What is music mixing? Mixing for starters.

What is music mixing? Mixing for starters.

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What is music mixing? Mixing for starters.Before we go to the essence of our article, it is worth telling yourself what a DJ really does and where to start this kind of artistic activity. So, a DJ is not only a person who plays music, but above all, who can skillfully adapt it to the clientele’s requirements and mix it in such a way that there is a hot atmosphere on the club floor or wedding hall at all times. This does not mean, of course, that only strong, fast and lively pieces are to fly throughout the evening. And here the DJ has a lot to show off to match the repertoire and correlate it with each other so that the largest group of participants in our dance party will be satisfied with it. Today, thanks to technological advances, being a DJ is also the ability to use the equipment that is available, which significantly simplifies the work.

Choosing the right mixing equipment

Certainly in today’s world you can feel a bit lost when choosing our equipment. Because on the market we have a lot of devices of various classes at different prices. Of course, you can configure your own equipment from scratch by assembling it from individual elements or purchase an appropriate controller, which will have individual necessary elements integrated in one housing, necessary to start work. Such an integrated DJ controller is usually a much cheaper option than configuring individual elements. It usually has two sections of players and a mixer and it is an ideal solution for all beginner DJs who, due to lack of experience, are not able to fully determine what equipment they really need.

In addition, depending on the selected controller model, it can have many available tools and features known from professional sets. These types of controllers control DJ software that usually runs on a laptop. We also have our own music library in the form of music files there. On the other hand, people who already operate in the industry and have experience and knowledge of the subject, can independently adjust individual elements of the set on which they will work. Here the list of individual elements is much longer and only the basic ones include various types of CDJ multi players, mixers, effects processors, etc.

Mixing of musical works

Here, it is only our imagination and the ability to implement that will determine how our musical mix will sound. You can of course limit yourself to a smooth transition from one track to another by, for example: gradual muting on the mixer of one player with automatic gradual input of the other, but this is such a typical standard that has been used for years, and if we want to stand out, we should show a little more initiative . Therefore, it will be much more effective if our standard is enriched with new elements. We can, for example, involve some short, looped, known musical motifs in the playing piece. We can prepare such short music clips ourselves or use some ready-made libraries. These kinds of passages can be played during a given piece or constitute a kind of link between pieces. This, of course, cannot be done like this from the hat. And in fact, it is here as a DJ that we have the opportunity to really show off our creativity, ingenuity and knowledge of the subject.

What is music mixing? Mixing for starters.

Of course, with today’s technology, the software does a lot of work for us, but we certainly have to be careful about it. It all has to harmonize well with each other and harmonize both in terms of pace and harmony. It is also good to have at least a basic understanding of what a measure or phrase is, so that we can figure out when we are to enter with our connector.


As you can see, being a DJ is not one of the simplest activities, because here we have to show our creativity and be such a creator and arranger in one. The DJ, of course, works on the finished product, which are musical pieces. But as we said at the beginning, it’s not a problem to play a song, because everyone can do it. However, the real trick is to mix individual pieces together in a cool and effective way, so that they form a kind of coherent whole. That is why true DJ enthusiasts, in addition to collecting and expanding their music libraries, also independently develop connectors, clips, variations, loops, presets, etc., which they then use for their work.

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