Music Terms – S
Music Terms

Music Terms – S

Sackbut (English sakbat) – trombone
Sackpfeife (German zakpfeife) – bagpipe
Sagement (French sageman) – smart, wise
Sainete (Spanish sainete) – a short performance with music
Saite (German zayte) – string
Saitenhalter (German zaitenhalter ) – sub-neck (for bowed instruments)
Saiteninstrumente (German zayteninstrumente) – string instruments
Salicional (French Salional), Salizional (German Salicional) – open labial voices of the organ
Salmo (It. Salmo) –
Salmodia psalm (salmodia) –
Salonorchester psalmody (German salonorkester) – salon orchestra
Salonstück (German salonshtuk) – salon piece
Saltando (it. saltando), Saltato (saltato) – a touch on bowed instruments (sounds are extracted by throwing a bow on a string that bounces the required number of times)
Saltarello (it. saltarello) – Italian dance
Salterello (it. salterello) – “jumper” (part of the harpsichord mechanism)
Salterio (it. salterio) – 1) psalterium, an old stringed plucked instrument; 2) psalter
Salterio tedesco (it. salterio tedesco) – cymbals
Salto (it. somersault) – jump [in voice guidance]
Samba (Portuguese samba) – Latin American dance
Sambuca(Greek sambuca) – an old stringed instrument
Sammelwerk (German sammelwerk) – a collection of
Sämtlich (German zemtlich) – all
Sämtliche Werke (zemtliche werke) – complete works
Sanctus (lat. Sanctus) – “Holy” – the beginning of one of the parts masses and requiem
Sanft (German zanft) – softly, gently
Sanglot (French sanglo) – old, manner of singing; literally sobbing
Sans (fr. san) – without
Sans arpéger (fr. san arpezhe) – without arpeggiating
Sans lourdeur (fr. san lurder) – without burdening
Sans paroles (fr. san password) – without words
Sans pédale (fr. san pedal ) – without
Sans presser pedal(fr. san presse) – do not speed up, do not rush
Sans raideur (fr. san reder), Sans rigueur (san riger) – rhythmically flexible
Sans sourdine (fr. san sourdin) – without mute
Sans timbre (fr. san timbre) – [small drum] without strings
Sans traîner (fr. san trene) – do not stretch
Sapo (sapo) – percussion instrument of Latin American origin
Saqueboute (fr. sackbut), Saquebute (sackbute) – an old brass wind instrument (such as a rocker pipe or trombone)
Sarabanda (It., Spanish sarabande) – sarabande (dance)
Sardana (Spanish sardana) – Catalan dance
Sarrusofono(it. Sarrusophone), Sarrusophon (German Sarusophone), Sarrusophone (French Sarusophone, English Sarusophone) –
Sarrusophone contrebasse (French Sarrusophone double bass) – contrabass Sarrusophone (used by Saint-Saens, F. Schmitt)
Sassofono (it. sassophono) – saxophone
Sattel (German: zattel) – nut for stringed instruments
Sattelknopf (German: sattelknopf) – button for bowed instruments
Satz (German: zatz) – 1) composition; 2) style; 3) part of a cyclic composition; 4) period; 5) part in sonata allegro (main and side); 6) a group of instruments in the variety orchestra
Satzlehre (German: zatslere) – the doctrine of music. compositions
_(fr. co) – jump [in voice guidance]
Sautereau (fr. soteró) – “jumper” (part of the harpsichord mechanism)
Sautillé (fr. sautille) – stroke of bowed instruments (light spiccato)
Sauvage (fr. sauvage) – wildly
Saxhorn (German saxhorn) – saxhorn (brass instrument family)
Saxophon (German saxophone), Saxophone (French saxophone, English saxophone) – saxophone (brass instrument family) Saxotromba (it. saxotromba), Saxtrompete (German saxtrompete ) – brass wind instrument
Scagnello (it. skanello) – stand for bowed instruments; the same as ponticello
Scala (lat., it. rock),Scale (English scale) – scale, scale
Scala naturale (Italian rock naturale) – natural scale
Scalden (German skalden) – skalds (ancient singers and poets of Scandinavia, Ireland)
Scat (English scat) – singing by syllables (in jazz)
Scemando (it. shemando) – weakening, reducing
Scemare (shemare) – weaken, reduce, reduce
Scena (it. shena), Scene (eng. siin), Scène (fr. sen) – 1) scene; 2) appearance [in a play, opera]; 3) decoration; 4) the spectacle of
Scenario (it. shenario, eng. sinario), Scénario (fr. senarib) – script
Schäferlied (German sheferlid) – shepherd’s song
Schäferspiel (schäferspiel) – pastoral
Schalkhaft (German Schalkhaft) – picaresque, playfully [Schumann. Children’s album. Sicilian]
Schall (German shawl) – the sound
of Schallen (Shallen) – the sound
of Schallend (Shallend) – sonorous, loud
Schallbecher (German Schallbacher), Schallstück (Shallstück), Schalltrichter (Shalltrichter) – the bell of the wind instrument
Schalltrichter in die Höhe ( Schalltrichter in di höhe), Schailtrichter auf (Shalltrichter auf) – raise
the Schallöcher bell (German Schallöher) – 1) resonant holes for bowed instruments; 2) “sockets” for plucked instruments
Schallplatte (German shallplatte) – gramophone record
Schallwellen (German shallvellen) – sound waves
Schalmei (German shawl) – 1) flute; 2) the general designation of wind instruments with a cane; 3) one of the registers of the organ
Scharf (German scarf) – 1) sharply, sharply
Scharf abgerissen (scarf abgerissen) – abruptly cut off [Mahler. Symphony No. 1]
Scharf gestoßen (geshtossen scarf) – sharp staccato, as if by jerks; 2) one of the body’s registers; the same as acuta
Schattenhaft (German Schattenhaft) – as if in the shadow, in the dusk [R. Strauss. “Merry tricks of Till Eilenspiegel”]
Schauernd (German Schauernd) – shuddering [Mahler. “Song of the Earth”]
Schaurig(German shaurich) – terribly
Schauspielmusik (German shauspilmusik) – stage. music
Schelle (German Schelle) – bell Schellen (Schellen) – bells
Schellentrommel (German
Schellentrommel ) – tambourine
Schelmisch (German shelmish) – picaresque [R. Strauss. “Merry tricks of Till Eilenspiegel”]
Scherz (German Scherz) – joke
Scherzend (Shertzend) – joking
Scherzando (It. Scarzando), Scherzevole (Schertsevole), Scherzosamente (Scherzozamente), Scherzoso (Scherzoso) – playfully, playfully
Scherzo (It. scherzo) – scherzo; literally,
a Schiettammente joke(It. schiettamente), con schiettezza (con schiettezza), Schietto (schietto) – simply, sincerely
