Choosing a drum kit for a child
How to Choose

Choosing a drum kit for a child

Guide for buyers. The best drum kit for kids. 

With so many drum kits on the market, choosing the right size for your child can be very difficult. In this article, I will present drum kits for children of different ages.

The best part is that most of these rigs come with everything you need, including stands, seats, pedals, and even drumsticks!

This review will feature the following models:

  1. Best Drum Kit for 5 Year Olds – Gammon 5-Piece Junior Drum Kit
  2. Best 10 Year Old Drum Set – Pearl and Sonor
  3. Best electronic drum for 13-17 year olds – Roland TD series
  4. Best Drum Set for Toddlers – VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

Why should you buy a drum set for your child? 

If you are hesitant to let your child learn to play the drums by buying him a drum kit, then after reading this article, you will probably be able to reconsider. In addition , there are many well-documented benefits of learning to play the drums, especially in children whose brains are still developing.

Improvement in academic performance 

Drumming has been proven to significantly improve math skills and logical thinking. Not only do students learn multiplication tables and math formulas more easily, but those with a good sense of rhythm score 60 percent more on tests with fractions.
In addition, learning foreign languages, such as English, is much easier for drummers due to their ability to perceive emotional cues and use them to identify thought processes.

Reducing stress 

Drumming gives the same release of endorphins (hormones of happiness) into the body, like running or sports training. Oxford University professor Robin Dunbar found that just listening to music has little effect, but playing an instrument like drums physically releases endorphins. It has many health benefits, including improved mood and relief from frustration and stress.

Good brain training 

According to a study by E. Glenn Shallenberg at the University of Toronto, 6-year-old children’s IQ test scores improved significantly after receiving drum lessons. Constant study of music, sense of time and rhythm can significantly increase the level of IQ. When you play drums, you also have to use your arms and legs at the same time. Using all four limbs at the same time leads to intense brain activity and the creation of new neural pathways.

At what age should children start playing drums? 

As soon as possible! There are many studies that show a specific period of life, the so-called “prime time” for the study of the instrument, that is, between birth and the age of 9 years.
At this time, the mental structures and mechanisms associated with the processing and understanding of music are at the initial stages of development, so it is very important to teach music to children at this age.
I was lucky that I started playing the drums at an early age, however until recently I have been waiting to try and learn how to play the guitar. At this age it is possible, but not with the ease and speed with which I was able to learn to play the drums, so I fully agree with the research of scientists that learning to play musical instruments is easier in childhood.

Full size or small drum set? 

Depending on the height and age of your child, you must decide what size of installation is suitable for him. If you decide to take a full-sized drum kit and your child is too small, they won’t be able to reach the pedals or climb high enough to reach the cymbals. In most cases, it’s best to use a small drum kit because adults can play it too. In addition, the price will be much lower, and the drum kit will take up less space, wherever you are. If the child is a little older or you think they are big enough to handle a full size drum kit, then I would suggest getting a full size kit.

Drum kit for children about 5 years old

This is the best drum kit for kids – Gammon. When shopping for a drum kit for kids, it’s always nice to be able to purchase an all-in-one package. Not having to worry about figuring out which cymbal and kick drum stands to get can be a huge advantage.

The Gammon Junior Drum Kit is a bestseller that includes everything you need to get your kid excited and learning to play drums faster. The same drum set, but smaller, allows young children to play, in order to generally facilitate and speed up learning to play the drums. Yes, obviously the cymbals won’t sound cool on this kit , but it will be a good stepping stone before the next update when the kids are really interested in continuing to learn how to play the drums.
With this set you get a 16″ bass drum, 3 alto drums, snare, hi-hat , cymbals, drum key, sticks, stool and bass drum pedal. This is really all you need for the next few years. The frame of the drums is made of natural wood and the sound is much better than other small drum kits on the market.

Choosing a drum kit for a child

The best drum kit for kids around 10 years old.

At about 10 years of age or older, it is a good idea for a child to purchase a quality, full-size drum kit, as it will last for many years.

