Promotion of a musical group: 5 steps to fame

Very often, groups gather only out of a desire to simply play their favorite songs with someone. But if your dreams are much more ambitious, then to achieve them you will need a specific action plan.

However, you don’t need to be scared in advance by exhausting schedules and large financial expenses, because the initial promotion of a musical group does not require this at all. Five steps that anyone can take can lead you and your group to calling and popularity, including world-class.

Step one (and most important): developing material

In order to find fans, perform on stages, make the whole Internet, and then the world, talk about yourself… you just need to start creating. And a lot and with passion.

There is no need to be afraid of your own imperfections. After all, it has long been proven that in music the amount of time and effort spent always develops into quality. Experience and skill will come precisely in the process of creating the first masterpieces.

Step two: speeches

No one assembled “Olympic” right away. But there are a lot of other platforms that will happily open their doors to newcomers, and they should be actively used when promoting a musical group. Performances at your favorite school or at Student Day at the institute will give you the right to claim something more, but the most important thing is that your first fans and recognition will be found there.

It is better if one concert venue is immediately followed by another, more prestigious one. Therefore, performances at city festivals should be mandatory. There are also various thematic festivals and biker rallies, which are happy to invite young performers to warm up. But to perform at events of this level, demo recordings of good quality are often required. We’ll talk about how to make them in the third paragraph.

Step three: first recording and first clip

Many talented groups, unfortunately, stop at the second step. And the reasons for stopping them are fear and lack of money. But if everything is clear with fear, then do you really need a lot of money to shoot your first video or record a song in a studio?

It’s worth knowing that you won’t be able to make a high-quality audio recording completely free of charge. No, of course, you can try to record music tracks yourself (if you have the desire and equipment), but without a professional sound engineer it is very difficult to finally get the desired result. Therefore, the rule that the miser pays twice is also relevant here.

Again, at this stage, the promotion of a musical group does not need a full-fledged studio album. For a great start, 3-5 recorded songs are enough. In an ordinary professional recording studio, the cost of one song will be from 1000 rubles.

And after you have the treasured disc in your hands, you can start filming a video clip. To do this, you need to consider the following:

  • entourage,
  • image of musicians,
  • clip plot,
  • sound accompaniment.

And if the plot may still be missing, the image will depend on the chosen style (or it, as a rule, has already been formed during performances), there is a high-quality sound accompaniment, then the problem with the surroundings can be solved for a very long time.

However, there are several options that always find a favorable response among fans – this is a video production in open nature, a road course or in the ruins of a building. Another advantage is that you don’t need to arrange anything special. But you should always remember the safety rules.

Step four: promotion through social networks

If you do everything right, then you already have support groups on social networks created by fans. And if this does not exist yet, then in order to promote a musical group, they urgently need to be created.

And let the most devoted fan, together with his assistants, diligently gain an audience through VKontakte, YouTube and Twitter. It is these three popular networks that allow you to implement the fourth point of the plan absolutely free and as efficiently as possible.

Is it necessary to spam invitations or spend money on those who have several thousand people as friends? Let everyone decide for themselves. But you absolutely need to post recorded audio and video, regularly update entries on pages, post new photos on the walls, post comments on topics related to your group’s work, and communicate with your fans.

Step five: finding sponsors

Perhaps this particular stage cannot be predicted in advance. After all, here the result largely depends on the case. Again, resounding success can come without outside help, and then a sponsor will not be needed at all.

But if a sponsor is necessary, then in any case it is better to look for him among the organizers of the events and festivals at which you will perform. And if your group is truly talented and ambitious, then the issue of sponsorship may resolve itself.

Following these recommendations is not a guarantee of 100% success, but following them will definitely lead to positive results.

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