Schizzo (It. skitstso) –
Schlaflied sketch (German shlyaflid) – lullaby
Schlägel (German Schlögel) – mallet for percussion instrument; mit Schlägel (mit Schlögel) – [play] with a beater
Schlägel mit Kopf aus hartem Filz (German Schlägel mit Kopf aus hartem Filz) – a beater with a hard felt head
Schlagen (German Schlagen) – clock, literally hit; halbe Noten Schlagen (halbe noten schlagen) – clock half notes
Schlager (German schlager) – fashion song
Schläger(German Schlöger), Schlaginstrumente (shlaginstrumente) – percussion instruments
Schlagzeug (German Schlagzeug) – a group of percussion instruments
Schlechte Zeit (German Schlechte Zeit) – a weak beat of the
Schleichend beat (German Schleihand), Schleppend (schleppend) – tightening
Schleifer ( Schleifer) – plume (flask of 2 or more sounds)
Schlicht (German Schlicht) – simple, just
Schlitztrommel (German Schlitztrommel) – wooden box (percussion instrument)
Schlummerlied (German Schlummerlid) – lullaby
Schluß (German. gateway) – 1) conclusion; 2) cadence
Schlüssel (German Schlussel) – key
Schlußsatz (German Schlusesatz), Schlußteil (Schlussstyle) – finale, final part
Schlußstrich (German Schlussshtrich) – the final scene from the play
Schmachtend (German Schmakhtend) – in languor
Schmeichelnd (German Schmeichelnd) – insinuating, flattering
Schmetternd (German. Schmetternd) – loudly
Schnabel (German Schnabel) – a mouthpiece on woodwind instruments
Schnabelflöte (German Schnabelflete) – a type of longitudinal flute
Schnarre (German Schnarre) – a ratchet (percussion instrument)
Schnarrwerk (German Schnarrwerk) – reed voices in the
Schnecke organ (German shnekke) – a curl of a peg box
Schnell (German schnel) – soon, quickly
Schneller (schneller) – rather, faster
Schnelle Halben (German schnelle halben) – quick pace, half count (works by German authors of the 20th century)
Schneller (German schneller) – mordent with the upper auxiliary note
Schola cantorum (lat. Schola cantorum) – 1) in the Middle Ages. name Catholic choir and singing school; 2) a musical educational institution in Paris, founded at the end of the 19th century.
Schottisch (German Schottish) – scott. dance
Schüchtern (German Schühtern) – timidly
Schusterfleck (German Shusterflack) – repeated repetition of the motive at different steps; literally patch
Schwach (German seams) – weakly
Schwammschlägel (German Schwammschlägel) – soft mallet; mit Schwammschlägel (mit schwammschlögel) – [play] with a soft mallet
Schwankend (German Schwankand) – hesitating, hesitantly
Schwärmend (German Schwarmand) – dreamily, enthusiastically
Schwärmer (German Schwarmer) – starin, a term denoting the rapid repetition of the same notes
Schwebend (German Schweband) – smoothly soar
Schwellton (German Schwellton) – sound
milling Schwellwerk (German Schwellwerk) – side keyboard of the organ
Schwer (German Schwehr) – hard
Schwerer Taktteil (German Schwerer taktayl) – strong beat
Schwerfällig(German Schwerfallich) – hard, clumsy
Schwermütig (German Schwermütich) – sad, gloomy, melancholic
Schwingung (German Schwingung) – fluctuation
Schwung (German Schwung) – flight, impulse; mit grossem Schwung (mit grossem schwung), Schwungvoll (schwungfol) – with a strong impulse
Scintillant (French sentiyan), Scintillante (it. shintillante) – sparkling, shimmering, sparkling
Scioltamente (it. soltamente), con scioltezza (con soltezza), Sciolto (sholto) – at ease, freely, flexibly
Scopetta (it. scopetta) – panicle; colla scopetta(colla scopetta) – [play] with a panicle
Scordato (it. skordato) – detuned, dissonant Scordatura ( it
. skordatura
) – temporary restructuring of a stringed
instrument smoothly, fluidly, sliding Scotch (English Scotch); Scozzese (it. skottseze) – ecosise Screw (eng. skru) – screw of the bow Scroll (eng. skróul) – curl of the peg box Sdegno (it. zdenyo) – anger, indignation; con sdegno (con zdeno) Sdegnosamente (zdegnozamente), Sdegnoso
(zdegnoso) – angrily
Sdrucciolando (it. zrucciolando), Sdrucciolato (zdruchcholato) – sliding [along the strings or keys]
Se (it. se) – 1) yourself, yourself; 2) if, if
Se bisogna (it. se buffalo) – as needed
Se piace (it. se piache) – if you like, at will
Sec (fr. sek), Secco (it. sekko) – dry, jerky, sharply
Sec et musclé (French sack e muscle) – abruptly and resiliently [Milhaud]
Sechzehntel (German zehzentel), Sechzehntelnote (zehzentelnote) – 1/16 ( note)
Second (English secend), Seconda (it. seconda),Seconde (French second), Secunda (lat. second) – second
Seconda volta (it. second volt) – for the 2nd time
Second-dessus (fr. sekondesu) – 2nd soprano
Secondo (it. secondo) – 2 th; in sheet music, for piano in 4 hands denotes the lower part
Secondo partito (it. secondo partito) – 2nd voice
Secondo rivolto (it. secondo rivolto) – 1) quartsextakkord; 2) tertz-quart
chord Secouer l’instrument (French sekue l’enstryuman) – shake [tambourine] [Stravinsky. “Parsley”]
Section (English session) – section, a group of instruments in jazz
Seele (German Seele) – 1) soul; 2) darling (for bowed instruments)
Seelenvoll (German Zeelenfol) – with a sense of
Segno (It. Segno) – a sign; da capo al segno (da capo al segno) – from the beginning to the sign; sino al segno (sino al segno) – before the sign
Segno di silenzio (it. segno di silencio) – a sign of silence, pause
Segue (it. segue), Seguendo (seguendo), Seguire (seguire) – continue (continuing), as before
Seguente (it. seguente) – the next
Seguidilla (Spanish segidilla) – Spanish. dance and song
Sehnsucht (German zenzuht) – passionate desire, languor
Sehnsüchtig (zenzyukht), Sehnsuchtvoll(zenzuhtfol) – in languor
Sehr (German zer) – very, very
Seite (German zayte) – page, side
Seitenbewegung (German zaitenbewegung) – indirect voice
leading Seitenzatz (German zaitenzatz) – side part
of Seitenthema (German zaitem) – side theme
Seizième de soupir (French sesame de soupir) – 1/64 pause
Sekundakkord (German second chord) – second chord
Sekunde (German second) – second
