Music Terms – T
Music Terms

Music Terms – T

Tablature (English tebleyche), Tabulatur (German tablature), Tabulatura (Latin tablature), Tabulature (French tablature) – tablature: 1) a system for recording instrumental music in letters and numbers; 2) the rules for constructing musical and poetic works of Meistersingers
Table (French table) – the upper soundboard of stringed instruments and the soundboard of the harp; près de la table (près de la table) – [play] at the soundboard (indication for the harp)
Tableau (French scoreboard) – picture; tableau musical
( scoreboard musical) – musical
picture(English teibe) – tambourine (Provencal drum)
Tace (it. tache), Tacet (lat. tatset) – an indication of a long pause; literally silent
Tact (English tekt), tactum (lat. tactum), tactus (tactus) – measure
Tafelmusik (German tafelmusik) – table music
Tail (English tail) – tail at the note
Tail gate (English tail gate) – manner of performance on the trombone in New Orleans Jazz
Taille (French Thai) – 1) the old name of the tenor (voice); 2) tenor register of a musical instrument; 3) tenor viola; 4) the size [of the
instrument ] same as string-board
Takt(German tact) – tact; im Takt (im beat) – to the beat
Taktart (German taktart) – size, meter
Taktenstrich (German taktenshtrih), Taktstrich (taktshrih) – bar line
Taktieren (German taktiren) – clock
Taktmäßig (German taktmessikh) – rhythmically, to the beat
Taktmesser (German taktmesser) – metronome
Taktstock (German tactstock) – conductor’s baton
Taktteil (German taktayl) – beat of the measure
Taktvorzeichnung (German taktforzeichnung), Taktzeichen (taktsayhen) – meter designation in key
Talk film (English took film), Talking film(tookin film) – a sound film; literally speaking
Tallone (it. tallone), Talon (fr. Talon) – bow block; al tallone (it. al tallone), du talon (fr. du talon) – [play] at the bow
block Tambour (fr. tanbur) – drum
Tambour à friction (fr. tanbur and friksyon) – percussion instrument (sound is extracted by means of a light friction of a wet finger on the membrane)
Tambour à grelots (fr. tanbur a grelo), Tambour de basque (tanbur de basque) – tambourine
Tambour de bois (fr. tanbur de bois) – wooden box (percussion instrument)
Tambour de Provence (fr. Tanbur de Provence)Ttambourin provençal (Tanburen Provence) – tambourine (Provence drum)
Tambourin (French tanburen) – tambourine: 1) Provencal drum; 2) the old Provencal dance
Tambourine (eng. tamberin) – tambourine
Tambour militaire (fr. tanbur militaire) – military drum
Tambour roulant (fr. tanbur rulan) – cylindrical (French) drum
Tambour sans timbre (fr. tanbur san timbre) – drum without strings
Tambour voilé (fr. tanbur voile) – a drum covered with cloth
Tambour avec sourdine
tanbur avec sourdin ) – a drum with a muteTamburo basco (tamburo basco) – tambourine
Tamburin (German tambourine), Tamburino (it. tamburino) – tambourine
Tamburo (it. tamburo) – drum
Tamburo a rullo (it. tamburo a rullo), Tamburo rullante (tamburo rullante), Tamburo vecchio (tamburo vecchio) – cylindrical (French) drum
Tamburo coperto (it. tamburo coperto) – drum covered with cloth
Tamburo con sordino (tamburo con sordino) – drum with mute
Tamburo di legno (it. tamburo di legno) – wooden box ( percussion instrument); the same as legno
Tamburo di legno africano(tamburo di legno africano) – wood, drum (African)
Tamburo di Provenza (it. tamburo di Provenza), Tamburo provenzale (tamburo provenzale) – tambourine (proven. drum)
Tamburo militare (it. tamburo militare) – military drum
Tamburo piccolo (it. tamburo piccolo) – snare drum Tamburo
scordato ( it . tamburo scordato) – drum without strings Spanish tango) – a dance of Spanish-Cuban origin Tanto (Italian tanto) – how much, so much, so; non tanto (non tanto) – not so much;
allegro non tanto (allegro non tanto) – not very soon
Tanz (German dance) – dance
Tanzlied (German dance leader) – dance song
