The comfort of playing the accordion

The comfort of playing the accordion

Good playing comfort is the basis for every instrumentalist. It doesn’t just depend on whether we will torment faster or slower, but most of all it has a decisive influence on how a given piece of music will be left by us made. It all consists of several elements that are worth taking care of.

As you know, the accordion is not one of the lightest instruments, so at the stage of purchasing the accordion it is worth taking this issue into account and seriously considering it. People who are physically weaker or have back problems should get the lightest possible instrument if possible. Once we have our dream instrument, we should properly prepare it for playing.

Accordion straps

Properly selected belts and their correct adjustment can significantly improve our playing comfort. Not only will it be more convenient for us to play, but it will also translate into the length of time we will be able to spend with the instrument. It is therefore worth getting quite wide belts made of natural leather or other material friendly to the human body. Belts that are too thin, especially in those places where the load is greatest, i.e. on the shoulders, will stick to us, causing too much pressure and discomfort. To improve comfort in the belts, cushions are often used in places where the greatest overload occurs. The same applies to the bass strap, which, where the left hand has the greatest contact, should be slightly widened and covered with a suitable cushion.

It should be remembered that the instrument should fit quite tightly to the body, and for greater stabilization it is worth using cross straps. There are also innovative, ingenious belts on the market, which are real harnesses, which are primarily used when playing while standing.

Playing seat

It is much more comfortable to play while sitting, so it is worth getting a good and comfortable seat. It can be a room chair without backrests or a special gaming bench. It is important that it is not too soft and has the right height. Our legs should not hang down, nor should our knees be too upturned. The most appropriate height of the seat will be when the knee bend angle is about 90 degrees.

Correct posture

Correct posture is very important in playing the accordion. We sit upright, slightly leaning forward on the front part of the seat. The accordion rests on the player’s left leg. We try to be relaxed and play individual keys or buttons freely, attacking from above with our fingertips. Remember to adjust the appropriate length of the shoulder straps so that the accordion fits snugly against the player’s body. Thanks to this, the instrument will be stable and we will gain full control over the sounds played. If the length of the straps is properly adjusted, the left stripe should be slightly shorter than the right stripe when viewed from the player’s side.


Four basic factors have a huge impact on the comfort of our playing the instrument. Of course, let’s ignore the fact that the instrument itself must be fully operational and in tune. First of all, it is the size and weight of the accordion that is of great importance, plus properly adjusted belts, seat and correct posture. It will be most comfortable for us to play in a sitting position, but remember not to sit in your armchair as if you are reading a newspaper and not lean on the backrest. It’s best to get yourself an adjustable bench or to fit a room chair that does not have armrests.


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