S’eloignant (French s’eluanyan) – moving away
Selvaggio (it. selvajo) – wildly, roughly
Semi (Latin, It. Semi) – a prefix denoting half
of Semibiscroma(it. semibiskroma) – 1/64 note
Semibreve (it. semibreve, eng. semibreve) – a whole note
Semibrevis (lat. semibrevis) – the 4th longest duration of the mensural notation
Semicroma (it. semikroma) – 1/16 note; the same as doppia
croma Semidiapente (lat. semidiapente) – reduced fifth
of Semiditas (lat. semiditas) – in mensural notation, half the duration of notes
Semifusa (lat. semifuza ) – 8th largest duration of mensural notation
Semiminima – 1) 1/4 note; 2) 6th largest duration in mensural notation
Semiquaver (eng. semikueyve) – 1/16 note
Semiseria(it. semiseria) – “semi-serious”; opera seria with the inclusion of comic scenes
Semiton (French Semiton), Semitone (English Semitone), Semitonium (Latin Semitonium), Semitono (It. Semitono) – halftone
Semplice (It. Samplice), Semplicemente (Semplicemente), con semplicità ( con samplechita) – simply, naturally
Sempre (it. sempre) – always, all the time, constantly
Sensibile (it. sensibile), Sensibilmente (sensibilmente), Sensible (fr. sansible) – touching, with a great feeling
Sensuel (fr. sansuel) – sensual, voluptuous
Sentiment (French sentiment, English sentiment) – feeling
Sentimental (French centimantal, German sentimental, English sentimental), Sentimentaie (Italian sentimentale) – sentimental
Sentimento (Italian sentimental) – feeling; con sentimento (con sentimento) – with a feeling Sentitamente
( it . sentitamente), Sentito ( sentito ) – sincerely ,
heartily Senza interruzione (it. senza interrutione) – without interruption Senza pedale (it. senza pedale) – without pedal
Senza rallentare, né fermarsi (it. senza rallentare, ne farmarsi) – without slowing down, without stopping
Senza replica (it. senza replica) – without repeating
Senza rigore di tempo (it. senza rigore di tempo) – not strictly following the rhythm and pace
Senza sordini, senza sordino (it. senza sordini, senza sordino) – 1) without mutes; 2) without the left pedal on the piano; This indication by Beethoven in Part I of Sonata No. 14 is due, according to A. Schindler, to the weak sound of the piano of that time; when performing a sonata on the piano of later designs, this indication disappears. According to G. Riemann and A. Goldenweiser, Beethoven’s indication means. playing without dampers, i.e. with the right
Senza tempo pedal(it. Sentsa tempo) – improvisationally, without observing the specified tempo and rhythm; literally without a tempo [Sheet]
Senza timbro (it. Senza timbro) – [small. drum] without strings
Séparément (French eepareman) – separately
Septakkord (German eeptakkord), Septimenakkord (eeptimenakkord) – Septet seventh chord
(English eepte
 t), Septett (German septet) –
Septième septet (French eetem), séptima ( Latin Septima), Septime (German Septime) –
Septim Septimole (It., English Septimble), Septimole (German Septimble) – Septol
Septole (German Eeptole), Septolet(French setole) – septol
Septuor (French setuór) – septet
Septuplet (English septuplet) – septol
Sequence (English sikuens), Séquence (French sekans), Sequentia (Latin sekventsia), Sequenz (German sequents) , Sequenza (It. Sekuenza) –
Serenade sequence (German Serenade), Serenade (English Serinade), Sérénade (French Serenade), Serenata (It. Serenata) –
Sereno serenade (It. Sereno) – clear, light, calm
Serie (it. serie), Série (fr. seri), Series (eng. sieriz) – a series
Serial music (English serial music), serieile Musik (German serielle music) – serial music
Sérieux (French serie) – serious
Serio (It. Serio), Serioso (Serioso) – serious; sul serio (sul serio) – seriously
Serpent (French serpan, English sepant), Serpent (German serpent), Serpentone (it. serpentone) – serpent (an old woodwind instrument.)
Serrando (it. serrando), Serrant ( fr. Serran) – accelerating
Serré (serre) – accelerated
Serrez (serre) – accelerate
Sesquiáltera(lat. sesquialtera) – “one and a half”: 1) fifth; 2) in mensural notation 3 minima, equal in duration to 2
Sesta (It. Sesta) –
Sesta napoletana sexta (It. Sesta Napoletana) – Neapolitan sixth
Sestet (English sestet), Sestetto (It. Sestetto) –
Sestina sextet (It. sestin) – sextol
Settima (it. ettima) – septima
Settimino (it. settimino) – septet
Setting (eng. setin) – music on a poetic text
Seul (fr. sel) – one, only
Seulement (selman) – only, only
Seventh (eng. eevente) – seventh seventh
chord(sevente code) – seventh chord
Severamente (it. severamente), Severo (severo), con severità (con severita) – strictly, seriously
Sexta (lat. sexta), Sexte (germ. sexte) –
sext Sextakkord (German sextakkord) –
Sextet (English sextet), Sextett (German sextet) – sextet Sextole (German sextole ), Sextolet (French sextole, English sextolite) – Sextuor sextuor (French sextuór) – sextet Sextuplet (English sextuplet) – sextole Sfogato (it. sfogato) – free, airy Sfoggiando
(it. sfojando), sfoggiatamente (sfoggiatamente) – brilliant, magnificent
Sforzando (it. sforzando), Sforzato (sforzato) – a sudden emphasis on any sound or chord
Sforzo (it. sforzo) – effort; con sforzo ( con sforzo), sforzosamente (sforzozamente), Sforzoso ( sforzoso) – strongly
Sfrenatamente (it . sfrenatamente), Sfrenato (
sfrenato ) – unbridled, unrestrained Sfuggire (it. sfudzhire) – disappear, slip away Sfumante (it. sfumante) – disappearing Sfumatura
(it. sfumatura) – shade, nuance
Shake (English shake) – 1) trill; 2) strong vibrato on a long note; 3) the name of the dance; literally shake
Shalm (English sham) – 1) flute; 2) one of the organ registers
Shanty (eng. shanti) – choral sailor song
Sharp (eng. shaap) – 1) sharp, abrupt; 2) sharp
Shawm (eng. shóom) – bombarda (an old woodwind instrument)
Shift (eng. shift) – change of position on stringed and rocker wind instruments
Shimmy (eng. shimmy) – salon ballroom dance of the 20s. 20th century
Short (English shot) – short
Shout (English shout) – shout, scream, exclamation (in jazz)