Tanzmäßig (German dance massich) – in the nature of the dance
Taper (French tape) – 1) play on percussion instrument; 2) play the piano too loud
Tapeur (French taper) – tapper (pianist accompanying dances)
Tappa (it. tappa) – cork (at the flute)
Täppisch (German teppish) – clumsily [Mahler. Symphony No. 9]
Taquinerie (fr. takineri) – teasing; avec taquinerie (avek takineri) – with enthusiasm
Tarantella (it. tarantella) – Neapolitan dance
Tardando(it. tardando) – slowing down, delaying; the same as ritardando
Tardanza (it. Tardanese) – slowness; con tardanza (con tardanese), Tardo (tardo) – slowly
Taschengeige (German tashengeige) – a small 3-string violin; literally pocket violin
Taschenpartitur (German taschenparti tour) – pocket score
Tastatur (German tastatur) – keyboard
Taste (German taste) – key
Tasteninstrument (German tasteninstrument) – keyboard instrument
Tasti (Italian tasti) – frets for stringed plucked instruments
Tastiera (it. Tastiera) – 1) keyboard; 2) neck for stringed instruments;sulla tastiera (sulla tastiera) – [play] at the neck (on a bowed instrument)
Tastiera per luce (it. tastiera per luche) – light keyboard (an instrument included by Scriabin in the score of Prometheus)
Tasto (it. tasto) – 1) key; 2) neck for stringed instruments; sul tasto (sul tasto) – [play] at the neck (on a bowed instrument)
Tasto solo (it. tasto solo) – play digital bass without chords
Tatto (it. tatto) – beat
Tavola armonica (it. tavola armonica) – resonant deck ; presso la Tavola (presso la tavola) – [play] at the soundboard (indication for the harp)
Te deum (Latin te deum) – Catholic chant – “You, God”
Teatro (it. teatro) – theater
Teatro liriсo (teatro lyrico) – musical theater
Tedesco (it. tedesco) – German; alia tedesca (alla tedesca) – in the German spirit
Teil (German tail) – 1) part; 2) share (measure)
Teilen (Tailen) – divide
Teilton (German Tailton) –
Tema overtone (It. Tema) –
Tempera theme (It. Tempera) –
Temperament timbre (English temperament), Tempérament (French tanperaman), Temperamento (it. temperamento) – 1) temperament; 2) temperament
Temperando (it. temperando) – moderating, softening
Temperare(It. temperare), Temperer (French tanpere), Temperieren (German temperiren) – temper
Temperate (It. temperato) – moderately
Temperatur (German temperatur) – temperament
Tempéré (French tanpere) – tempered
Tempestosamente (It. tempestosamente ), Tempestoso (tempestoso) – violently, excitedly
Tempétueusement (fr. tanpetyuezman) – violently
Tempétueux (tanpetyue) – stormy
Temple-block (English temple block) – temple block (percussion instrument)
Tempo (English tempou), Tempo (German tempo) – tempo
Tempo(it. tempo) – 1) pace; 2) rhythm; 3) measure
Tempo a piacere (it. tempo a piachere) – in production. tempo
Tempo comodo (it. tempo komodo) – moderate pace
Tempo del comincio (it. tempo del comincho) – initial tempo
Tempo di minuetto (it. tempo di minuetto) – at the pace of the minuet
Tempo di polacca (it. tempo di polacca ) – at the tempo of the
Tempo di prima parte polonaise (it. tempo di prima parte) – at the tempo of the first part of the piece
Tempo di valzer (it. tempo di valzer) at the tempo of the waltz
Tempo frettevole (it. tempo frettevole) – hasty tempo
Tempo guisto(it. tempo justo) – 1) exactly at the pace, following the meter; 2) play at a tempo typical for this genre
Tempo precedente (it. tempo prechedente) – the previous tempo
Tempo primo (it. tempo primo) – the initial tempo
Tempo reggiato (it. tempo rejato) – follow the soloist
Tempo rubato (it. tempo rubato) – rhythmically free
Tempo wie vorher (German tempo vi forher) – previous tempo
Temps (fr. tan) – 1) tempo; 2) tact; 3) share [metric]
Temps faible (French tan fable), Temps levé (tan levé) – weak beat of the measure
Temps fort (French tan fort), Temps frappé (tan frappe) – strong beat of the measure
Tempus (lat. tempus) – in mensural notation, the definition of the duration of brevis and the relationship between brevis and semibrevis
