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(Greek melos) – a term used in Dr. Greece since the time of Homer to denote a tune, a melody, as well as a lyric intended for singing. poems, as opposed to epic, elegy and epigrams. In the music theories dr. Greece, M. was understood to be independent. melodic the beginning of music, to which the rhythmic beginning was opposed; the doctrine of harmonica and melopee was attributed to the area of ​​M.. Since then, the term has rarely been used. Somewhat more often he began to be involved in musicology. literature since the time of R. Wagner, who used it in some of his works (for example, the section “New Beethoven Melos” in the work “On Conducting” – “Бber das Dirigieren”). A number of concepts, including the term “M.”, were put forward by the German musicologist W. Dankert. The term was especially popular in con. 10 – beg. 20s 20th century (it was used in his writings by B. V. Asafiev, in 1917-18 2 collections of musicological works were published under the editorship of Asafiev and P. P. Suvchinsky, entitled “Melos”; in Germany, the magazine “Melos” has been published since 1920 ).

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