One of the most popular and best-selling drum kits in this category is the entry-level Pearl  or Sonor . A nice bonus is that the drum kit comes with all the hardware, so you don’t need to buy anything else.
At a really affordable price you get a 22×16 bass drum, 1×8 alto drum, 12×9 alto drum, 16×16 floor drum, 14×5.5 snare drum, 16″ (inch) brass cymbal, 14″ (inch ) hybrid pedal cymbals, which contain everything: a bass, a drum pedal, and a drum stool. This is a great set that can be the foundation for your young drummer for most of his life. It’s always good to start with something cheap, gradually upgrade different parts, because in the process you find what you like, pros and cons when it comes to things like cymbals or drumsticks.

Choosing a drum kit for a child

The best drum set for children around 16 years old. 

Roland TD-1KV

Roland TD Series Electronic Drum Kit

If you’re looking for a portable drum set that also has quiet playback capability, an electronic drum set is the perfect solution.
The Roland TD-1KV is my choice of electronic drum set for kids and is made by one of the leading manufacturers of electronic drum sets. Instead of drums and cymbals, rubber pads are used that send the signal to the drum module, which can then play sound through speakers or you can connect headphones for quiet playing at any time of the day or night. A big plus of electronic drum kits is that you can connect them to your computer via a MIDI cable to run drum software with thousands of professionally recorded sounds.
The module includes 15 different drum kits, as well as a built-in Coach function, metronome and recorder. On top of that, you can add your own music to play along with one of the included tracks.

The best drum for kids

VTech KidiBeats Percussion Set
If you assume that a child is too small for a real drum set, it does not mean that he should be left with nothing. In fact, the sooner you can get your kids involved in playing musical instruments, the better, because that’s when the brain absorbs the most information.
The VTech KidiBeats drum kit is designed for children aged 2 to 5. The set includes 4 different pedals that you can press or play the nine melodies available in memory. There are even numbers and letters that light up on the reels and kids can learn as they play.
We ship all of this with a pair of drumsticks, so you don’t have to worry about buying anything extra!

How to make drums quieter 

One thing that may be holding you back from buying a drum set for your child is the fact that drums are always LOUD. Fortunately, there are some good solutions.

Electronic drum sets 

Electronic drums are a luxury that didn’t exist just a few years ago. With the ability to play through headphones, it’s the perfect way to practice on a full drum kit in silence without annoying your neighbors (or parents).

On top of that, most drum kits come with training programs, and the sheer variety of sounds available will keep them interested far more than just using a simple practice pad. If things like this were available when I was a kid, I think my parents would have paid a fortune for it just so they wouldn’t have to hear me practice!
For a great overview of the different options, check out our article on Roland Electronic Drums.

Drum Mute Packs Mute
packs are essentially thick damping pads that are placed on all drums and cymbals of an acoustic drum kit. It produces very little sound on playback, but you still get some of the drum character softly coming through from below. That’s how I played sometimes when I was growing up, and I thought it was a great way to learn without annoying everyone around.
To do this, I would recommend purchasing the VIC VICTHTH MUTEPP6 and CYMBAL MUTE PACK drum kit. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and includes a set of drum and cymbal pads, and it does the job perfectly.

Are you ready to start playing the drum kit yet? 

Playing the small drum is the most common way kids start learning drums, so if you’re not ready to commit to playing a full drum kit, this is the way to go.

What’s the best way to teach kids how to play drums? 

The best way to learn how to play the drums has been and always will be with a real teacher. You simply cannot replace a live person sitting next to you, helping to correct your position, technique and game. I highly recommend enrolling them in school group programs if available, and even taking private lessons if you can afford it.

There is also a free option – Youtube is a great resource for learning drumming. You can also just search the internet for “free drum lessons” and find hundreds of sites offering free stuff.

The problem with the free Youtube resource is that it’s hard to know where to start and in what order to go. In addition, you cannot be sure that the person conducting the lesson is trustworthy and knowledgeable.


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