Tempus imperfectum (lat. tempus imperfectum) – 2-beat division
Tempus perfectum (tempus perfectum) – 3-beat division (terms of mensural music)
Tenace ( it. tenache), Tenacemente (tenachemente), con tenacità (con tenachita) – stubbornly, persistently, firmly
Tenderly (eng. tendeli) – gently, fragile, softly
Tendre (fr. tandre) – gentle, soft
Tendrement (tandreman) – gently , softly, affectionately
Tenebroso (it. tenebroso) – gloomy
Tenendo(it. tenendo) – maintaining, observing the rhythm and pace
Teneramente (it. teneramente), con tenerezza (con tenerezza), Tenero (tenero) – gently, softly, affectionately
Tenere (it. tenere), Tenir (fr. tenir) – hold, save
Tenir le piano (French tenir le piano) – accompany on the piano
Tenir le tambour de basque tout bas au sol et le faire tomber (French tenir le tanbur de basque to ba o sol e le fair tonbe) – keep low tambourine and drop it [Stravinsky. “Parsley”]
Tenor (German tenor), Tenor (English tene), Ténor (French tenor), Tenore(it. tenore) – tenor: 1) high male voice; 2) a term added to the name of the instrument to designate the tenor register (for example, sassofono tenore)
Tenorbaß (German tenorbas) – a brass wind instrument; the same as Baryton
Ténor clef (French tenor clef) – tenor key
Tenor drum (English tene drum) – cylindrical (French) drum
Tenore di forza (it. tenore di forza) – dramatic tenor
Tenore di grazia (it. tenore di gracia) – lyric tenor
Tenore mezzo caratterre (it. tenore mezzo carattere) – characteristic tenor
Tenorhorn (German tenorhorn), Tenor horn (English tene hoon) – tenorhorn (brass wind instrument.)
Tenorista (it. tenorist) – tenor singer
Tenor oboe (English tene óubou) – tenor oboe [Purcell]
Tenorposaune (German tenorpozaune) – tenor trombone
Tenorschlüssel (German tenorschlussel) – tenor key
Tenor trombone (English tene trombone) – tenor trombone
Tenor-tuba (eng. tene-tyube), horn-tuba (khóon tyube) – Wagner tuba
Tenth (eng. tants) – decima; literally, the 10th
Tenue (French tenu) – prolonging the sound by the league
Tenuemente (it. tenuemente) – weakly, easily
Tenuto (it. tenuto) – sustained, exactly in duration and strength
Tepidamente (it. tepidamente),Tiepidamente (tepidamente) – restrained, indifferent
Ter (lat. ter) – three times
Tercet (eng. tesit) – tercet
Term (eng. teem), Terme (fr. term), Termine (it. termine), Terminus (German terminus ) – the term
Terminologia (it. terminology), Terminologie (fr. terminologi), Terminologie (German terminologists), Terminology (eng. terminolage) – terminology
Ternaire (fr. terner) – 3-part
Tertia (lat. tertsia) – third
Terz (German terz), Terza(it. tertsa) – 1) third; 2) one of the organ registers
Terzett (German terzet), Terzetto (Italian terzetto, English tetsetou) – tercet: 1) ensemble for 3 performers (usually vocal); 2) a work for 3 performers (usually vocal)
Terzina (it. terzina) – triplet
Terzo rivolto (it. terzo rivólto) – second cord
Terzquartakkord (germ. terzkvartakkord) –
terzkvartakkord Tessitura (it. tessitura), Tessiture (fr. tessityur) – tessitura, range
Testa (it. testa) – head; voce di testa (voche di testa) – the head register of the
Testudo voice(lat. testudo) – 1) lira (in other Rome); 2) lute (15th-17th century)
Tête (French tete) – 1) a curl of a peg box; 2) the head of the flute
Tetrachord (German tetrachord), Tetrachord (English tetracode), Tetrachordum (Greek-Latin tetrachordum), Tétracorde (French tetrachord), Tetracordo (It. tetrachord) –
Tetralogie tetrachord (Greek-German. tetralogy) – tetralogy (a cycle of 4 stage works)
Theater (German theater), Theater (English tsiete), Théâtre (French theater) – theater
Théâtre lyrique (theater lyricist) – musical theater
Thema (German theme),Thème (French tem), Theme (English tsiim) – theme
Thématique (French thematic), Thematisch (German tematish) – thematic
Thematische Arbeit (tematishe arbeit) – thematic. elaboration
