Guitar picks for beginners. Quick learning tips.

Guitar picks for beginners. Quick learning tips.

Guitar picks for beginners. Quick learning tips.

Introductory information

Brute technique is one of the most important aspects of guitar playing that a guitarist must master. The thing is that playing with chords and fighting does not provide such a melodic variety and space for arrangements, as does playing with too much. Of course, this method of sound extraction is more complicated and requires more skills, but it is definitely necessary to master it – because it’s worth it. The article below was created specifically to understand how to play guitar with your fingers.

What is guitar picking?

Playing the guitar by plucking – this is the sequential taking of notes lined up among themselves in a certain order. If several sounds are played at the same time when playing chords, then when playing sequentially, one, maximum two notes at the same time sound.

What are the advantages of playing by bust?

  1. As mentioned above, when playing by brute force, huge spaces open up for building your own melody and composing your own songs. The thing is that the specificity of sound production in this way allows you to build notes in unique and interesting sequences that would be impossible or would simply not sound when playing with a fight. In addition, if you master the technique of picking at a good level, you can play several instrumental parts at the same time – for example, bass and guitar – as, for example, many professional guitarists do.
  2. Opens space for arrangements. Even in rock music, especially modern, playing with reverb and distortion effects is very popular. This allows you to make the composition more gloomy and dramatic. The same can be said about acoustic songs.
  3. Development of coordination and sound extraction in principle. Sequence playing requires more development of guitar skills, and it takes more time to pluck the strings correctly than to learn chord technique. However, it will greatly improve your coordination, understanding and feel of the instrument, as well as the speed and clarity of your playing.

Synonym for “overshoot” maybe the word “fingerstyle”. This term originated in the very beginning of guitar music – and this is how guitarists who have reached perfection in the brute force technique are called.

Brute technique

This way of playing consists in successively playing each string separately. In the most standard version, you have to hold down the chord and first let the root note sound with your thumb – the bass note. For example, on an Am chord, this would be the fifth string. After that, you play the notes of the texture – that is, the strings 4 3 2 1 in a certain sequence. In more advanced picking options, you need to change chords very quickly and build difficult positions – but the essence remains the same: bass string + texture. With gradual complication and the addition of additional notes, you can get more and more beautiful guitar breaks.

Guitar picks for beginners. Quick learning tips.

How to play bust. Sound Extraction Methods

Despite the fact that the plucking technique requires playing exactly with the fingers, it is not so simple, and now the sequence of notes can be played in several ways.

Fingers and nails

Guitar picks for beginners. Quick learning tips.The most standard method used by the vast majority of beginner guitarists. On the right hand, you need to grow nails and play with them, catching and pulling the strings. Another option is to do the same, but with your fingertips. The main advantage of this method is that it does not require any additional items, and you can play as soon as you pick up the guitar. Of the minuses, it is worth noting a very weak attack and control over the game, especially when playing with nails – accordingly, the sound will turn out to be blurry and fuzzy. However, many famous guitarists play this way too much – Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmore’s Night), Brent Hinds (Mastodon).


Guitar picks for beginners. Quick learning tips.Another popular way of playing brute force comes from rock music. It consists in playing with a mediator the same structures that are played with fingers. This method requires more playing speed, since the guitarist has only one pick instead of five fingers, but it provides more advantages – for example, a clear attack that you won’t get with a finger, as well as the ability to combine chord technique with finger picking. In addition, guitarists often play with their finger and pick at the same time – holding the plectrum with the index finger and thumb, and picking up other strings with the other three. The site has a separate article on how to play mediator.


Guitar picks for beginners. Quick learning tips.Plectrums are not only picks, but also special attachments for fingers with a sharp triangular end. This subject came to music from the banjo and quickly spread throughout the musical world. In fact, this is the same finger-playing technique, but with a clear attack and a smooth, sharp and clear sound. This is by far the most popular picking method among fingerstyle guitarists – all the videos of them playing show plectrums on their fingers.

Skill Development Exercises

Guitar picks for beginners. Quick learning tips.To be honest, there are simply no exercises specifically for developing the brute force technique – therefore, of all the useful tips, one should be singled out: play more music.

Start with the simplest songs, with simple chords and rhythmic patterns, and try to learn them. Of course, at first everything will turn out fuzzy, your hands will get confused. If it doesn’t work at all, then try playing the song at a reduced tempo. Remember – everything that you can play slowly, you will definitely be able to play quickly sooner or later.

Great option will take a classic piece for analysis – for example, “Green Sleeves”, since it is a simple song, which, at the same time, perfectly contributes to training the technique of playing by enumeration.

Reading and playing iterations

Guitar picks for beginners. Quick learning tips.With the development of the Internet, a guitarist may not even pick up a popular melody by ear – with a high degree of probability, the song will have tablature or selected chords. This makes it much easier to read guitar strumming. With tabs, everything is generally simple – they clearly show how the song is played, which frets and chords to clamp.

If only chords are written in the composition, then you will have to try a little to reproduce the desired melody. Just listen to how it sounds – and on the chord position, try to repeat the melody. It’s very simple, and you’re sure to find the sound you want in no time. Remember that each string sounds different – this will also help in removing the fingering.

There are several standard of searches guitar for beginners, which are widespread in many popular songs – they are called the same as guitar fights: “six”, “eight”, “four”. Start matching by playing them and maybe that will lead you to the right sound.

Correct posture and positioning of the right hand

Guitar picks for beginners. Quick learning tips.When playing by brute force, it is important to observe the correct fit and position of the right hand. You need to hold the guitar straight so that the neck is at a slight angle from you. The thumb of the right hand should be perpendicular to the index finger. The body is relaxed – and especially the hand. Correct hand position – This is a separate topic, about which you can read a whole article.


For a faster mastering of the brute force technique, only two pieces of advice can be given – play more and listen more. Listen to how the great virtuoso guitarists play sequences of notes, how the composition is beaten, follow their playing technique on the video. Learn more songs and master more and more complex compositions – and soon you will be able to learn and play any, even the most difficult track.

List of songs

Below is a list of simple songs that will allow you to quickly and easily understand how to play bust. Almost all of these compositions must have been heard by every musician. Even a novice guitarist can play them, and each of the songs will be an excellent start for playing the guitar by brute force.

1. Time Machine – “Bonfire” 2. Nautilus – “Walking on Water” 3. Lyapis Trubetskoy – “I believe” 4. Noize MC – “Green is my favorite color” 5 Factor 2 – “Lone Star”

6. Gaza Strip – “Lyric” 7. Gaza Strip – “Your call” 8. Spleen – “Romance” 9. Cinema – “Pack of Cigarettes” 10. Nautilus – “I want to be with you” 11. DDT – “That’s All”

12. Talkov Igor – “Clean Ponds” 13. North wind – “Dvorovaya” 14. The sun will rise (from the film “The Bremen Town Musicians”) 15. Oleg Mityaev – “The bend of the yellow guitar”

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