Music competitions for the new year

Music competitions for the new year

The most anticipated and large-scale holiday is, of course, the New Year. The joyful anticipation of the celebration comes much earlier due to preparations that begin long before the holiday itself. For a great New Year’s celebration, not only a chicly prepared table, a magnificent outfit and all kinds of New Year’s decorations of the room, led by a Christmas tree, are not enough.

You also need to take care of having fun. And for this purpose, music competitions for the New Year are perfect, which will not only entertain guests, but also help them warm up between meals of all sorts of dishes on the New Year’s table. Like any other holiday games, music competitions for the New Year must be provided with one cheerful, reliable, and most importantly, pre-prepared presenter.

New Year’s competition No. 1: Snowballs

As a child, absolutely everyone played snowballs in the winter. This New Year’s music competition will take all guests back to their bright childhood and allow them to frolic without going outside.

For the competition, you will need, accordingly, the snowballs themselves – 50-100 pieces, which can be rolled out of ordinary cotton wool. The host turns on cheerful, catchy music and all the guests present, previously divided into two teams, begin to throw cotton snowballs at each other. After turning off the music, the teams need to collect all the snowballs scattered around the apartment. The team that collects the most is declared the winner. Don’t turn off the music too quickly, let the guests frolic and remember the relaxed childhood years.

New Year’s competition No. 2: You can’t erase words from a song

The presenter needs to write in advance on pieces of paper various words related to winter and the New Year, for example: Christmas tree, snowflake, icicle, frost, round dance, and so on. All the leaves are put into a bag or hat and the participants, in turn, must take them out and perform a song based on the word in the leaf.

Songs must be about the new year or winter. The winner is the participant who performed songs on all the sheets of paper pulled out for himself in accordance with the terms of the competition. If there are several such participants, it’s okay, there will be several winners, because it’s a new year!

New Year’s competition No. 3: Ticket

All guests should line up in two circles: a large circle – men, a small circle (inside the large one) – women. Moreover, in a small circle there should be one less participant than in a large circle.

The presenter turns on the music and the two circles begin to move in different directions. After turning off the music, men need to embrace a woman – their ticket to the next stage. Anyone who doesn’t get a “ticket” is declared a hare. For him, the remaining participants come up with a fun task that must be completed in pairs. The “Hare” chooses a participant from the small circle as his assistant. After completing the task, the game continues.

Music competitions for the new year

New Year’s competition No. 4: Musical thoughts

For this competition, you will need pre-prepared fragments of soundtracks with various songs in accordance with the number of guests. The presenter transforms into the image of a magician and chooses an assistant. Then the presenter approaches the male guest and moves his hands above his head, the assistant at this moment turns on the phonogram, and everyone present hears the musical thoughts of the guest: 

Then the presenter approaches the guest woman and, moving his hands above her head, everyone can hear the musical thoughts of this heroine:

The host performs similar magical manipulations until the guests hear the musical thoughts of everyone present at the celebration.

New Year’s competition No. 5: Talented musician

The presenter builds something like an organ or xylophone on the table from empty bottles and cans. Men take a spoon or fork and take turns trying to perform something musical on this non-standard instrument. Women in this competition act as judges; they choose the winner whose “work” turned out to be more melodic and pleasant to the ear.

Musical competitions for the New Year can and should be very different and their number can hardly be counted. Competitions should be selected in accordance with the number and age of guests. You can come up with your own competitions, spending a little time on it. But one thing is certain: the most anticipated holiday of the year will definitely be fun and unlike any other New Year, all guests will be satisfied. And all this thanks to music competitions.

Watch and listen to funny and positive New Year’s songs from cartoons:

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