Good evening Toby…Sheet music and lyrics of a Christmas carol

One of the great holidays is approaching – Christmas, which means it’s time to start preparing for it. The holiday is decorated with the beautiful custom of singing Christmas carols. So I decided to slowly introduce you to these carols.

You will find notes of the carol “Good Evening Toby” and a whole collection of holiday videos. This is the same song in which the festive chorus is with the words “Rejoice…”.

In the attached file you will find two versions of musical notation – both are single-voice and absolutely identical, but the first of them is written in such a key that it is convenient for a high voice to sing, and the second version is intended for performance by those with a low voice.

Actually, which option you choose matters only if you play along with yourself on the piano while learning. By the way, it is not necessary to learn the carol from the notes if you don’t know them. Just listen to the recordings that I have selected for you and learn by ear. You will find the lyrics of the song in the same file as the notes of the carol.

Here is the carol sheet music file you need (pdf) – Carol Good evening Toby

What is this song about? Immediately about three holidays that “came to visit”: the Nativity of Christ, the memory of St. Basil the Great (which falls on Christmas Eve) and the Epiphany of the Lord. The first choruses are dedicated to addressing the owner of the house to which the singers came. After telling him about the three holidays, they wish him all the best, peace and goodness. Listen for yourself:

If desired, the number of verses of the song can be increased – come up with various wishes or jokes. For example, when children sing this carol, they often end it with the following chant: “And for these carols, give us a chocolate!” After which the owners of the house present them with gifts. Sometimes they end a carol like this: “And with a kind word – may you be healthy!”, as, for example, in this video.

Of course, such a carol should be sung with all your friends. The more people who sing, the more joy!

Добрий вечір тобі,пане-господарю....mp4

I’ll also say a little about the fact that you need to perform “Good Evening Toby”, although it’s fun, but leisurely. It is necessary to remember that this song is solemn, festive and is often sung during a procession – the tempo cannot be particularly fast, but the listeners must have time to be imbued with the joy being sung!

Добрый вечир тоби

Let me remind you that you now have the notes of the carol “Good Evening Toby” at your disposal. If you couldn’t open the file using the first link, then use the alternative link and download the notes and text from here – Carol Good Evening Toby.pdf

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