Crossword puzzle on the topic “Glinka’s work”

Crossword puzzle on the topic “Glinka’s work”

Crossword puzzle on the topic “Glinka’s work”

Dear friends! I present to you a new musical crossword puzzle. This time a crossword puzzle dedicated to the work of the great Russian composer Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka.

The crossword puzzle on the theme of Glinka is composed of 24 questions, mainly relating to his work. About half of all questions are related to opera creativity. Some of the questions in the crossword puzzle on Glinka concern the vocal and symphonic music of our dear composer.

A few introductory words. For Russian classical music, Glinka is its founder. He is the creator of the national Russian opera, major symphonic works and the most famous vocal works based on poems by Russian poets.

Glinka has two operas. The first opera “Ivan Susanin” (second title “Life for the Tsar”) was completed and staged in 1836. It tells about the feat of a Kostroma peasant who died to save the young Tsar Mikhail Romanov, who took the Russian throne at the end of the Time of Troubles. Questions related to this opera were compiled from the article “Ivan Susanin,” so I recommend turning to this source when solving the crossword puzzle.

The opera “Ruslan and Lyudmila” was written by the composer in 1842. Of course, with its title, the opera addresses us to Pushkin’s poem of the same name. Unfortunately, due to the early death of the great poet, Glinka was unable to work on the opera in collaboration with Pushkin. However, many of the texts of the poem are preserved in the opera in its original form. The crossword puzzle questions on Glinka’s work related to the opera “Ruslan and Lyudmila” are easier to solve. Using the article “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. By the way, the article contains a simply gorgeous selection of videos from the opera.

Well, now you can start write-off unraveling (answers are given at the end) this wonderful crossword puzzle on the topic “Glinka”.

  1. Who suggested Glinka the plot of the opera “Ivan Susanin”?
  2. Whose poems are Glinka’s romances “I Remember a Wonderful Moment”, “Night Marshmallow”, “The Fire of Desire Burns in the Blood” based on?
  3. On whose poems was Glinka’s vocal cycle “Farewell to Petersburg” written?
  4. A symphonic work by Glinka, which is variations on the themes of two Russian folk songs – a wedding song and a dance song.
  5. Which voice is assigned the role of Ruslan in the opera “Ruslan and Lyudmila”?
  6. The name of the character, the evil wizard, Karla, who kidnaps Lyudmila.
  7. What is the name of the Grand Duke of Kyiv, Lyudmila’s father?
  8. Character in the opera “Ruslan and Lyudmila”: a legendary singer who sings his songs at a wedding feast.
  9. What is the name of the vocal number that Lyudmila sings with the words “I’m sad, dear parent”?
  10. Who revised the text of the libretto for the opera “Ivan Susanin”?
  11. Who wrote the first version of the libretto for the opera “A Life for the Tsar”?
  12. Polish fast bipartite dance that appears in the second act of the opera Ivan Susanin.
  13. In which village does the first act of Glinka’s opera “A Life for the Tsar” take place?
  14. Which voice is assigned to the role of Susanin’s adopted son, Vanya?
  1. Which country are associated with the images and themes of Glinka’s symphonic works “Aragonese Jota” and “Night in Madrid”?
  2. What kind of singing voice did the composer have?
  3. A romance that begins with the words “Between heaven and earth a song is heard…”.
  4. The name of the character in the opera “Ruslan and Lyudmila”: Khazar prince, Ruslan’s rival, his role is performed by a female contralto voice.
  5. What is the name of Ivan Susanin’s daughter?
  6. Russian poet who has a poem “Ivan Susanin”.
  7. Which composer wrote an opera about the Kostroma peasant Ivan Susanin before Glinka?
  8. The name of Glinka’s teacher, a German named Denn.
  9. In what genre was Glinka’s romance based on Zhukovsky’s poems “Night View” written?
  10. Polish solemn three-beat dance, which sounds at the beginning of the second act of the opera “Ivan Susanin”.

1. Zhukovsky 2. Pushkin 3. Puppeteer 4. Kamarinskaya 5. Baritone 6. Chernomor 7. Svetozar 8. Bayan 9. Cavatina 10. Gorodetsky 11. Rosen 12. Krakowiak 13. Domnino 14. Contralto.

1. Spain 2. Tenor 3. Lark 4. Ratmir 5. Antonida 6. Ryleev 7. Kavos 8. Siegfried 9. Ballade 10. Polonaise.

Attention! You can also create your own crossword puzzle dedicated to the work of Glinka, or any other crossword puzzle on the topic of music, and post it on this site. To learn how to create a crossword puzzle on music, read the instructions here. For questions regarding placement, please contact me by writing to me on any of the social networks (my pages are located below the article), or using the feedback form on the site.

To get inspired to create a crossword puzzle based on Glinka, I suggest you listen to his music.

M.I. Glinka – choir “Glory to…” as a version of the Russian anthem

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