Shuffle (English shuffle) – dotted. rhythm to accomp. jazz
Si (it., fr., eng. si) – the sound of si
Si leva il sordino (it. si leva il sordino) – remove the mute
Si replica (it. si replica) – repeat
Si segue (it. si segue) – continue
Si tace (it. si tache) – be silent
Si volga (it. si volta), Si volte (si vólte) – turn [page]
Sich entfernend (German zih entfernand) – moving away
Sich nähernd (German zih neernd) – approaching
Sich verlierend (German zih fairrand) – disappearing
Sich Zeit lassen (German zih zeit lassen) – do not rush [Mahler. Symphony No. 4]
Siciliana (Italian Siciliana), Siciliano (Siciliano), Sicilienne (French Sisilien) – Sicilian (old, Italian dance)
Side drum (English side drum) – snare drum
Side drum without snare (side drum whizout enee) – small drum without strings
Side drum with snare (side drum uydz enee) – snare drum with strings
Sidemen (eng. sidemen) – jazz musicians who do not play solo; literally people from the edge
Siffler (fr. siffle) – whistle, hiss
Sifflet (siffle) – whistle, flute
Sight (English site) – view, look; play music at sight (play music at sight) – play from the
Sign sheet(English sign) – a sign; to the Sign (tu de sign) – before the sign
Signa externa (lat. Signa externa) – signs of mensural notation, set at the beginning of the piece in the key and defining the scale
Signa interna (lat. Signa interna) – changing the scale without a sign (in scale, notations)
Signalhorn (German signalhorn) – signal horn
Signatura (Latin signature), Signaturen (German Signaturen) – digital designations and accidentals in the general bass
Signature (English eigniche) – signs in the key
Signe (French blue) – sign; jusqu’au signe (jusk o blue) – before sign
Signes accidentales(French blue axidantal.) – signs of alteration
Signum (lat. signum) – signs of mensural notation
Signum augmentationis (lat. signum augmentatsionis) – a sign of mensural notation, indicating the restoration of the usual duration of a note
Signum diminutionis (lat. signum diminutsionis) – a sign of mensural notation , denoting a decrease in normal lengths, notes
Signum divisionis (Latin signum divisionis) – in mensural notation, a point that separated small durations
Signum repetitionis (Latin signum repetitsionis) – a sign of repetition
Silence (French silance) – pause, silence
Silencer (English silence ) – mute
Silenzio (It. Silencio) – silence, silence
Sillet (fr. Siye) – threshold for stringed instruments
Silofono (it. silofono) – xylophone
Silorimba (it. silorimba) – xylorimba (a kind of xylophone)
Simile (it. simile) – similar; just as before
Simple (fr. senpl, eng. simple) – simple
Sin’al fine (it. sin al fine) – to the end
Sin’al segno (it. sin al segno) – to the sign
Sincère (fr. senser ), Sincero (it. sinchero) – sincerely, genuinely
Sincope (it. syncope) – syncopation
Sine (lat. sin) – without
Sinfonia (it. sinfonia) – 1) symphony; 2) introduction,
Sinfonico overture(sinphonico) – symphonic
Sinfonie (German sinfoni) – 1) symphony
Sinfonieorchester (sinfoniorchester) – symphonic orchestra.
Sinfonietta ( it.
) – siphonietta poem
Sing (eng. sin) – to sing
Singer (sin) – singer, singer
Singakademie (ger. zingakademi) – choral academy
Singbar (ger. zingbar), Singend (zingend) – melodious
Singhiozzando (it. singyezzando) – sobbing, sobbing
Single note(English single note) – monophonic improvisation of a pianist or guitarist in jazz (without chord accompaniment); literally a separate note
Singspiel (German Singspiel) – Singspiel (German comic opera)
Singstimme (German Singshtimme) – the singing voice of
Sinistra (It. Sinistra) – left [hand]; colla sinistra (kólla sinistra), Sinistra mano (sinistra mano) – with the left hand
Sinn (German zin) – meaning, meaning
Sinnend (zinnend) – thinking
Sinnig (zinnih) – thoughtfully
Sino alia fine (it. sino alla fine) – before end
Sino, sin’ (it. sino, sin) – before (preposition)
Sin’al segno(sin al segno) – before the sign
Sino al segno (sino al segno) – before the sign
Sistema (it. system) – stave
Sistema participate (it. system participato) – temperament
Sistrum (lat. sistrum) – ancient percussion instrument
Six- five chord (eng. six five code) – quintsextakkord
Sixte (fr. sixt) –
sixte Sixte napolitaine (sixt napoliten) – Neapolitan sixth
Sixth (eng. sixth) – sexta
Skala (German rock) – gamma
Sketch (eng. sketch) – 1) sketch; 2) sketch (theatre, genre)
Skizze (German Skizze) – sketch
Skočna (Czech Skóchna) – Czech folk dance
Slacken (English slaken) – weaken, slow down
Slackening (slekenin) – weakening
Slancio (it. zlancho) – 1) impulse, aspiration; 2) run, jump; con Slancio (kon zlancho) – swiftly
Slapstick (eng. slap-stick) – scourge (percussion instrument)
Slargando (it. zlargando) – slowing down; the same as allargando and largando
Slegato (it. slegato) – staccato; literally, incoherently
Sleigh-bells (English sleigh bels) – bells; the same as jingle-bells
Slentando (it. zlentando) – slowing down
Slentare (zlentare) – slow down
Slide (English slide) – 1) backstage; 2) glissando
Slide trombone(eng. slide trombone) – trombone without valves
Slide trumpet ( eng. slide trumpet) – trumpet with wings
Slit drum ( eng . slit drum) – wooden box (percussion instrument ) Slower (slóue) – slower Slow beat (English slow beat) – a slow pace in dances such as rock and roll; literally slow blow Slow blues (eng. slow blues) – slow blues Slow bounce (eng. slow bounce) – slowly, with a delay of each beat (in jazz) Slow fox (eng. slow fox) – slow foxtrot Slow-rock (eng . slow bounce) slow rock) – slow rock and roll Slumber song
(eng. slambe dream) – lullaby song
Slur (eng. slee) – liga
Small (eng. pitch) – small, small
Small side-drum (eng. pitch side-drum) – small drum of reduced size
Smania – excitement, anxiety, passion
Smanioso (zmaniózo) – frantically, anxiously, restlessly
Smear (English smie) – a jazz technique, performance, in which the sound is taken from the “entrance”; literally smear
Sminuendo (it. zminuendo) – weakening, calming down; the same as diminuendo
Smooth (eng.