of Thème large majestueux (French tem large majestueux) – to perform the theme broadly, majestically [Scriabin. “Prometheus”]
Theorbe (German teórbe), Théorbe (French teórb), Theorbo (English thiobou) – theorba (bass instrument from the lute family)
Thesis (Greek tesis) – strong beat
Third (English tsed) – Third
stream(eng. tsed strim) – a trend in jazz, the art of the 40-50s, striving for a synthesis of jazz and classical elements; literally the third current
Thorough-bass (eng. tsare-beys) – digital bass
Threni (lat. treni), Threnodia (trenódia) – plaintive song
Tibia (lat. tibia) – the Latin name of Avlos
Tie (eng. thai) – a league indicating to continue the duration of the note
Tief (German typhoid) – deep, deep, low [sound]
Tiefe Stimme (German tife shtimme) – low voice
Tief nachdenkend (German typhoid nahdenkend) – in deep thought
Tiento (Spanish tiento) – polyphonic genre in Spanish Tierce music
(French tiers, English thies) – third
Timbales (Spanish timbales) – percussion instrument of Latin American origin (copper drums)
Timbales (French tenbal) – timpani
Timbales couvertes (French tenbal couvert), Timbales voilees (tenbal veil) – timpani covered with matter
Timbales orientates (French tenbal oriantal) – timplipito (percussion instrument)
Timbre (French tenbre, English timbre), Timbro (it. timbro) – timbre
Timbré (fr. tenbre) – highlight; literally, loudly
Timbrel (eng. timbrel) – tambourine (old, called)
Time (eng. time) – 1) time; 2 times; 3) pace; 4) rhythm; 5) measure, size; first time (fast time) – 1st time; second
time ( second time )  2nd
time _ _ _ – timidity Timorosamente (it. timorosamente), Timoroso (timoroso) – timidly, timidly Timpani (it. timpani, english timpani) – timpani Timpani coperti (it. timpani coperti), Timpani sordi (timpani sordi) – timpani covered with cloth ( muted) Timpani oriental!
(It. Timpani Orientali), Timplipito (German, Italian, French, English timplipito) – timplipito (Georgian folk percussion instrument)
Tintement (French tenteman) – 1) ringing; 2) hum; 3) tinkling
Tinter (tente) – call
Tiorba (it. tiorba) – theorba (bass instrument from the lute family)
Tirade (fr. tirade), Tirata (it. tirata) – tirata: 1) scale passage; 2) grace note of several sounds
Tirato (it. tirato) – extended [sound]
Tiré, Tirez (fr. dash) – downward movement [with a bow]
Tirolese (it. tyrolese) – Tyrolean, Tyrolean song
Toccata (it. toccata) – toccata
Toccatina(toccatina) – small toccata
Tocco (it. tokko) –
touche Tornbeau (fr. tonbó) – a play written in memory of a deceased musician, artist
Tom-Tom (German, It., French, English volume- tom) – tom-tom (percussion instrument)
Ton (fr. tone) – 1) tone, sound; 2) tonality; 3) fret; 4)
Ton interval (German tone) – tone, sound
Tonabstand (tonabstand) – Tonadilla interval
( Spanish tonadilla) – Spanish. musical comedy 18-beginning. 19th centuries
Tonal (French tonal), Tonale (Italian tonal) – tonal
Tonalità (Italian tonalita), Tonalität (German tonalitet), Tonalite(French tonalite), Tonality (English tounality) – 1) tonality; 2) mode
Tonarium (lat. tonarium), Tonarius (tonarius) – tone (sequence of Gregorian chants in accordance with church modes)
Tonart (German tonart) – tone of tone
Tonbild (German tonebild) – musical picture
Ton d’opéra (fr . tone d’opera) – the pitch set in opera houses
Ton de rechange (fr. tone de reshanzh) – the crown of the brass wind instrument
Tondichter (German tondihter) – the composer
Tondichtung (German tondichtung) – a piece of music, a symphonic poem
tone(English toun) – 1) tone, intonation; 2) tune the musical instrument
Tonfall (German tonfal) – cadence
Tonfilm (German tonefilm) – sound film
Tongang (German tongang) – melody
Tongattung (German tongattung), Tongeschlecht (tóngeshleht) – inclination of the mode (major or minor)
Tongebung (German tongebung) – the nature of the sound
Tongue (English tang) – the tongue of the wind instrument
Tonhöhe (German tonghee) – pitch
