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Full-fledged T. m. involves the creation of a qualitatively new one in any of the areas of music. arts, achievement of arts. result, reflecting in the figuratively unique form of beings. features of reality. Along with the composition of music (see Composition, 3), its performance (see Musical performance), as well as the creation of scientific. works devoted to musical phenomena. claims (see Musicology). Muses. the creative process can be considered in the musical-psychological. and musical and philosophical aspects. Musical psychology studies psychological. conditions, mechanisms and patterns of T. m. In musical and philosophical works, the question of the essence of T. m. era was set differently. Questions of T. m. are considered in musical-theoretical, musical-historical. research, in works on the theory of performing arts. The term “T. m.” often understood also as a set of muses. works created by composers k.-l. people, like music. legacy of c.-l. one composer.

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