smuus ) – smoothly,
Smorzare (zmortsare) – mute Smorzate ( zmorzate
) – muffle Smorzo (
it . zmortso) – moderator, mute, damper snellita (kon znellita), Snello (znello) – easy, dexterous, agile So (German zo) – so, like So schwach wie möglich (German for seams vi meglich) – as quietly as possible Soave (it. soave) , Soavemente (soavemente) – gently, softly Sobriamente (it. sobriamente), con sobrietà
(con sobriet), sobrio (sobrio) – moderately, restrained
Società (it. societe), Société (fr. societe) – society
Société chorale (societe coral) – choral society
Société musicale (societe musical) – music. society
Soffocando (it. soffokando) – [as if] suffocating [Medtner]
Soft (eng. soft) – gently, quietly, softly
Soggetto (it. sodzhetto) – 1) content, plot; 2) the theme of the fugue; 3) beginning. voice in the canon
Sognando (it. sonyando) – dreamily, as if in a dream
Sol (it., fr., eng. sol) – sound sol
Sola (it. sol) – one, soloist
Sole (sol) – soloists
Solemn (English solem), Solemnis (lat. Solemnis), Solenne (it. solenne) – solemn
Solennità (it. solenita) – solemnity, con solennità (con solemnita) – solemnly
Sol-fa (English sol fa), Solfège (French solfezh), Solfeggio (It. solfeggio), Solfeggio (German solfeggio) – solfeggio (traditional pronunciation of solfeggio)
Solfeggiare (It. solfegjare), Solfier (French solfie) –
solfege Solist (German soloist), Solista (it. soloist), Soliste (fr. soloist), Soloist(English soulouist) – soloist
of Solitamente (it. solitamente), Solito (solito) usually, without special. techniques
Sollecitando (it. sollecitando) – hastily, hurrying, accelerating
Sollecito (sollecito) – quickly, quickly, hastily
Solmisatio (lat. solmizazio ) , Solmisation ( fr . solmization ), Solmization (eng. solmization) – solmization Solo (it. solo) – one, soloist Soli (salt) – Solo guitar soloists
(English soulou gitaa) – solo guitar, electromelodic. guitar in popular music
Soloklavter (German soloclavier), Solo organ (English sóulou ógen) – side keyboard of the organ
Solosänger (German solozenger) – soloist-singer
Solospieler (German soloshpiler) – soloist-instrumentalist
Soltanto (Italian soltanto) – only
Sombre (fr. sombre) – gloomy, gloomy, dark
Sombré (sombre) – foggy, clouded; for example, voix sombré (voix sombre) – the sombre voice
of Somiere (it. sommere), Sommier (fr. somme) – windlada (air distribution chamber in the organ)
Somma(it. somma) – the highest, greatest
Sommo (sómmo) – the highest, greatest; for example, con somma passione (con somma passionne) – with the greatest passion [Sheet]
Son (fr. dream) – the sound of
Son (sp. dream) – 1) the genre of folk. dance songs, spread in Cuba; 2) in the countries of Lat. Americas appl. for designation various forms of song and dance. music
Son bouché (fr. son bushe) – closed sound [on the horn]
Son concomitant (fr. son concomitan) – overtone
Son d’écho (fr. son d’eco) – a sound like an echo (reception of playing the horn)
Son étouffé (French dream etufe) – muffled sound
Son filé (French sleep fillet) – milled sound
Son naturel(fr. son naturel) – natural sound
Son harmonique (fr. son armonic) – overtone, harmonic tone
Son partiel (fr son parsiel), son résultant (son rezultan) – overtone
Sonabile (it. sonabile), Sonante (sonante) – sonorously
Sonagli (it. sonali) – bells
Sonare (it. sonare) – sound, play; the same as suonare
Sonare a libro aperto (sonare a libro aperto), Sonare alia mente (sonare alla mente) to play from the sheet
Sonata (it. sonata, eng. senate) – sonata
Sonata da camera (it. sonata da camera) – chamber sonata
Sonata da chiesa(sonata da chiesa) – church sonata
Sonata a tre (sonata a tre) – trio sonata
Sonate (French sonata), Sonate (German sonate) – sonata
Sonatenform (German sonatenform), Sonatensatzform (sonatenzatzform) – sonata form
Sonatina (it. sonatina, eng. senate), sonatine (fr. sonatin), sonatine ( germ. sonatine) – sonatina Sonatore (it. sonatore) – a performer on a musical instrument, in contrast to the singer (cantore) Soneria di satrape (it. soneria di campane) – bells Sonevole (it. sonevole) – sonorous, sonorous Song
(English dream) – singing, song, romance
Songful (sonful) – melodic
Soniferous (English soniferes) – sonorous, sonorous
Sonner (French sonne) – play a musical instrument (currently used mainly when playing pipes and bells)
Sonnerie (French sonnery) – bell ringing
Sonnet (French sonnet, English sonit), Sonetto (It. sonnetto) – sonnet
Sonnettes (French sonnet) – bells, bells
Sonoramente (It. Sonoramente), con sonorità ( con sonorita), Sonoro (sonbro) – sonorous, sonorous
Sonorità (sonorita) – sonority
Sonore(French sonor) – sonorous, sonorous
Sonore sans dureté (sonor san dureté) – sonorously without rigidity [Debussy]
Sonorité (French sonorite) – sonority, sonority
Sonorité très enveloppée (sonorite trez enveloppe) – in a veiled sound [Messiaen]
Sonorous (English senóres) – sonorous, sonorous
Sonus (lat. sonus) – sound
Sopra (it. sopra) – above, above, on, above (upper voice); in piano playing an indication that resp. the hand should be higher than the other; come sopra (kóme sopra) – [play] as before
Sopran (German sopran), Soprano (Italian soprano, French soprano, English sepranou) – soprano
Soprano trombone(eng. sepranou trombón) – soprano, treble trombone
Sopranschlüssel (German sopranschlüssel) – sopran key
Sopratonica (it. sopratonic) – II stupas, fret (upper opening tone)
Sopra una corda (it. sopra una corda) – on one string (press the left piano pedal)
Sordamente (it. sordamente), con sordità (con sordita), Sordo (sordo) – deafly
Sordina (it. sordina), Sordino (sordino) – mute
Sordini (sordini) – mute; con sordini (con sordini) – with mutes; senza sordini (senza sordini) – without mutes; via Sordini(via sordini) – remove the mutes; mettere sordini (mettere sordini) – put on
the mutes Sordine (German sordine), Sordine (English soodin) –
mutes Sordinen auf (it, sordin auf) – put on
the mutes Sordinen ab (sordin ab) – remove
the mutes Sortita (it. sortita) – introductory, exit aria
Sospirando (it. sospirando), Sospiroso (sospiro) – sighing
Sospiro (sospiro) – a short, shallow pause; literally, sigh
Sostenuto (it. sostenuto) – 1) restrainedly; 2) maintaining the sound of
Sotto (it. Sotto) – under, down
Sotto-dominante(it. sotto dominante) – subdominant
Sotto-mediante (it. sotto mediante) – lower mediant (VI stup.)
