Yurlov Choir Chapel (Yurlov Russian State Academic Choir) |

Yurlov Choir Chapel (Yurlov Russian State Academic Choir) |

Yurlov Russian State Academic Choir

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Yurlov Choir Chapel (Yurlov Russian State Academic Choir) |

State Academic Choir of Russia named after A.A. Yurlova is one of the oldest and most famous Russian musical groups. At the turn of the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, the choir was founded by the talented choir director Ivan Yukhov. The traditions of Russian Orthodox culture passed through the long history of the Chapel as a “red thread”.

A fateful event in the history of the collective was the appointment of Alexander Alexandrovich Yurlov (1927-1973), a bright musician, an ascetic of the national choral performing art, to the position of its leader. Since the beginning of the 60s, the Capella has been promoted to the ranks of the best musical groups in the country. The choir was the first performer of the most complex works by I. Stravinsky, A. Schnittke, V. Rubin, R. Shchedrin, collaborated with famous Russian composers D.D. Shostakovich and G.V. Sviridov.

With A.A. Yurlov, the Capella has visited more than twenty countries of the world: France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, England. The foreign press spoke with invariable enthusiasm about the performances of the choir, which struck the audience with the power of sound and the richness of timbre coloring.

The outstanding merit of A.A. Yurlov was a return to the repertoire of the Capella of Russian Sacred Music of the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries. The priceless monuments of the national musical culture, which had been forgotten, again sounded in the Soviet Union from the concert stage.

In 1973, after the sudden death of A.A. Yurlov, the Republican Academic Russian Choir was named after him. Yurlov’s successors were talented musicians, conductor-choirmasters – Yuri Ukhov, Stanislav Gusev.

In 2004, the chapel was headed by a student of A.A. Yurlova Gennady Dmitryak. He managed to achieve a new qualitative growth in the performing skills of the group, to significantly expand the scope of its concert and educational activities.

Today the Chapel named after A.A. Yurlova is one of the most popular Russian musical groups. Having inherited the traditions of a large Russian choir, the Capella has an unusually wide sound palette and seeks to synthesize a powerful and timbre-rich flavor with intonation plasticity and virtuoso sound mobility.

The choir’s repertoire includes almost all works of the cantata-oratorio genre of Russian and Western European music – from the High Mass of I.S. Bach to the works of the XNUMXth century – “Military Requiem” by B. Britten, Requiem by A. Schnittke. The chapel has repeatedly taken part in opera performances, its repertoire includes the best examples of world opera music.

The chapel performs with the world’s leading musical groups: the Berlin Radio Orchestra, the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia. E.F. Svetlanov, the State Symphony Orchestra “New Russia”, the Moscow State Academic Symphony Orchestra conducted by P. Kogan, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra “Russian Philharmonic”, the Russian State Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography. Among the symphony conductors who have worked with the Capella in recent years are M. Gorenstein, Yu. Bashmet, P. Kogan, T. Currentzis, S. Skripka, A. Nekrasov, A. Sladkovsky, M. Fedotov, S. Stadler, F. Strobel (Germany), R. Capasso (Italy).

Source: Moscow Philharmonic website Photo from the official website of the Chapel

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