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ital. partita, lit. – divided into parts, from lat. partio – I divide

1) From con. 16 to early 18th century in Italy and Germany – the designation of a variation in the cycle of variations; the whole cycle was called by the same term in sets. number (partite). Samples from Gesualdo (Partite strumentali, ca. 1590), G. Frescobaldi (Toccate e partite, 1614), J. S. Bach (organ partitas for chorales), etc.

2) In the 17-18 centuries. the term “partita” was also understood as equivalent to the term suite (see, for example, J. S. Bach’s partitas for violin solo, for clavier). In this sense, the term is also used by some composers of the 20th century. (A. Casella, F. Gedini, G. Petrassi, L. Dallapiccola).

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