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Pedalization – one of the most important elements of pianistic. lawsuit. P. serves not only to link sounds, maintain harmony, enhance or weaken the sound. Skillful application diff. ways of picking up and taking off the right pedal (retarded pedal, half-pedal, quarter-pedal, vibrating or trembling pedal, etc.), joint or separate use of both pedals, juxtaposition of pedal and non-pedal sound, and other methods of pedaling diversify the color of the sound and enrich the palette of expression. and colorful shades, especially important in Spanish. prod. romantics and impressionists. These subtleties of P., associated with the style of the performed op. and the nature of the music, depend on the skill and even the mood of the performer during the game, as well as on the acoustics of the hall and the characteristics of the instrument; so the fine details of the arts. P. cannot be foreseen and designated in notes – they are determined by Ch. arr. musicality, hearing, sense of style, arts. intuition and taste of the interpreter, his technical skill. A. G. Rubinshtein (he called P. “the soul of the fp.”), F. Busoni, and V. Gieseking were especially famous for P.’s art.

P. on the harp is not independent. perform problems. creativity, being obligatory. part of playing this instrument.

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