How to promote a group? What do marketing experts say about this?

How to promote a music group? Promoting a musical group is actually very, very simple, moreover, it is a terribly exciting activity. You will need ingenuity, self-confidence and a small initial capital. Before you start PR for the group, you need to decide on your potential target audience. This is the first thing a producer should focus on.

The next step will be the correct positioning of the product, in this case, commercial performances of a musical group and the products of its creativity. Positioning is a series of strategic actions and measures aimed at creating the right image and conquering human consciousness.

Surprisingly, according to the laws of marketing, the promotion of a musical group begins not with the repertoire, but with what is considered secondary: the creative name of the group, with the creation of a personal logo and a general photograph of the group.

These are the three things that should be imprinted in people’s memory even before the group appears on the big or small stage. All this must be done at the initial, or rather preparatory, stage of PR, because our goal is to promote the brand, and for this it must already exist, at least in an embryonic state.

Main areas of PR:

  • the first thing that is done when promoting a musical group is to record the first disc, which is then distributed: sent to all kinds of radio stations, nightclubs, discos, recording studios and performing festivals.
  • organizing small concerts in clubs or other public places, performing at various open-air music festivals. At such events, it is easiest for a beginning group to find its first fans.
  • For a beginning band, there is nothing better than getting PR by performing as an opening act for famous performers. Many star groups began their careers with such performances, and they confirmed by their example the exceptional effectiveness of this method.
  • production of a set of materials that will be distributed by promoters: flyers, leaflets and posters with upcoming performances. The information part of this method can also include the creation of a personal website. Just keep in mind that the quality of the interface on music band websites plays a huge role – it should not be trivial, but it should not scare away with its excessive extravagance.
  • posting audio recordings and interesting texts, as well as information about the team’s activities on social networks – in their own and other people’s groups. Position yourself as already established musicians – don’t spam, but don’t leave your potential fans for a long time without a “dose of your creativity.”

Group advertising policy

How to promote a group so that it is effective, but also economical? Many novice producers ask this question – and they find the most interesting solutions: there are many ways to promote a musical group without special financial investments.

  1. Distributing leaflets is a low-cost option, but does not guarantee effective results.
  2. Social networks are one of the most popular ways of free advertising on the Internet, allowing you to win listeners without spending money.
  3. Outdoor advertising is an effective advertising method, but not a cheap one. An alternative way is to distribute music posters and posters on the walls of buildings, houses, vehicles and other easily accessible free places.
  4. Advertising on clothing is a new direction in the advertising industry. The production of advertising symbols on clothing is fraught with stable profitability and many advantages: the durability of the advertising material itself, its constant movement, practicality.

 Summarizing everything that has been said about how to promote a group of novice musicians, we can conclude that there are quite a lot of methods for effective promotion and they are constantly updated – it is imperative to follow updates in such matters. It is best if among the group members one person is purposefully engaged in (supervising) the production work. His task is to think through the group’s promotion strategy from start to finish (decide which method, when and where to use, and how much money to spend on it).

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