How to care for a guitar

How to care for a guitar

Regular care of your musical instrument ensures its longevity, protects it from physical damage and maintains its original sound.

If the guitar is not properly stored or run in its condition, it will quickly become unusable.

How to clean a guitar

Since the guitar body is varnished, it will be enough to wipe it with a clean cloth without lint, which may remain on the surface. The shops sell special napkins. Musicians use microfiber: it is enough to moisten it with a solution of non-concentrated detergent and wipe the instrument. Do not use a nitrocellulose cloth as the polish will damage it. Unvarnished guitar body is cleaned with special wax or oil.

How to care for a guitar

How to clean strings

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Lay the guitar face down so that the neck rests on a raised platform.
  2. Take a cotton or microfiber cloth and apply the cleaning solution to it.
  3. The napkin must be placed correctly: slip one part under the strings, and cover them with the second.
  4. Go through the fabric from the beginning of the neck to the end. The place where the fingers most often touch the strings should be thoroughly wiped.

How to care for a guitar

How to care for a guitarNylon strings are cleaned with a cloth dampened with water. For other products, special tools are produced:

  • Dr. string follow;
  • Dunlop Ultraglide;
  • Fast fret.

Also use shaving gel or rubbing alcohol.

How to clean the fretboard

It is necessary to rid the specified part of the guitar of dirt every three months. For this use:

  1. Clean cloth.
  2. Water with dissolved liquid soap. It is not recommended to use aggressive cleaning agents, so as not to destroy the structure of the tree.
  3. Alcohol for degreasing.
  4. Lemon oil.

How to care for a guitar

The steps for cleaning the neck are as follows:

  1. Position the guitar strictly horizontally; the neck should be on a raised platform.
  2. Loosen the tension of the strings or remove them.
  3. It is easy to dampen a cloth with soapy water and rub it over each fret . Excess moisture and accumulation of dirt are removed with a dry cloth.
  4. Allow 10-15 minutes for the instrument to dry completely.

If there is a lot of fat on the neck , it is removed with medical alcohol. This substance dries the wood, so after use , lemon oil is applied to the neck – this is how cracks are prevented. It is enough to leave a drop on each fret and smear it over the entire surface.

The oil should be completely absorbed within 10 minutes.

Body Care

Small dirt is removed with special napkins for the guitar body. A damp cloth is also used, especially microfiber, which does not leave scratches on the surface.

How to care for a guitar

Overview of polishes

After the initial cleaning of the case, they begin to polish it. For this purpose, a polish for a guitar coated with polyurethane varnish. Products must be chosen carefully to clean the soundboard and preserve the top layer of nitrocellulose that densifies the wood.

You can use the following polishes:

  1. PW-PL-01 by D’addario – cleans and restores the soundboard surface. To achieve a good effect, it is advised to use it with wax.
  2. 6574 65 Cream Of Carnauba by Dunlop – removes scratches and cracks from the instrument. The guitar does not wear out and does not deteriorate with corrosion.

Hardware care

Particular care should be taken when cleaning the metal parts of the guitar, as they are exposed to moisture, sweat, and can deteriorate from corrosion. Suitable for this:

  • Ernie Ball napkins at a low price;
  • Planet Waves oil, which prevents the abrasion of metal elements and ensures their normal operation;
  • Dunlop products that remove stubborn dirt and grease.

Answers on questions

1. How to properly care for the guitar?The easiest care is to wipe the instrument with a slightly moistened soft cloth. Do not wet the guitar with water, so that its metal parts do not become covered with corrosion, and wooden ones – with cracks.
2. What is the best cloth to wipe the guitar with?Microfiber, which does not leave scratches, or special wipes.
3. How to use guitar polish?Apply it with a cloth on the surface of the tool in a circular motion and wait 15 minutes. Remove excess with a dry cloth.
4. How often should I use guitar polish?Once every 2-3 months.

Care tips and storage rules

Here’s how to care for an acoustic guitar and other types:

  1. The tool is stored in a case – it is not covered with dust and does not lend itself to moisture.
  2. The optimum storage temperature is 20-25 degrees, humidity is 40-60%.
  3. Use a case to transport your guitar.
  4. If the tool was brought into the room from the cold, it must be allowed to lie down for 10-15 minutes.
  5. The guitar should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  6. The tool should be protected from drafts, temperature fluctuations, heat from heating systems.


For a guitar to last longer, it must be properly carried, stored and cleaned regularly. There are simple ways to remove dirt when all parts of the instrument are wiped with a slightly damp cloth.

In case of severe pollution, special means are used.

It is important not to expose the guitar to moisture so that cracks or corrosion do not appear on the surface, which will cause the instrument to become unusable.

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