Sotto voce (it. sotto vóche) – in an undertone
Soudain (fr. suden) – sudden, suddenly
Soudain très doux et joyeux (French suden tre du e joieux) – suddenly very tenderly and joyfully [Scriabin. “Prometheus”]
SoUffle mystérieux (French souffle mystérieux) – a mysterious breath [Scriabin. Sonata No. 6]
Soufflet (French soufflé) – furs for blowing air (in the organ)
Souhait (French Sue) – desire; à souhait (a sue) – arbitrarily
Soul jazz (English soul jazz) – one of the styles of jazz, art; hard bop variety; literally soulful jazz
Sound (English sound) – sound, sound
Sound-board (English sdund bóod), Sounding board (soundin bóod) – 1) wind fret; 2) a resonant deck at the piano; 3) the upper deck of stringed instruments
Sound film (English sound film) – sound film
Sound hole (English sound hóol) – 1) resonant holes for bowed instruments; 2) “sockets” for plucked instruments
Sound post (English sound post) – darling (for bowed instruments)
Soupir (French supir) – 1/4 pause
Souple (French supl) – flexible, soft
Sourd (French sur) – deaf, muffled
Sourdement (surdeman) – muffled
Sourd et en s’éloignant (French sur e en s’elyuanyan) – muffled, as if moving away [Debussy. “Masks”]
Sourdine (French mute) – mute
Sourdines (mute) – mute; avec sourdines (avec sourdins) – with mutes; sans sourdines (san sourdin) – without sourdins; on a piano without a left pedal; otez les sourdines (otez les sourdins) – remove the mutes; mettez les sourdines (
mette le sourdines) – put on the mutes – lower mediant (VI step)
Soutenu (French poutine) – reservedly
Souvenir (French souvenir) – memory
Spagnuolo (Italian spanuolo) – Spanish; alia spagnuola (alla spanuola) – in Spanish. in the spirit of
Spannung (German spannung) – tension
Spartire (it. spartire) – compose the score
Spartito (it. spartito), Spartitura (spartitura) – score
Spatium (lat. spatium), Spazio (it. spazio) – the gap between two lines of the staff
Spazzola (it. spazzola) – panicle; colla spazzola (colla spazzola) – [play] with a whisk
Speditamente (it. spaditamente),con speditezza (con spaditezza), Spedito (spedito) – quickly,
nimbly Spesso (it. spaso) – often, frequent, thick
Spezzato (it. spezzato) – interrupted
Spianato (it. spyanato) – simply, naturally, without
Spiccato affectation ( it. spickato) – a stroke for bowed instruments; the sound is extracted by the movement of a slightly bouncing bow; literally jerky
Spiel (German spire) – play
Spielen (spire) – play
Spielend (spireland) – playfully
Spielleiter (German Spielleiter) – musician, bugler, minstrel, drummer
Spielmann (German Spielman) – itinerant musician of the Middle Ages; plural numberSpielleute (spillite)
Spieltisch (German spieltish) – performing console in the organ
Spigliato (it. spilyato) – at ease, agile, deftly
Spike (English spike) – emphasis on large bowed instruments
Spill (English saw cut) – continue, fading glissando downstream; literally crumble (jazz, term)
Spinet (English spinet), Spinett (German spinet), Spinetta (It. spinetta) – spinet (ancient keyboard instrument)
Spinnerlied (German spinnerlid) – song behind the spinning wheel
Spirito (It. Spirito) – spirit, mind, feeling; con spirito (con spirito), Spiritosamente(spiritozamente), Spiritoso (spiritoso), Spirituoso (spirituoso) – with enthusiasm, fervor, inspired
Spiritual (English spiritual) – a religious song of North-Amer. blacks
Spirituale (it. spirituale) – spiritual
Spirituel (fr. spiritual) – 1) spiritual; 2) witty
Spirituel et discret (French spirituel e discret) – with humor and restraint [Debussy. “General Lavin, eccentric”]
Spitze (German Spitz) – the end of the bow; an der Spitze – play with the end of the bow
Spitzharfe (German Spitzharfe) – arpanetta
Spitzig (German Spitz) – sharp, sharp
Splendid (English splendid),Splendide (French Splendid) – magnificent, brilliant
Splendidamente (It. Splendidamente), con splendidezza (con splendidetstsa), Splendido (splendido) – brilliant, magnificent
Spottlied (German shpotlid) – a comic song
Sprechend (German sprehand) – as it saying [Beethoven. “Disappointment”]
Sprechgesang (German sprehgesang) – declamatory singing
Springbogen (German springbogen), Springender Bogen (springender bogen), Springing bow (English springin bow) – [play] jumping bow
Springtanz (German springtanz) – dance with jumping
Squadro di ferro(it. squadro di ferro) – cast-iron frame at the piano
Square dance (English skuee dane) – Amer. nar. dance
Squiffer (eng. skuyfe) – concertino (6-sided harmonica)
Squillante (it. squillante) – sonorous, sonorous
Squillo (squillo) – sound, ringing
Stabat mater dolorosa (lat. stabat mater dolorosa) – Catholic chant “There was a grieving mother »
Stabile (it. stable) – steadily
Stabspiel (German headquarters) – xylophone
Staccato (it. staccato) – 1) [play] abruptly; 2) on bowed instruments, the sound is extracted by lightly pushing the bow while moving in one direction
Stachel(German shtakhel) – emphasis on large bowed instruments
Stagione (it. stadzhone) – season (opera, concert)
Stahlspiel (German stahlspiel) – Stammakkord metallophone
( German strain chord) – chord in the main form (with the main tone in the bass )
Stammton (German strainton) – the main tone; the same as Grundton stanco (it. machine tool) – tired, tired
