Review of the best digital piano headphones

Review of the best digital piano headphones

Headphones are required for practicing or spending long periods of time at the digital piano. With them, the musician is engaged in any conditions and does not bring inconvenience to anyone. Consider the features of the devices.

Types of headphones

The headphone housing is divided into 4 types depending on its design:

  1. Inserts – one of the first most common types. These are inexpensive models with low sound quality. They should be used in a quiet environment. Previously, headphones were used for cassette players. Now these are wireless EarPods and similar products.
  2. Intracanal – are called “droplets” or “plugs”. They have high-quality sound, pronounced bass and isolation from external noise.
  3. Overhead – headphones with a headband. To listen to them, you need to attach them to your ears, putting them on your head. The models have soft ear pads and a soft headband. The sound quality is directly affected by the cost. The downside of the product is called squeezing the ears or head: a person quickly gets tired after a short use.
  4. Full-size – headphones that completely cover the ear or fit it inside. They sound good
  5. With bone conduction – unusual headphones that are applied near the temples to the skull. They do not transmit sound to the ear, like other models, but to the bone. The principle of operation of the devices is based on the human ability to perceive sounds with the inner ear. Sound vibrations pass through the cranial bone. As a result, music seems to sound in a person’s head.

Review of the best digital piano headphones

In addition to this classification, headphones are distributed according to acoustic characteristics and the design of the emitter.

The best digital piano headphones

Review of the best digital piano headphonesWe characterize the following models:

  1. Yamaha HPH-MT7 black is a digital piano manufacturer’s headphone designed with the nuances of sound reproduction in mind. Their advantage is a design that does not squeeze the ears or head when worn for a long time. Yamaha HPH-MT7 black has high external sound insulation. The kit includes a 6.3 mm stereo adapter suitable for electronic pianos. The earphones have a 3m cord.
  2. Pioneer HDJ-X7 is a device for professional musicians. It has a durable design, comfortable ear cushions, swivel cups that are adjustable according to the needs of the user. The model has a folding design: it is mobile, does not take up much space. The Pioneer HD J-X7-K cable is 1.2 m long. The sound is powerful, with pronounced bass thanks to the support for frequencies in the range e 5-30000 Hz . The cost of the model is affordable.
  3. The Audio-Technica ATH-M20x are headphones with cups that rotate 90 degrees. Since the model is closed, there are holes inside the ear cushions that eliminate resonances at low frequencies . The frequency range is 15-24000 Hz . ATH-M40X have high sound insulation.
  4. Shure SRH940 silver is a model that is easy to transport and store: it has a foldable design. Connection to an acoustic piano goes through a 2.5 m cable. The musician gets clear bass without distortion, since the headphones are professional. The ear pads are made of velveteen and fit snugly but comfortably around the ears. The frequency range is 5-30000 Hz .

The described models have an above average or high price: they are designed for professionals.

Best Budget Headphones for Digital Pianos

Consider these models:

  1. Technics RP-F400 is a full-size model that reproduces frequencies in the range of e 8-27000 Hz . Headphones are connected to the piano via a mini jack 3.5 mm. Includes a 6.3mm adapter. The cable length is 3 m.
  2. Sennheiser HD 595 is a model with a leather-trimmed headband. EAR technology is used for it: the sound is sent directly to the ears. Headphones reproduce sounds in the frequency range 12 – 38500 Hz . The cable has a length of 3 m, there is a 6.3 mm plug. It comes with a 3.5mm adapter.
  3. The Audio-Technica ATH-AD900 is a headphone with aluminum mesh in the speaker design. Users note the high sound quality of the tonal bass, comfortable wearing without squeezing the head or ears, and low resistance.
  4. AKG K601 – headphones from the Australian manufacturer. Their sensitivity is 101 dB, and the reproducible frequency range is 12-39500 Hz . Resistance averages 165.06 ohms. The design has 2 plugs – 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm.
  5. INVOTONE H819-1 is another interesting budget model. Differs in deep sound dynamics, convenient 4 meter cable with volume control.
  6. BEHRINGER HPM1000 is one of the best, in our opinion, models in terms of price to quality ratio. Wide frequency and dynamic range of sound.

The devices are designed for performers who have just purchased a synthesizer or digital piano.

Which headphone model to choose?

Consider the criteria that should be followed when choosing headphones for music lessons:

  • convenience. The model should have comfortable ear pads and a headband that will not compress the musician’s ears and head. This is important for long-term music lessons. To test the convenience, just put on the headphones. If you want to wear them and not take them off – the option turned out to be right;
  • isolation from external noise. These headphones will be a pleasure to practice anywhere: at home, in a music room or in a noisy environment. The ear pads of the model should fit snugly but comfortably around the ears. It is worth choosing Over-Ear or On-Ear devices;
  • length of cable. A long wire will get tangled, a short one will break. The model must be compact. Wireless models are being implemented that connect to the digital piano via Bluetooth: the problem with wires disappears automatically.

Typical beginner mistakes

When choosing headphones for a digital piano, novice musicians make the following shortcomings:

  1. They prefer convenience and other significant characteristics to fashion. The musician spends considerable sums on the model of a well-known manufacturer for the sake of the brand. This does not mean that the headphones are of poor quality: on the contrary, they are functional, but often have many options that a professional performer will need.
  2. Chasing high prices. It is not advisable for a beginner to buy overly expensive headphones. For starters, budget or mid-range models will suit him, which will provide functionality no worse than luxury devices.
  3. Products are not tested before purchase. Before buying headphones, you should check how their basses feel, what technical features a particular model has. Otherwise, the performer will be disappointed with the purchase.

Answers on questions

1. What are the best headphone models?It is worth paying attention to devices from manufacturers Yamaha, Pioneer, Audio-Technica, Shure.
2. What are budget headphone models?These are products of the brands Technics, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, AKG.
3. What should I pay attention to when buying headphones?Specifications, cable length and wearing comfort.

Summing up

Digital piano headphones are on the market for professional musicians and beginners. They have different prices. In choosing devices, you need to rely on their technical capabilities and ease of wear.

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