Electric guitar lessons on Skype

The ability to receive guitar lessons via Skype is a completely new word in teaching. Here both comfort and high efficiency are presented, and if the classes are regular, high efficiency. The experience of such teaching came to us from abroad, and it turned out to be more than effective. After all, when learning, time was and remains an important factor. After all, we cannot visit several places at once; it is difficult to combine study, numerous small matters and work that we have to squeeze into our schedule every day. Even weekends are planned no less tightly; often it is almost impossible to lose even 3–4 hours just to go to your teacher. The lesson takes about two hours, but there are also costs for moving around the city.

If the teacher you like lives in another city, or even in another country, then learning, for example, electric guitar via Skype is perhaps the only opportunity. Often, unfortunately, you can encounter the phenomenon of an “unsuccessful meeting”, when the teacher is not in a good mood at the first meeting, or is busy, or can simply immediately demotivate the student, saying that the profession of a musician is not profitable, so why study? In the case of working through the Network, there is no need to beat thresholds, break through and prove something; you can choose a path that is not so expensive and difficult in terms of hassle and loss of time.

A leather sofa or chair with a cup of tea in your hands and an electric guitar lesson via Skype is a much more comfortable learning environment, and you can improve at any time. It’s like reading with your favorite book in your hands, when you’re in your favorite place and there’s no one to distract you.

In addition, such a learning process is also modern: and you don’t need to photocopy a thick volume of a textbook from some ancient times or photograph it with your phone, so that you don’t need to decipher blind pictures on a computer. Materials will always be presented in the most convenient form. The road to knowledge will not be blocked by equipment that unexpectedly burned out in the studio, or a melted cord, or poor-quality sound. We will play on our own, dearly loved guitar, and not on what is at hand in the studio.

With Skype, electric guitar lessons are an opportunity to concentrate the teacher’s attention entirely on yourself and specifically on your questions about playing. You don’t need to wait for hours to find answers to the most common questions in a search engine, such as alternating strokes, guitar licks, improvisation or solos, cool riffs, whether you can play if you have no hearing, and so on.

We invite you to join the musical world, the world of beautiful solos, cool riffs, rich improvisations without unnecessary difficulties. It’s better to cut off everything unnecessary so that it doesn’t interfere with what’s most important – this is what we all need when we dive into what we love.


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