Standard (eng. standed) – standard; in jazz., light music, the designation of the song theme of which is often used
Standard pitch (English standed pitch) – normally tuned tone
Ständchen (German standhen) – serenade
Ständchenartig (German standhenartich) – in the nature of the serenade
Stange (German bar) – bow shaft
Stanghetta (It. Stangetta) – bar line
Stark (German Shtark) – strong, strong, powerful
Starr (German star) – stubbornly, persistently, stubbornly
Starting slowly but gradually animating (eng. staatin slowley bat gradueli animeytin) – start slowly, but gradually come to life [Britten]
Statt (German state) – instead
of Stave, staff (English stave, staf) –
stave Steg (German stave) – 1) stand for bowed instruments ; am Steg (am steg) – [play] at the stand; 2) Steg at the piano
Stegreifausführung (German Stegreifausführung) –
Steigernd improvisation(German steigernd) – increasing, strengthening, growing
Steigerung (steigerung) – increasing, strengthening
Steinspiel (German steinspiel) – percussion instrument made of stone
Stellschraube (German shtelschraube) – bow screw
Stentando (it. stentando), Stentato (stentato) – hard
Step (English step) – step, pa (in dance)
Steso (it. steso) – stretched
Stesso (it. stesso) – the same, the same
Stets (German shtete) – invariably, all the time
Stichwort ( German shtihvort) – a replica of
Stick (English stick) – 1) the shaft of the bow; 2) conductor’s baton; 3) stick for percussion instruments
Stil(German calm), Stile (Italian style), Stilo (stylo) – style
Stimmbogen (German shtimmbogen) – crown of brass instruments
Stimme (German shtimme) – 1) voice; 2) darling of bowed instruments; 3) one of the organ registers
Stimmführer (German Stimmführer) – choir conductor
Stimmführung (German Stimmführung) – voice leading
Stimmgabel (German Shtimmgabel) –
Stimmhaft tuning fork (German Shtimmhaft) – sonorous
Stimmschlüssel (German Shtimmshlyussel) – a key for tuning the instrument
Stimmstock (German shtimmstock) – darling of Stimmton bowed
instruments(German shtimmton) – normally tuned tone
Stimmumfang (German shtimumfang) – voice range
Stirnmung (German shtimmung) – 1) setting; 2) mood
Stimmungsbilder (shtimungsbilder) – pictures of moods
Stimmzug (German Shtimmzug) –
backstage Stinguendo (it. stinguendo) – fading
Stiracchiato (it. stiracchiato) – with amplification; literally stretched
Stirando (it. stirando) – stretching
Stolz (German Stolz) – proudly
Stomp (English stomp) – 1) Afro-Amer. dance; 2) jazz, the manner of performance with the use of ostinato rhythmic formulas in the melody
Stonare (it. stonare) – to detonate; fake
Stonazione (stonazione) – detonation, falseness
Stop (English stop) – 1) valve, valve; 2) fret for plucked instruments
Stoppato (it. stoppato), Stopped (eng. stopd) – close [horn bell to muffle the sound with your hand]
Stopping (eng. stop) – changing the pitch on a stringed and wind instrument by pressing the strings or
Stops valve (English foot) – organ register: 1) a group of pipes is defined, range and the same, timbre; 2) a mechanical device that allows you to turn on various groups of pipes .
Stop time (English stop time) – an indication of the absence of a rhythmic accomp. in jazz; literally stopped time
Stormy (eng. stoomi) – violently
Straff (German fine) – strictly
Straff im Tempo (fine them tempo) – strictly in tempo, without deviations
Straight mute (English straight mute) – straight mute for brass instrument
Strappando (it. strappando), Strappato (strappato) – abruptly
Strascicando (it. strashikando), Strascinando (strashinando) – lingering, stretching
Strathspey (English stratspey) – fast shotl. dance
Stravagante (it. stravagante) – bizarre, extravagant
Stravaganza (stravaganza) – quirkiness, extravagance
Street band(English street band) – instrumental ensembles of the North American. blacks playing on the street
Street-organ (eng. stritogen) – hurdy-gurdy; literally street organ
Streichinstrumente (German: Streihinstrumente) – stringed bowed instruments
Streichorchester (German: Streiorkester) – stringed orc.
Streichquartett (German shtreyhkvartet) – string quartet
Streng (German streng) – strictly
Streng im Takt (streng im tact) – strictly in rhythm
Streng im Tempo (streng im tempo) – strictly in tempo
Strenger Satz (German strenger Zatz) – strict style
Streng wie ein Kondukt(German streng vi ain conduct) – strictly, in the nature of a funeral procession [Mahler. Symphony No. 51]
Streng im Zeitmaß (German streng im zeitmas) – strictly in tempo
Strepito (it. strepito) – noise, roar, con strepito (con strepito), Strepitoso (strapitoso) – noisy, loud
Stretta (it. stretta) – stretta, literally, compression: 1) carrying out a theme in a fugue when it is still continuing in another voice; 2) concludes, part of the work, carried out at an accelerated pace
Stretto (it. stretto) – accelerated
Strich (German stroke), Strichart (stroke) – stroke
Strich für Strich(stroke fur stroke) – each sound is played independently, by the movement of the bow; the same as détaché
Strict (French strict) – precise, strict
Strictement (stricteman) – exactly, strictly
Stridendo (It. stridendo), Strident (French stridan) – sharp, piercing
String (English string) – 1) string : 2) string instrument
String band (string band) – string orc.
