Violinist with an angelic appearance

The name David Garrett is familiar to many. He is an American-born German violinist. He considers himself primarily a classical musician, although he has awards as a rock violinist. And the charismatic and charming David Garrett is an excellent showman. He loves to conduct dialogues with the public at his concerts, and many are grateful to him for this.

He is called a violinist with the appearance of an angel and a furious temperament. Two in one…A virtuoso musician was born in the town of Aachen in Germany. His family also has a brother and sister. But my parents divorced not so long ago. David Garrett studied music in America and Great Britain, as well as in his native Germany. He can be called the Paganini of this century. Our permanent violinist Vladimir Spivakov respects the violinist very much.

If you are interested in bass guitar lessons, we recommend looking at detailed information at www.spmuz.ru/instrument_bas-gitara.html , where a lot of useful information is collected. David Garrett has a wonderful American musician, Marcus Wolf, as his guitarist. Sometimes they just play Scottish tunes and Metallica songs together.

The violinist himself says that after the violin, he loves piano and guitar most of all. Very often David also uses an acoustic modern violin in his compositions. Of course, this is a completely different sound than the usual classical one. But how beautiful it sounds in his crossover Purple Rain by the recently deceased Prince!

The wonderful musician recently starred in a film about Paganini and gained great fame around the world. He is called the favorite of all women. Men, if they don’t love him, at least tolerate him for the sake of their wives. Note that the young talent earned his living by working in the modeling business from the age of 19. And this is not surprising given his height of 193 cm! Simply ideal for many.

A charming man with remarkable talent. It seems that God has not given him any shortcomings… David often takes part in entertainment programs and likes to give interviews. In general, he considers himself a very positive person. And, like a true German, he is very practical. David is currently taking part in the Venice Carnival in Italy.

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