Tonic (English tonic), Tonica (Italian tonic), Tonique (French tonic) – tonic
Tonic chord (English tonic code), Tonic triad(tonic triad) – tonic triad
Tonika (German tonic) – 1) 1 stupas, fret; 2) tonic triad
Tonkunst (German tonkunst) – musical art
Tonkünstler (tonkunstler) – musician
Tonleiter (German tonleiter) – scale, scale
Tonlös (German tone) – soundlessly
Tonlös niederdrücken (tonlös niderdrücken) – silently press [keys]
Tonmalerei (German tonmaleray) – musical painting
Tono (it. tono) – 1) tone, sound; 2) interval; 3) fret; 4) tonality
Tonplatte (German tonnpliatte) – gramophone record
Tons (French tone) – frets for stringed plucked instruments
Tonsatz(German tonzatz) – musical phrase
Tonschluß (German toneshlus) – cadence
Tons éloignés (French tone eluane) – distant keys
Tonsetzer (German tonzetzer) – composer
Tonstück (German toneshtuk) – musical piece
Tonstufe (German toneshtufe) – degree of mode
Tons voisins (French tone voisin) – close, related tonalities
Tonsystem (German tone system) – tonal system
Tonus (lat. tone) – 1) tone; 2) mode
Tonverwandschaft (German tonferwandschaft) – kinship of tonalities
Tonzeichen (German totsaihen) – note
Torn (English toon) – abruptly
Tornare(it. tornare) – returning
Tornando (tornando) – returning
Tosto (it. tosto) – soon, quickly, hastily; più tosto, piuttosto (piuttosto) – rather
Totentanz (German totentants) – dance of death
Touch (English touch) –
Touche Touche (French touch) – 1) key; 2) neck for stringed instruments, sur la Touche (sur la touche) – [play] at the neck (on bowed instruments)
Toucher (fr. Touche) – 1) play keyboard instruments; 2) touches
Touches (fr. ink) – frets for stringed plucked instruments
Toujours (fr. toujour) – always, constantly, all the time
Toujours se perdant(French toujour se perdan) – gradually dissolving, disappearing [Debussy. “The Prodigal Son”]
Tourbillonant (French tourbillon) – whirling in a whirlwind [Scriabin]
Tour de force (French tour de force) – bravura passage
Tourdion (French tourdión) – a mobile dance following the smooth basse-d arise
Tous ( fr. tu) – all
Tout (fr. tu) – all, everything
Toute la force (here la force) – with all the power
Tout l’archet (tu l’yarshe) – [play] with the whole bow
Tout devient charme et douceur ( tu devien charm e dussaire) – everything becomes charm and caress [Scriabin. Sonata No. 6]
Toutes les notes marquées du signe – sonores sans dureté, le reste très léger, mais sans sécheresse fr. here le note marque du blue – sonor san durte, le rest tre liege me san seshres) – all notes, marked with a dash, – sonorous, without harshness, the rest is very easy, but without dryness [Debussy]
Trabattere (it. trabattere) – beat [tact]
Tragedia (it. trajedia), Tragédie (fr. trazhedi), Tragedy (eng. tragidi), Tragodie (German tragedy) – tragedy
Tragédie lyrique (fr. tragedi lyric) – opera with a tragic plot
Tragic (eng. trajik), Tragico (it. trajiko), Tragique (fr. trazhik), Tragisch (German Tragish) – tragically
Traîné (French trene) – drawling, stretched, viscous
Traînée (French trene) – type of decoration
Trait (French tre) – roulade, fast virtuoso passage
Trait de chant (French tre de chant ) – melodic phrase
Trait d’harmonie (French tre d’armoni) – a sequence of chords
Traktur (German tractor) – tractor (controlled mechanism in the organ)
Trällern (German trellern) – hum
Tranquillamente (It. Tranquillamente), con tranquillità (con tranquillita), Tranquillo (tranquillo) – calmly, serenely
Tranquille (fr. tranquillo),Tranquillement (tranciman) – calmly
Transcription (French transcription, English transcription), Transcrizione (Italian transcription) – transcription (arrangement of a piece of music for other instruments or voices)
Transitif (French transitif) – modulating; accord transitif (acor transitif) – modulating chord
Transition (fr. transition, eng. transition), Transizione (it. transition) – modulation; literally, the transition
