How to make music every day, if there is no time at all?

How to make music every day, if there is no time at all?

Making music when you need to work, raise children, study at the institute, pay off the mortgage and God knows what else, is quite a troublesome task. Especially because daily activities bring the greatest effect. Even if you signed up for a teacher, the main work of training and developing a skill is up to you. No one will learn musical literacy for you and train your fingers and hearing enough to become fluent in the instrument!
But how to practice every day if there are a million worries in the evening or you are already so tired that you don’t even think about music? Here are some practical tips on how you can combine the harsh everyday life and the beautiful!

Tip #1

With a large temporary load, it is better to choose an electronic tool. In this case, you can play with headphones and not disturb the household even at night. This extends the time range to early morning and late evening hours.
Modern electronic instruments are made of sufficient quality to take music seriously, train your ear and fingers. They are often cheaper than acoustic ones. For information on how to choose a good electronic instrument, read our  knowledge base :

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How to make music every day, if there is no time at all?

Tip #2

How to find time?

• Our goal is to practice as often as possible. Therefore, only weekends are not enough, even if you plan many hours of classes. To find time on weekdays, mentally review your day and try to choose the time of the day when you really study. Let it be even 30 minutes. Every day for 30 minutes – this is at least 3.5 hours a week. Or you can get carried away – and play a little more!
• If you arrive too late in the evening and feel tired in bed, try getting up an hour earlier. You have headphones – your neighbors don’t care when you play!

How to make music every day, if there is no time at all?
• Sacrifice empty entertainment for a brighter future as a musician. Replace half an hour of watching the series with practicing scales or learning musical notation. Do it systematically – and then, when in the company of friends, instead of discussing the next series of “soap foam”, you play a cool melody, you will be immensely grateful to yourself.
• For those who are more likely to be at home, this advice will do. Play for 15-20 minutes several times a day. Going to work in the morning – practice the scales. Come home from work and before you plunge into household chores, play another 20 minutes, learn a piece of a new piece. Going to bed – another 20 minutes for the soul: play what you love the most. And here’s an hour-long lesson behind you!

Tip #3

Divide learning into parts and plan clearly.

Teaching music is multifaceted, this includes playing scales, and ear training, and sight reading, and improvisation. Divide your time into segments and devote each of them to a separate type of activity. It is also possible to break a large piece into pieces and learn one at a time, bringing it to perfection, instead of playing the whole piece over and over again completely, making mistakes in the same places.

How to make music every day, if there is no time at all?

Tip #4

Don’t avoid complexity.

You will notice what is most difficult for you: some special places in the piece, improvisation, building chords or singing. Do not avoid it, but rather devote more time to practicing these particular moments. So you will grow above yourself, and not stagnate! When you face your “enemy” and fight back, you become a better person. Ruthlessly seek out your weak points – and make them strong!

How to make music every day, if there is no time at all?
Tip #5

Be sure to praise and reward yourself for your work!

Of course, for a true musician, the best reward will be the moment when he can freely use the instrument and create beauty for other people. But on the way to this, it is also worth supporting yourself. Planned – and done, worked out a particularly difficult piece, worked out longer than you wanted – reward yourself. Anything you like will do for a promotion: a delicious cake, a new dress or drumsticks like John Bonham – it’s up to you! Turn classes into a game – and play for a raise, achieving more every time!

Good luck with your musical instrument!

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