An idea for a musical gift – a gift for a guitarist

An idea for a musical gift – a gift for a guitarist

An idea for a musical gift - a gift for a guitaristFrom time to time, each of us celebrates various kinds of personal celebrations such as name days, birthdays or other anniversaries. We also have various types of holidays that result from our tradition, culture or religiosity, such as: Christmas. In such situations, the question always arises what to buy for a given person. If that someone is a guitarist, we will try to give you some interesting suggestions.


At the beginning, it is worth clarifying the financial framework in which we will operate. Of course, depending on our personal relationship with the recipient and what kind of celebration it is, we should also accept the financial range. A different option should be adopted when going to a friend, e.g. on a name day, and a completely different one when we go to a close friend for his wedding and wedding reception. Anyway, in this article we will try to balance this price list and present proposals, the price of which should range from the proverbial PLN to about two hundred zlotys.

Since it is supposed to be a gift or a gift for the guitarist, it would be good if it was also closely related to music, preferably directly with the guitar. At the same time, it is worth mentioning at the very beginning that it is good to know the preferences of the recipient, if it is to be a functional gift.

Guitar pick

One of the cheapest and always useful musical accessories is a guitar pick. You can buy such a cube for the proverbial zloty. Of course, when going to our friend’s party, we won’t stick with one dice. Therefore, you can think of a whole set of cubes in various sizes with different thickness, softness and elasticity. It is undoubtedly always a welcome gadget, because it is used on a regular basis by most guitarists.

An idea for a musical gift - a gift for a guitarist

A set of guitar strings

If we know the preferences of our friend guitarist, we know what kind of strings he likes to play, then we can undoubtedly give him such a set. First of all, it is important to research the subject, so as not to accidentally buy a friend or colleague who plays the classical guitar steel strings for an acoustic guitar. However, a very practical and useful gift. The cost of such a set ranges from 30 to 60 PLN on average, depending on the type and manufacturer.

An idea for a musical gift - a gift for a guitarist

Guitar care kit

A very nice and safe gift idea can be some guitar care kit. Such a set may include some care cosmetic for cleaning the strings and the polish of the instrument along with a special cotton cloth. It will always be a practical and well-chosen gift. The cost of such a gift should not exceed PLN 40.

Tuner – guitar tuner

Another very useful and in principle necessary device is a guitar tuner. In this segment, depending on the functionality and expansion of such a tuner, it can cost us from several to several dozen zlotys.

An idea for a musical gift - a gift for a guitarist


Without a doubt, the metronome is a device that will be useful not only for a guitarist, but also for other instrumentalists. We can buy a traditional metronome – mechanical, which, like a watch, is wound or we can buy an electronic one. The traditional ones have something that makes them very pleasant to work with, while the electronic, digital ones are usually equipped with a number of additional metric functions. Here, depending on the type, function and manufacturer, the cost of such a gift may vary from 40 to 150 zlotys.


A ukulele can be a very original, but already quite expensive gift idea. It is a very interesting guitar-like stringed instrument, except that it is much smaller and has four strings instead of six. If our recipient does not have such an instrument in his collection yet, it can be a very interesting and inspiring gift for him. The price range for ukuleles, as with most musical instruments, is quite large. It is not worth buying such the cheapest one, but for about PLN 200 you can buy such a soprano or concert ukulele quite reliably made.

An idea for a musical gift - a gift for a guitarist


Certainly, there would be a few more gift ideas for guitarists, but I think that the ones presented above are the most attractive and at the same time the safest. Yes, and so successful and successful gifts!

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