Pandeiro: instrument composition, playing technique, use

Pandeiro: instrument composition, playing technique, use

The incendiary rhythms of the samba are traditionally accompanied by the sounds of a percussion instrument related to the tambourine, which is called the pandeiro. The membranophone has long been used in Brazil, South America, and Portugal.


It consists of a wooden round body and a membrane. The pitch of the sound depends on the tension of the membrane. Around the circumference of the case are metal plates “platinum”. Improvisational membranophone has different sizes, they depend on the preferences of the performer. Used with the traditional African atabake drum, complementing its sound with higher tones.

Pandeiro: instrument composition, playing technique, use

Play technique

With one hand, the performer holds the musical instrument by passing his thumb through a special hole in the circumference of the body. The other beats out rhythms. The sound depends on which part is struck and with what force it is applied. You can hit the membrane with your fingers, palm, heel of the palm. At the same time, the musician shakes the structure, causing the cymbals to ring.

Pandeiro is the closest relative of the tambourine, but its origin is Spanish-Portuguese. Traditionally used to accompany capoeira.

Урок игры на пандейру (pandeiro). Фанк, самба и капойэра.

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