Transkription (German transcription) – transcription
Transponieren (German transponieren) – transpose
Transponierende Instrumente(German transponirende instrumente) – transposing instruments
Transport (fr. transport) – impulse; avec transport (avec transport) – with a rush
Transposing instruments ( eng . transposition instruments)
 transposing instruments works in other keys) Transverse flute (English transverse flute) – transverse flute Trap drum (English trap drum) – bass drum with Trascinando pedal cymbal
( it . trashinando ) – hard , delaying the movement
_ restrained Tratto (it. tratto) – stretched out Trauermarsch (German trauermarch) – funeral march Trauerspiel (German trauerspiel) – tragedy Träumend (German troymand), Träumerisch (troymerish) – dreamy, as in a dream Trautonium
(German-Latin trautonium) – trautonium (electromusical instrument; inventor F. Trautwein)
Traversa (it. traversa), Traversière (fr. traversier) – transverse flute
Traversine (it. traversine) – frets on stringed plucked instruments
Tre (it . tre) – 3; a tre (a tre) – in 3 votes; a tre mani (and tre mani) – in 3 hands
Tre corde (it. tre corde) – play without the left pedal (on the piano); the same as tutte le corde
Tre volte (it. tre volte) – 3 times
Treble (English treble) – 1) treble, treble; 2) the highest part in the ensemble
Treble clef(English treble clef) – treble clef
Tremando (it. tremando) – trembling
Tremblant (fr. tranblyan), Tremolante (it. tremolante), Tremulant (German tremulant), Tremulant (English tremulant) – tremulant (in the organ of a mechanical tremolo device)
Tremblé (fr. tranble) – tremolo; literally, trembling
Tremblement (fr. tranbleman) – trill (term 17-18 centuries)
Tremolando (it. tremolando) – trembling; literally, shaking
Tremolo (it. tremolo) – tremolo
Tremolo éolien (it. – fr. tremolo eolien) – aeolian tremolo (one of the methods of performing on the harp)
Trepidamente (it. trepidamente),Trepido (trepido) – excitedly, with trepidation
Tres (fr. tre) – very, very
Très apaisé et très atténué jusqu’ á la fin (fr. trez apeze e trez atenue zhusk’a la fan) – peacefully and very muffled to the end [Debussy. “Sails”]
Très calme et doucement triste (fr. tre kalm e dusman triste) – very calm, gentle and sad [Debussy. “Canopa”]
Très dansant (French tre dansan) – in a pronounced dance. character [Scriabin. “Dark Flame”]
Très doux et pur (French tre du e pur) – very gentle and pure
Très doux et un peu languissant (French tre du e en pe langisan) – very gentle and languid [Ravel]
Très égal comme une buee irisee(French trez egal commun bue irize) – very evenly, like a rainbow haze [Debussy. “Ringing through the foliage”]
Très en dehors (French trez en deor) – strongly emphasizing
Très modéré presque lent (French tre modere presque liang) – very restrained, almost slowly [Boulez]
Très pur (French tre pur) – very clear (clearly)
Triad (English triade), Triade (It. triade, French triad), Triade (German triade) – triad
Triade maggiore (It. triade major), Triade majeure (French triad major) – major triad
Triade mineure (French triad miner), Triade minore (Italian triade minor) – minor triad
Triad on the dominant (English triad he de dominant) – triad on the dominant
Triangel (German triangel), Triangle (French triangl, English triangle), Triangolo (Italian triangolo) – triangle
Triangelschlägel (German triangelshlogel) – wand for the triangle
Trias (lat. Trias) – triad
Trichordum (gr. – lat. trichordum) – trichord (sequence of 3 stupas, diatonic scale)
Tricinium (lat. tricinium) – vocal compositions for 3 voices (a sarpella)
Trill (eng. trill), Trille (fr. triy), Triller (German thriller), Trillo(it. trillo) – trill
Trill (eng. trill) – hum
Trillerkette (German thrillerkette) – chain of trills
Trilletta (it. trilletta) – small, short trill
Trillo caprino (it. trillo caprino) – irregular, uneven trill
