Harpeji: description, composition, sound, use, how to play

Harpeji: description, composition, sound, use, how to play

Harpeji is a stringed electric musical instrument. Created by Marcodi Musical founder Tim Mix. The basis of the design is borrowed from StarrBoard. The StarrBoard is a string instrument invented by John Starrett in 1985.

The purpose of creating a harpeggi is to bridge the gap between the sound of guitar, bass and piano. The design is equipped with cross strings with full tones. Strings with semi-tones move away from the player. The octave range is A0-A5.

The first model was produced from January 2008 to May 2010. The number of strings is 24. The second model is distinguished by a simplified system of marks on the fretboard. The body material has changed from maple to bamboo.

In January 2011, a smaller version was released. The number of strings is 16. The sound range is C2-C6. Sound output is monophonic.

All models use an electronic auto-plug system. The system minimizes the sound of accidentally played notes.

The musicians play the harpeggi while seated. The tool is placed on a table or stand. The position is vertical. The playing style is tapping. The sound is produced by light strokes of the fingers.

Harpeji was used on the soundtrack of the computer Play God of War III. Stevie Wonder performed the song “Superstition” on the third instrument model at the Billboard Awards in 2012. Musician Jordan Rudess of the metal band Dream Theater uses Mix’s invention in his compositions.

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