Which electronic drums should I choose?

Which electronic drums should I choose?

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Electronic drums are a great alternative to the acoustic kit. Such basic advantages include the fact that we can freely practice on such a set while living, for example, in the side, and this is because we regulate the volume level ourselves or simply plug in the headphones and we should not disturb anyone anymore. Of course, some sounds resulting from hitting the pads with the stick will be audible, because it results from the laws of physics, but it is definitely less bothersome for outsiders than an acoustic instrument. Such a set usually takes up much less space than an acoustician and of course we can have a very large palette of sounds that reflect different drum kits. Also, such a set can be unfolded and folded much faster, it is also much lighter and therefore much more mobile. These are the biggest advantages of having such an electronic drum kit.

However, we must be aware that this is an electronic instrument or a more accurate term with today’s technological advancement will be digital, which, unfortunately, will never fully reflect the experience we can experience while playing an acoustic instrument. Nevertheless, it is a good solution for all those who cannot afford an acoustic set, for example for housing reasons. In addition, we have almost unlimited sound possibilities and all the amenities of having a digital module, which to some extent compensates for the fact that the impressions of playing an electronic instrument will always be different to some extent.

When deciding on electronic percussion, it is worth making the right choice so as to choose the optimal model in relation to the assumed budget. Most of us rarely have such financial comfort that we can buy everything from the top shelf. Therefore, it is worth focusing on the values ​​of a given instrument, which we care about the most. For one, it will be, for example, an extensive sound module that gives great possibilities, for someone else good quality pads.

And from the types of pads used in a given set, I would suggest starting the selection of the instrument. Since playing the drums involves physically hitting the instrument with a stick, and in this case the pads, it is worth to make the pads of good quality. That the reflection is well reproduced in relation to the acoustic instrument’s diaphragm, and at the same time that the hitting of the muted pad is not too loud. Manufacturers use different technologies and materials for the production of pads. You can find mesh, rubber or plastic pads. The latter will necessarily be the loudest, so the sounds of such a clatter may be, for example, annoying to third parties. If this noise level is an important aspect when choosing an instrument, it is worth paying attention to this aspect. The mesh pads are the quietest and only make a kind of rustling sound. The rubber pads are a bit louder but equally friendly to outsiders, while the plastic ones are the loudest. Often times, cheap electronic drum makers advertise that their instruments have real strings. And it is true only that these strings in contact with the wooden or plastic head of the stick make a loud noise unpleasant for the ear.

The second such basic selection criterion should be the type of sound module, which is in fact the whole heart of our instrument. Depending on our needs, we can buy a module that will be a highly developed music machine or one that will have only basic functions such as the sound of several different drum kits and a metronome. It is worth saying here that the function of such a sound module can also be performed by our computer. So if for some reason you cannot afford your dream module at the moment, it may be worth waiting a bit, putting aside, and then connecting the computer pads purchased without the module. Then our computer with the software becomes the sounding module, and our pads become such a control keyboard. With such a solution, however, it is worth equipping our set with an external audio interface or buying a better music card for the computer. Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of electronic drums is that we can quickly change the sound of the entire kit. You can have a library of sound samples of all the iconic acoustic kits and change them at will. Prices for electronic drums, as in any other group of instruments, vary greatly. The aforementioned sound module has a decisive impact on the level of this price, which can be very extensive and then such a set costs several thousand – several thousand zlotys or very simple and then such a set is relatively much cheaper. Of course, the quality of the pads made is the second basic ingredient that determines the final price of electronic drums.

Currently, we have a huge selection of this type of percussion instruments on the market, so everyone should find something in terms of their financial capabilities without major problems.

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