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The Provost (Italian proposta – sentence) – in the music of the imitation warehouse, the leader, outlining the melodic. material, imitated voice (accepted abbreviation – P). The term “P.” usually denoted by the beginning voice of the canon; successively imitated parts of the piazza, equal to the distance of entry (i.e., the distance from the beginning of the piazza to the moment the risposta enters), are called sections of the piazza, or sections of the canon. Depending on the way the canon is completed, the voice narrating the P. pauses or goes into a free (not imitated) continuation, in some cases returns to its beginning (in endless canons and canonical sequences). Less commonly, the term “P.” refers to the imitated part of the beginning voice of a simple (non-canonical) imitation, sometimes to the theme of a fugue.

V. P. Frayonov

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