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Gilbert Duprez |

Gilbert Duprez

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Gilbert Duprez |

Student of A. Shoron. In 1825 he made his debut as Almaviva on the stage of the Odeon theater in Paris. B 1828-36 performed in Italy. B 1837-49 soloist at the Grand Opera in Paris. Dupre is one of the most prominent representatives of the French vocal school of the 19th century. He performed parts in operas by French and Italian composers: Arnold (William Tell), Don Ottavio (Don Giovanni), Otello; Chorier (The White Lady by Boildieu), Raul, Robert (The Huguenots, Robert the Devil), Edgar (Lucia di Lammermoor) and others. In 1855 he left the stage. B 1842-50 professor at the Paris Conservatory. In 1853 he founded his own singing school. Has written works on the theory and practice of vocal art. Dupre was also known as a composer. Author of operas (“Juanita”, 1852, “Jeanne d’Arc”, 1865, etc.), as well as oratorios, masses, songs and other compositions.

Cочинения: The art of singing, P., 1845; The melody. Complementary vocal and dramatic studies of “The Art of Singing”. P., 1848; Memoirs of a Singer, P., 1880; Recreations of My Old Age, c. 1-2, P., 1888.

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