Trilogia ( it. trilodzhia), Trilogie (fr. triplets), Trilogie (germ. triplets), Trilogy (eng. trilegi) – trilogy
Trinklied (German trinclid) – a salutary song
Trio (it. trio, fr. trio, eng. trio) , Trio(German trio) – trio: 1) an ensemble of 3 performers; 2) a piece of music for 3 performers; 3) the middle part in some instrumental compositions of the 3-part form; 4) in organ music – Op. for 2 manuals and pedals
Triole (German triole), Triolet (fr. triole) – triol
Triomphale (fr. trionfal), Triomphant (trionfan), Trionfale (it. trionfale), Trionfante (trionfante), Triumphal (German triumph, Triumphal) – triumphantly, solemnly
Triosonata (Italian triosonata) – trio sonata (17-18 centuries)
Tripel (German tripel) – triple
Tripelfuge (German tripelfuge) – triple fugue
Tripelkonzert ( German
tripelconcert ) – a concerto for 3 instruments with an
orchestra triplo) – triple Triple accord (French triple akor) – triad Triple croche ( French triple crochet) – 1/32 note Triple meter (English triple mite), Triple time (triple time) . triplet), Tripoletta (it. tripoletta) – triplum Triplům
(Latin triplum) – 1) op. for 3 votes (cf. century); 2) top, voice in some forms of medieval polyphony
Triste (it. triste, fr. triste) – sad, sad
Tristement (fr. tristeman) – sad, sad
Tristezza (it. tristezza) – sadness, sadness; con tristezza (con tristezza) – sad, sad
Triton (fr. tritone), Tritone (eng. triton), Tritono (it. triton), Tritonus (lat., germ. tritonus) – triton (interval)
Trittico (it. trittiko ) –
Trivial triptych (French, German trivial, English trivial), Triviale (It. trivial) – trivial, banal
Trobador (Provence trobadour), Troubadour (French troubadour) – troubadour
Trocken (German trokken) – dry
Trois (French trois) – 3; à trois temps (a trois tan) – 3-part size
Troixjeux (fr. trois de) – size 3
Trois-huit (fr. trois goit) – size 3
Troisième (fr. troisiem) – 3rd
Trois-quatre (fr . . trois katr) – size 3
Tromba (it. thrombus) – pipe; 1) brass instrument, 2) one of the organ registers
Tromba bassa (bass tromba) – bass trumpet
Tromba contralta (thromba contralta) – alto trumpet
Tromba cromatica(tromba cromatic) – chromatic trumpet
Tromba da tirarsi (tromba da tirarsi) – trumpet with wings
Tromba marina (it. Tromba marina) – old single-string bowed instrument Tail-piece Tambourinebr / b / bment; the same as Trumscheit
Tromba naturale (thromba naturale ) – natural pipe
Tromba principale (it. thrombus principale) – one of the types of natural pipe
Tromba piccola (thromba piccola) – small pipe
Trombe egiziane (it. trombe egiziane) – Egyptian pipes (made . at the direction of Verdi for op. “Aida”]
Trombone (It. trombone, French tronbon) – trombone: 1) brass instrument, 2) one of the registers of the
Trombone alto organ(it. trombone alto, fr. t. alto) – alto trombone
Trombone a pistoni (it. trombone a pistons), Trombone à pistons (fr. tronbone a piston) – trombone with valves and pistons
Trombone a tiro (it. trombone a tiro), Trombone a à coulisse (fr. tronbon a scene) – trombone without valves
Trombone basso (it. trombone basso), Trombone basse (fr. tronbon bass) – bass trombone
Trombone contrabasso (it. contrabass trombone), Trombone contrebasse ( French tronbone contrabass) – contrabass trombone
Trombone soprano (It. trombone soprano) – soprano, treble trombone
Trombone tenore(it. trombone tenbre), Trombone ténor (fr. tronbon tenor) – tenor trombone
Trombone (eng. trombone) – trombone: 1) brass wind instrument .; 2) one of the registers of the
Trommel organ (German trbmmel) – drum
Trommel mit Schnarrsaiten ( German trommel mit schnarrsaiten) – drum with strings
Trommel ohne Schnarrsaiten ( trommel óne schnarrsaiten) – drum without strings ) – a small flute (used in military orc.); the same as Querpfeife Trompe (fr. tronp) – signal. horn Trompe de chasse (French tronp de chasse) – Trompete hunting horn
(German trompete) – pipe: 1) brass wind instrument; 2) one of the registers of the
Trompette organ ( fr .
