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from lat. septima – seventh

1) An interval in the volume of seven steps of music. scale; indicated by the number 7. They differ: small seventh (m. 7), containing 5 tones, large seventh (b. 7) – 51/2 tones, reduced seventh (min. 7) – 41/2 tones, increased seventh (sw. 7) – 6 tones. Septima belongs to the number of simple intervals not exceeding an octave; small and large sevenths are diatonic intervals, because they are formed from the steps of diatonic. fret and turn respectively into major and minor seconds; diminished and augmented sevenths are chromatic intervals.

2) Harmonic double sound, formed by sounds located at a distance of seven steps.

3) The seventh step of the diatonic scale.

4) The top (upper tone) of the seventh chord. See Interval, Diatonic scale.

V. A. Vakhromeev

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