


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