Thronepet ) – a pipe 1) a brass instrument. Trompette alto (tronpet alto) – alto trumpet Trompette ancienne (tronpet ancienne), Trompette simple (tronpet senple) – natural trumpet Trompette basse (tronpet bass) – bass trumpet Trompette petite; petite trompette (petite tronpet) – small pipe Trop (fr. tro) – too much; pas trop
(pa tro) – not too
Troppo (it. troppo) – too, very much; non troppo (non troppo) – not too
Tropus (lat. tropus) – a medieval term: 1) mode; 2) the insertion of a folk or secular character into the canonized text and the chant of psalms or chorales
Trotzig (German Trotsich) – stubbornly [R. Strauss. “Home symphony”]
Trou (fr. tru) – sound hole at the wind instrument
Trouble (fr. trubl) – confusion; avec trouble (avec trubl) – in disarray [Scriabin. Sonata No. 6]
Trouvère (fr. trouver) –
trouvère Trovatore (it. trovatore) – troubadour
Trovero (it. trovero), Troviero(troviero) –
trouver Trugschluß (German trugschluss) – interrupted cadence
Trumpet (English trampit) – trumpet: 1) brass wind instrument; 2) one of the registers of the
Trumpet D, E-flat organ (trumpet di, i-flat) – a small pipe
Trumscheit (German trumpet) – an old single-string bowed instrument; the same as tromba marina
Tuba (lat., It. tuba, French tuba, English tuba),
Tuba (German tuba) – tuba: 1) wind instrument of the ancient Romans; 2) modern, copper. wind instrument, 3) one of the organ registers
Tuba bassa (it. tuba bass), Tuba basse (fr. tuba bass) – bass tuba
Tuba contrabassa (it. tuba double bass),Tuba contrebasse (French tuba double bass) – double bass tuba
Tuba curva (it. tuba curva) – the simplest brass instrument. [Megül]
Tuba di Wagner (It. tuba di Wagner), Tuba wagnerien (French tuba wagnerien) – Wagnerian tuba
Tuba mirum (lat. tuba mirum) – “Trumpet voice” [“Last Judgment”] – the initial words of one of the parts requiem
Tubafon (German tubafbn), Tubafono (It. tubafóno), Tubapnon (German tubafón), Tubaphone (French tubafón , English tubafón ) – tubaphone (percussion
instrument ) tubule chimes) – tubular bells
Tumultueux (French tyumultue), Tumultuoso (It. tumultuoso) – noisy, stormy
Tune (English Tune) – 1) melody, motive; 2) tone, sound; Tuneful (tyunful)
Tune (eng. tune), Tune up (tune an) – tune the instrument
Tuning (tyunin) – tuning
Tuning fork (tyunin fóok) – tuning fork
Tuny (tune) – melodic
Tuono (it. tuóno) – tone, sound , thunder
Tuono di voce (tuóno di voche) – the timbre of the voice
Tuorba (it. tuórba), Tuorbe (fr. tuórb) – theorba (bass string instrument from the lute family)
Turba(Latin turba) – fragments of oratorios or passion, in which the choir is an active action, the face of
Türken-Trommel (German Turken-trommel) – bass drum (Turkish)
Turn (English teen) –
Tusch groupetto (German carcass) – carcass
Tutta la forza (it. tutta la forza) – with all his might
Tutte le corde (it. tutte le corde) – 1) on all strings; 2) without the left pedal (on the piano)
Tutti (it. tutti) – 1) all members of any group of instruments; 2) in concert pieces, the performance of the orchestra (during a pause with the soloist); 3) the orchestra or choir as a whole; 4) the sound of the “full organ”
Tutto (it. tutto) – the whole, the whole
Tuyaux à anche (French tuyo a anche) – reed pipes of the organ
Tuyaux à bouche (fr. tuyo a bush) – labial pipes of the organ
Twelfth (eng. tvelft) – duodecima; literally, the 12th
Twelve-tone music (eng. twelve-tone music), Twelve-tone technique (twelve-tone teknik) – dodecaphony
Twice (eng. twice) – twice [perform]
Twice as fast (twice ez fast) – twice as fast
Twist (English twist) – dance of the 50s. 20th century; literally, to bend
Two-beat (eng. that beat) – accentuation of the 1st and 3rd (sometimes 2nd and 4th) beats of the measure in jazz, performance; literally, 2 beats
Two-step (English tou-step) – a fashionable dance of the 20s. 20th century
Tympanon (gr. – fr. tampanon) –
Tyrolienne cymbals(French Tyrolean) – 1) Tyrolean folk song (yodel); 2) Lendler variety (Southern Germany) (English trampit) – pipe: 1) brass wind instrument; 2) one of the body’s registers

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