Stringed (strind) – stringed
instruments Stringed instruments (string instrument) – stringed instruments
String bass (eng. string bass) – double bass (in jazz)
String-board (eng. string-bóod) – sub-neck [for bowed instruments]
Stringendo(it. stringendo) – accelerating
String quartet (eng. string kuotet) – string quartet
Strisciando (it. strishando) – sliding; the same as glissando
Strisciando con l’arco in tutta la sua lunghezza (it. strishando con larco in tutta la sua lunghezza) – lead with the whole bow
Strofa (it. stanza), Strofe (strofe) – stanza, couplet
Strotnento (it. stromento), Strumento (strumento) – instrument; plural number Stromenti, Strumenti Strong (
English systems ) – strongly, decisively

(German strofenlid) – couplet song
Strutnentale (It. Strumentale) – instrumental
Strumentatura (It. Strumentatura), Strumentazione (Strumentazione) – instrumentation
Srumento a corda (It. Strumento a cord) – string instrument
Strumento ad arco (It. Strumento hell arco) – bowed instrument
Strumento a percussione (it. strumento a percussione) – percussion instrument
Strumento a pizzico (it. strumento a pizzico) – plucked instrument
Strumento da fiato (it. strumento da fiato) – wind instrument
Strumento da fiato di legno ( it strumento da fiato di legno) is a woodwind instrument.
Stuck(German piece) – piece
Studie (German studie), Studio (Italian studio), Study (English study) – etude, exercise
Stufe (German stufe) – step of the mode
Stumm (German stump) – silent
Stumm niederdrücken (shtum niederdryuken) – silently press the [key]
Sturntisch (German Shtyurmish) – rapidly, rapidly
Stürze (German Shtyurze) – the bell of the wind instrument
Style (French style, English style) – style
Style galant (French style Galan ) – gallant style (18th century)
Style libre (French style libre) – free polyphonic style. Style lie letters
(fr. style lie) – a type of polyphonic. Letters
Style rigoureux (rigure style) – a strict polyphonic style. letters
Su (it. su) – on, over, at, to, in
Suave (fr. suav) – pleasant, gentle; avec suavité (avec syuavite) – nice, gentle
Sub (Latin sub) – under
Subbaß (German subbass) – one of the organ registers
Sub tone (English sub tone) – playing the saxophone [muffled sound]
Subdominant (English) subdominant), Subdominante (German subdominant) – subdominant
Subit (French subdominant) – sudden
Subitement (subitement) – suddenly
Subito(it. subito) – sudden, suddenly
Subject (English subjikt); Subjekt (German subject) – 1) topic; 2) the theme of the fugue; 3) beginning. voice in the canon
Subkontrabaßtuba (German subcontrabastuba) – brass instrument
Subkontroktave (German subcontroctave) – subcontroctave
Sublime (it. sublime, fr. sublim), con sublimità (it. con sublimita) – loftily, majestically
Submediant (English submidient) – lower mediant (VI stup.)
Subsemitonium modi (lat. Subsemitonium modi) – introductory tone
Succession (French succession) – sequence
Suddenly (English planted) – suddenly, suddenly
Sugli(it. sulli) – preposition su in conn. with def. the masculine plural article – on, over, at, to, in
Sui (it. Sui) – the preposition su in the conn. with def. the masculine plural article – on, over, at, to, in
Suite (French suite, English suit), Suite (German suite) – suite
Suivez (French suive) – follow; e.g. Suivez le piano (syuive le drunk) – follow the piano
part Suivez le solo (syuive le solo) – follow the soloist
Sujet (fr. syuzhe) – 1) theme; 2) the theme of the fugue; 3) beginning. voice in the canon
Sul (it. sul) – the preposition su in conn. with def. the masculine singular article – on, over, at, to, in; e.g. sul a [play] on the la string
Sull’ (it. sul) – preposition su in conn. with def. article masculine, feminine singular – on, over, at, to, in
Sul serio (it. sul serio) – seriously
Sulla (it. sulla) – preposition su in conn. with def. the singular feminine article – on, over, at, to, in
Sulla corda … (it. sulla corda) – [play] on the string …
Sulle (it. sulle) – preposition su in conn. with def. the feminine plural article – on, over, at, to, in
Sullo (It. Sullo) – the preposition su in the conn. with def. the singular masculine article – on, over, at, to, in
Suo (it. suo) – own, own
Suonare (it. suonare) – sound, play; same as sonare
Suono(It. Suono) –
Suono alto sound (It. Suono Alto) – high tone
Suono armonico (It. Suono armonico) – overtone
Suono grave (It. Suono grave) – low tone
Suono reale (It. Suono reale) – normal sound instrument (without mutes , etc.)
Superdominant ( eng .
supedominant ) – dominant to the dominant .) Supplement (French suppleman , English supplymant), Supplemento (Italian supplemento) – addition, Suppliant application (French supliant),
Supplichevole (It. Supplichevole) – begging
Sur (French sur) – on
Sur la corde … (sur la corde) – [play] on the string …
Surtout (French Surt) – in particular, mainly
Susdominante ( fr. su dominant) – lower mediant (VI stup.)
Suspension (fr. suspension, eng. spension) – retention of
Suspirium (lat. suspirium) – a short pause (in early psalmody and mensural music)
Sussurando (it. sussurando) – in a whisper , like the rustle of leaves
Sustonique (French sutonic) – upper introductory tone (II steps)
Svaporando(it. zvaporando), svaporato (zvaporato) – weaken the sound so that it cannot be heard; literally evaporating
Svegliando (it. zvelyando) – waking up, cheerfully, freshly
Sveltezza (it. zveltezza) – liveliness, briskness
Svelto (zvelto) – lively, briskly, at ease
Svolazzando (it. zvolaztsando) – fluttering [Leaf]
Svolgimento (it. zvoldzhimento ) – development of
Sweet (English suit) – perform softly
Sweet music (suit music) – “sweet music”, called. sentiment. salon music of the 20th century. in the US
Swell (eng. Swell) – a side keyboard of the
Swing organ(eng. swine) – 1) “swing”, play with rhythmic. buildup, leading or lagging when taking notes, shifting accents, etc .; 2) jazz style; 3) an average pace favorable for the use of the so-called. rhythmic buildup; literally swing, swing
Swing music (English suin music) – one of the types of jazz, music
Symphonia (Greek symphony) – consonance, consonance
Symphonic (English symphonic) – symphonic
Symphonic music (symphonic music) – symphony. music, symphony work
Symphonie (French sanfoni), Symphonie (German symphony) – symphony
Symphonique (French senfonik), Symphonisch (German symphony) – symphonic
Symphonische Dichtung(German symfonishe dichtung) – symphony. poem
Symphonischer Jazz
( German symphonischer jazz) – symphony
jazz orchestra
Syncopatio ( lat .
syncopatio ) – syncopation and the doctrine of its use – Pan’s flute Systema participation (lat. system participatum) – temperament Szenarium (German scriptarium) – scenario Szene (German scene) – 1) scene; 2) a phenomenon in a play b (sonorite trez anvelepe) – in a veiled sound [Messian] bbbr / (English suin) – 1)

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